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  1. hahah, heck yes, I used to play this all the time too
  2. I recommend some swarm towers! Pretty much 2 level 6 swarm towers in the center of the map can take out the two level 49 flying bosses at the end, so you'll need them anyway. although, it isn't necessary... Typhoon towers (level 6 squirts) are good for both land and air.
  3. Starla (injury) and Hazama were married I believe back in 2002. (They met in the #ocremix IRC Channel. Imagine that.). I recently heard rumors on the internets that they've broken up... :/
  4. Thought I'd share it with you guys. If you've ever played Tower Defense maps for Warcraft 3, you'll feel right at home. This might seem like advertising but it's more like: "OMFG THE MOST ADDICTING FLASH GAME EVAR!" I warned you also some of you might've seen this on digg recently (that's where I heard of it) http://www.handdrawngames.com/DesktopTD/ If you get a highscore, add it to the group I already made: "Aurous" I expect ReMixes of the sound effects, too.
  5. 2006 has definitely been a huge year for OCR. Thinking back in late 2000 when I was first introduced to the site, all I can really say is wow. Anyone remember clicking on either a sorted-by-date-remix-dropdown-box or sorted-by-name-dropdown-box to wade through a list of like 250 ReMixes? Also, that orange design practically made me blind, which I can safely blame you for, President Lloyd. Joking aside, DJP's creation that is OCR single-handedly changed my life. Introduced me to plenty of talented individuals and also IRC (haha). Submitted some music here back when I had copious amounts of free time and also judged Serious props to you David Lloyd, you've changed my life [for the best] tremendously. I also have this community to thank for that; especially people I've known in #ocremix since 2001. Anyway, that's all I have to say. *tear in eye*
  6. this is seriously the funniest post ever
  7. Rest in peace, Richard Joseph. It scares me that more and more of our old-skool gaming heroes will pass to the next life some day. RIP.
  8. Whew, I was afraid for a second that the internets and real life were merging only for me.
  9. Really I think that's common knowledge. I could only hope we wasn't clothed.
  10. I had a dream last night that DJ Pretzel signs all of his rejection e-mails with a unique signature he scans into his computer for each letter. Not sure in which forum this belongs, but I felt that it was relevent to the general community. Either way, I thought it was pretty darn funny. Couldn't tell you if the dream took place in real life or on IRC. How sad is that?
  11. If anyone is up for some practice versus matches tonight or this weekend or whatever, I'll be on hamachi for much of the weekend. Hit me up.
  12. I agree with Leah regarding the "weak and stiffly" piano - certainly the only real problem I have with this. The drum samples (somewhat the hi-hats but particularly the cymbal crashes) are rather low-fi and blatantly fake sounding. These problems are only minor, however, considering that there is MUCH to be appreciated here: nice contrast between the electrifying, energetic patterns and the jazzy patterns. Well recorded live guitar - awesome. The mix wins me over, definitely a must have even if you haven't heard of or played Phoenix Wright. Makes great driving music. Nice first posted mix OA, would love to hear more from you!
  13. are you saying you're better than me by saying you can't beat Taucer? lol. yeah. you still won't battle me. You're a chicken!
  14. I always want to play. You're going down... Fatty!
  15. Likewise! I'm usually always on Hamachi or IRC.
  16. True. But many of my original opponents dropped out so I was paired with Taucer and Xerol as a result. I was also supposed to play linkspast (I just had some fun battles with him, he enver won against me :\.. just saying) instead of Xerol but Xerol faced me anyway. But, hey, whatever, i'm interested to see where this goes.
  17. Yeah, I disagree with me being in the consolation bracket considering I faced the current "Top 3" and won a point with each of them. psshhh. I could own every other person in the consolation bracket instantly 3-0, there's really no competition. something better be done about this because I don't want to face some n00bz. I really need to face vega, linkspast, and Mewtation.
  18. Damn, I'd love to go but Baltimore is... pretty far from the St. Louis area There's never any OCR meet ups around here
  19. That's about right. I was 13. LOL. Bottom line: This site needs more techno shits.
  20. Aren't we all living in the past listening to and ReMixing classic video game music we forever hold dearly to our hearts? Yes. <3
  21. I second that. I LOVE Christian Pacaud, ktriton, and MAG FOR IT. I'm a sucker for Symphony X, Dream Theater, [somewhat related: DragonForce] symphonic prog-Rock/Metal.
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