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  1. Heh, this is nifty ^^ Too bad Music of My Groin ruins ALL Zelda overworld experiences as I see it. Well, I'd have to say that this mix successfully reverses the curse ^^ It's quite well done. YES
  2. Dude, I love Breath of Fire 2. I even attempted (well, more than attemped. I spent about 50 hours on it. Yes, 50 hours. Tons of complex tracking. Sad thing was that it was rejected by the judges. Heh.) a Breath of Fire 2 ReMix. Well, this is a pretty cool arrangement of a great original piece. Only problem is that the sample quality is what some people wouldn't be quite fond of. The ending is a little weird, too ^^ It's definitely a good first submission, and it's much more well done than my first submission ^^ I'm REALLY close to voting yes on this mix, but the sample quality isn't THAT great. I also hate voting no on it... Eh... NO
  3. When are people going to learn that ID3/ID3v2 tags are REQUIRED as stated by the submission guidelines? By the way, this mix just kills my ears. No one should be forced to listen to this like I was. The guitars are DEADLY, and the panning on the drums is EVIL. NO
  4. A short 'n sweet mix here. Though, it's not all sweet. It sounds like that the author overused the reverb to cover up the crappiness of his samples. Sure, the introductory parts are good (atleast the piano), but this mix really fails at impressing me. It's just too short, and the ending is quite mediocre. It just dies NO
  5. I loooooooooove piano pieces. On top of that, this is pretty damn well done. YES
  6. Heh, this is pretty damn cool. I really like the implementation of the cellphone ^^ This mix is so fucking hilariously great. I see no reason NOT to post it YES
  7. I've never played Congo Bongo, or even heard of it. What system is it for? How come people don't know how to correctly do ID3/ID3v2 tags? It's clearly stated in the guidelines that they MUST be filled out with known information. It just gets annoying when people don't do this I've had this ReMix looping for like 10 minutes now. It's a pretty cool mix - Having not heard the original, I couldn't say how much it strains from the original. It's a really weird mix, I give it that, but that's not a bad thing ^^ Though, this mix is quite repetitive, and it just gets rather annoying after awhile. Some cool ideas float around, but it's not executed very well. NO
  8. I find it interesting that DarkainDragoon mentions in no way the game of which Port Town is from. I think it's obvious, though - F-Zero for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I'm surprised DJP didn't know. Well, there's nothing special here with the mix. It's the original with some changed instruments with some drumloops on top. Definitely not OCR material. The original is much more enjoyable. Nothing is added here to aurally please me. The samples are shit, too. NO
  9. Okay, another music of my groin? Not even close. It lacks creativity and it's not funny at all. It's also too damn short - Well, that's not necessarily a bad thing NO
  10. You know what? This is a really cool mix. Regardless of the usage of drumloops, I find it very unique as compared to the original and other ReMixes of Schala's Theme. It really strains off far from the original - In this case, it's pulled of just fantastically. The usage of a drumloop is a little icky, but I think it fits in fine, as the uniqueness of the mix makes up for it. YES
  11. A short and sweet (or not so sweet) ReMix of a track from the classic Castlevania. Some nice live guitar work here - Though, the percussion sounds rather dry, it's definitely good enough to be posting quality. Oh yeah, just wait till the ending badass guitaring. Nothing too bad about this mix, as I see it. Definitely more than good enough to be posted. YES
  12. From: rygar@sbcglobal.net To: Tom Sent: Sunday, November 10, 2002 9:18 PM Subject: Re: resubmission: Ninja Gaiden "Sudden Loss" Hi Tom, It's been about a month since I resubmitted the ninja gaiden 'sudden loss' song. At first I was thinking it would be cool for you to judge that one, but since I submitted it (and perhaps it got lost in the shuffle there) I've made a song that I'd rather have submitted...it's in a genre that you guys have under-represented ...can I use the month lag towards my new song and have it judged instead of the ninja gaiden song? The song I'd rather have you guys judge is from castlevania 2 and is called "No Flesh Allowed." Please credit it to "goat" Thanks, Chris
  13. Heh, this is really strange. I realize that drumloops + original, even with massive filters over the original, is usually not a good thing. Though, he did more than just that. Listen to the end Could have done a better job mastering it, but It's not that bad. I truely can't decide what to vote on this. The problem I have with Dance Dance Revolution "ReMixes" is that Dance Dance Revolution itself consists of tunes and Remixes by original non-video-game-music artists (atleast, most of the time - Think of Burning Heat on DDRMAX2). I dunno, does this mix even meet the requirements? Is it really a video game music ReMix? Or is it a ReMix of a tune by Joga? Until I can get some of these questions clarified, NO. BTW, It's spelled Dam Dariram, not Dam Dariam.
  14. It's not a pre-constructed drumloop, if that's what you're thinking.
  15. Yeah, this mix was put together about a year and a half ago. If we had done something like this in present times, there'd probably be much more to it. Regardless, it's a fun upbeat mix, and my only piece I've ever done with FruityLoops. I agree with the repetitivity, but hell, it's still enjoyable to listen to. Others may not think the same way, of course ^^
  16. This is definitely a radical mix, but it has its share of problems as mentioned by DD & Prot. Though, it IS a good mix, and it's quite well done. Overall, I enjoyed listenening to it. It's definitely OCR quality, no doubt there. YES
  17. Wow, this starts off as some really freaky weird ambience, but it builds up quite amazingly. REALLY weird whacky cool stuff from CotMM. Just wait 'till the end ^^ YES
  18. I realize this thread is locked, and I got to it slowly, but as I stated before, I like this mix. Simply put.
  19. You know what? This is an excellent mix, and it has been sitting in the judges panel for a month or so. I hate to see it not be posted. YES
  20. Yeah, as mentioned, the recording quality wasn't that fantastic, but the arrangement is just too great to pass by. YES
  21. YAY! The forest level, hahaha, awesome. I love this song. On top of that, this is a fantastic arrangement. Nice variation from the original. YES
  22. Dude, yay, Suikoden. Rock on. This mix rocks as much as the game. Very nicely arranged. YES
  23. Hahah, this ReMix is definitely insane. The arrangement is very well done, but it's way too short, and much too repetitive. Slight clipping is also apparent Other than that, I enjoyed listenening to it. As I first said, it IS insane. That leaves me difficulty deciding what to vote as it is what he intended. Regardless... It's close. NO
  24. The samples are indeed quite horrible, and the arrangement isn't super either. Notes conflict in a few places, also. The arrangement would be nice if such things would be improved. NO
  25. Uh, hah! As soon as I listen to this, I'm like "WTF Is this?!". Yeah, it's pretty strange. Some of the samples are pretty bad quality-wise, but they're not deadly. The percussion isn't really something I like, but it's not /that/ bad. Definitely not bad to the point to lean me towards voting no. Yeah, it's a weird mix, I give it that, but it displays excellent sequencing. Enough said. YES
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