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  1. Hahaha, yes, this Bubble Bobble ReMix is very slick. Dig those steel drums!
  2. Ahhhhh, yes, Gunsmoke. I used to be majorly addicted to this great game, and this ReMix just brings back those fondest memories. Heavily recommended, it's a fantastic ReMix. BTW DJP: The composer is Swimmer Tamichan and the game was published in 1988. It's as old as I am
  3. Ahhh, yes, Team Gato is quite a classic. Strongly recommended, it's hilarious
  4. Yeah, the lack of bass takes a lot away from Castlemania. Besides that, it's an excellent ReMix, and I strongly recommend all get it.
  5. Ahhh, yes, Crysta Dreams. I used to have a link here to the original .IT but I have since lost it
  6. HAHA This ReMix is so groovily amazing, strongly recommended. GET IT TODAY!@
  7. HAHAHA! Yes, this is great! I always thought DJP should do more Hillbilly ReMixes, but I suppose one would be enough for any sane human.
  8. My favorite work of Peeples I just totally dig those pizzicato strings, hands down. This mix is totally wicked, and it does kick major ass. Strongly recommended for all.
  9. I like Kaijin's style a lot, and I congratulate him on being the first to ReMix FFX, and also ReMixing it before it or the soundtrack is out. This ReMix is astounding in a beautiful sense, but the drumline really ruined it for me. Overuse of crash cymbals here takes away from the natural beauty of Kaijin music. Overall, a nice work though.
  10. Lord PROTEKTOR is VERY catchy! I've had it stuck in my head many many times, and I even find myself humming it walking to and from school. One of my favorite DJP works and my favorite Actraiser ReMix Strongly recommended.
  11. Actually, this mix sprang into my imagination when I accidently deleted my Marsh Cave project I was working on. One additional interesting bit of information - The fanfare portion is "backwards" purely by accident, haha. Thanks for listening.
  12. This ReMix is freakin' amazing. Beautiful rolling strings, realistic pianos... this mix has it all except length. It's a little short, but you can always listen to it multiple times
  13. This mix is freakin' excellent, and one of my favorite OC ReMixes of all time? Why? Zeratul just did an amazing job putting this thing together. I really dig the organ and the triplets on the main lead. This mix is just so happy.
  14. I have to admit, I listen to disco semi-regularly. I was born after the 70s, so I never really got a good taste of it, but one day, I when on a downloading streak and downloaded lots and lots of disco. It's a cool genre, and it's a shame it's gone. But, NoppZ tries to bring back Disco with this excellent interpretation on the originals. It's a very chirpy quirky mix, and I strongly recommend everyone obtains themselves a copy today.
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