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  1. This mix could definitely use some panning, but that's all I can really complain about. It's not really a bad thing Other than that, it's a pretty damn nice interpretation of the originals. Enjoyed listening to it - Though, the ending DOES fade out (not cool) Oh well. Yes
  2. Wow, rad stuff here. Nothing bad I can particulary say bad about it. Definitely deserves to be posted. YES
  3. Sounds empty to me - The bass gets boring As does the bass. Overall, not very well thought out, but COULD be better. Needs more variation. NO
  4. First off, I really hate the title Some decent percussion work, though Though, nothing is expanded upon as compared to the originals. The sample quality isn't that great for the strings and piano, either. Gets repetitive, and the ending isn't that great. NO
  5. Oooh, yeah, some nice arrangement work here. Nothing really bad I can say about it expect the lack of panning usage in certain parts (I always bitch about it - Every bit of panning helps.) Oh well, it's cool YES!
  6. Oh yay, more Bomberman. It's cool for the first 30 seconds... Then, uhm... REPETITION!!! NO!! Update: As I was going through submissions, I noticed that this one had no attempt to even have ID3 or ID3v2 tags. This is a no-no!
  7. Haha, oh great, Bomberman! Word of warning - This mix is VERY exotic. It's pretty cool, though, considering how it manipulates that original theme very uniquely. I love those underlying strings, by the way. Ending isn't so bad, either YES
  8. The synths are pretty cool - Though, the percussion is pretty lame, and a supporting bassline is just not there. Some decent effects here and there, and some insane panning, but it just sounds really empty. Plus, it just repeats over and over. The ending is just as mediocre. NO!!
  9. Changes around several times - Though, it was indeed repetitive in the beginning. I felt the very last part was my favorite - Which was disappointing cosidering its short length. Oh well, I felt the production quality was great - Amazing genre transformation from the original. YES
  10. Mmm... Decent percussion, cool panning, though - The introduction and the ending both don't pass as überl33t, though the mid-parts make up for it - Regardless, I found this mix mostly enjoyable. Not bad for newcomer scratty411. YES
  11. Wow, pretty cool stuff from newcomer Sine. I found myself dancing (in my head) to this. After listening to it several times, I found no reason to dislike it. YES
  12. Mmm.. Yamaha XG guitars. First thing I notice (Having experience with Yamaha XG)... Then Yamaha XG percussion... mmm.. The percussion sounds really dry as compared to the other instruments. Makes them rather "noticable". Then, what the hell at 1:40? Reeaaaally strange transition. But, yeah, it IS an alien abduction. It creates that type of mood - I say it's well done with the rather decent usage of dissonance. Ending isn't that great, though - Just fades out. Gee, it's a really tough decision... Eh... NO
  13. I think most of us are well aware of Mega Man 1's music - Though, I could just be speaking for myself. I thought the first 6 seconds of this mix were really cool - Heh, I dig that effect achieved there! Though, as the song progresses, I find myself to believe that this remix is quite repetitive. Although there is a good use of delay and reverb, it can be overpowering at times. That weird percussion instrument panned to the left is just.. out of place. Atleast, to me. Nothing really builds out of this, and I really dislike the ending. Though, the NES part under electronic analog-sounding effects is pretty nifty, the ending is still mediocre. NO
  14. The first thing I really notice in this mix is the mixture of great sound pianos with electronic instruments - I like the mixture, and I think it works out quite nicely. Though, the introduction is rather boring, I think the later parts make up for it. I really dislike the snare drum used - It's overpowering, and the bass gives me a headache. Bass needs some sort of dropoff (I actually forgot a better term that could be used here, but I think it works), and the constant volume just aggrivates my ears. I felt the ending was mediocre - Just faded out - I was hoping for some ending pianos or something. Tough decision - Think about what I said for next time. NO
  15. The violin in the beginning gets on my nerves - It's just a really bad violin sample. It gets on my nerves, but I did like this mix to a certain extent. It sounds empty in the beginning though, and that's not good for a Rock Ballad. I like the choir part later on in the song, but it's not enough to sway my opinion to yes. Well, in addition to that, the drums are actually pretty well done, but this mix could use more dynamics and a better mastering job. Better samples are always nice, too. That violin... NO
  16. Uhm, no. I think it's glaringly obvious why this mix deserves what it does. D: Really bad samples, and repetitive work... NO.
  17. Hmm, after listening to this piece, I really first had trouble deciding what I should vote. Although some may not like it's repetitivity, I really like the fact that this mix is pretty well done ambient orchestral electronica. This mix is really soothing, and it's one of those songs that'd just sooth someone to sleep. Me likes! YES
  18. This is the type of ReMix I'd expect of Silent Hill 2. The first thing I notice is the mediocre bitrate. I really dig this mix so far, and those pianos are just amazingly well done - Then, what the hell, is that the Beastie Boys? Minus 10 points there D: Totally takes away from the mix. The nice ambient intro is nice, and what I've heard so far is great. It stays consistent quality - Well, until the end. That weird scream SFX keeps the listener occupied. I find it annoying, as I do the bitrate, and the Beastie Boys clip. Fix those problems, and I'd gladly say yes. Though, for now, NO.
  19. Wow, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It has been ages since I've played this game! Oooh, this song brings back wonderful memories. Sure, it's short, but I'll be glad to have it on repeat for quite a long time. Very well done, as I see it. Keep up the good work, Voffie! YES
  20. Ahhh! That bassline gets on my nerves in the beginning D: Then that lead at 0:46 really kills me. On top of that, this mix has weak drum programming. Not bad for a beginner, but keep practicing, and you'll get there! The introduction was pretty cool up until about 0:11. I hate to say that it was my favorite part, but it was. NO
  21. Uh... More can be done with the Bubble Bobble melody. Not much creativity here - Boring drums, crappy dynamics - Nothing special here. I can't say I like this mix. NO
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