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  1. Uh, where's the variation from the original? This hardly sounds like "A classical remix of the Final Fantasy 3 airship theme." No arrangement value whatsoever here. 1:12 - 1:16 = WHAT?. Ugh... NO
  2. Eeek, there could be some remastering work done here. I hear minor clipping (Not good, definitely in this genre). I would have to say that the arrangement itself is really quite nice. However, those low-quality sounding bells that travel their way throughout the entire song really get annoying. Encoding could have been much better as it sounds as if the hi-ends have been cut out entirely. NO
  3. That crash cymbal really becomes nerve-wreaking. Pile that ontop of mediocre-sounding distortion guitars. NO
  4. Ugh, this mix is just WAY too repetitive. My head can't take it. The mix itself just feels too empty and doesn't flow nicely. The transitions between sections are sub-par (perhaps it's just me, but the percussion doesn't accentuate very well). It could really use some work. I have to admit that the ending surprised me. Either way... NO
  5. Wow, this ReMix is really quite cool sounding. For some reason, it reminds me of Rumble in the Bronx (Jackie Chan). It's one of those weird things. Well.. To the ReMix - Sure, it's short, but it's one of those ReMixes you can listen to over and over again. Some really cool synths - particularly at the end there. YES
  6. WoR made awesome dance steps for Morning After (Hangover). I dig them as much as I dig this ReMix It's supercool. Must I say more?
  7. This mix just doesn't work. The guitar (which is used throughout) is scary, and the drums hurt. At 2:00, there's way too much going on, and it just doesn't fit. I think I'm just mentioning what the others have said There's nothing else to say about this. NO
  8. Sometimes I wish I was a Mega Man fan? Why? Music like this. I totally dig the intro. Very smooth with the strings and piano. It builds into a trancy arrangement which jumps out of its trance state back into the smooth string/piano arrangement I love. Then, the two are combined. It's pretty damn nice. It just gets better and better as it builds up. Excellent stuff from Ryu7x. Too bad he's not going to be ReMixing for a while YES
  9. The arrangement itself is subpar, but the sample quality just ends up killing the overall production. Enough said. Just doesn't pull it off. NO
  10. Remixer: JigginJonT Game: Chrono Trigger Song Title: Enter the Frog -------------------------------------------------- I voted yes on this last time. No reason why I wouldn't change my vote. YES
  11. I would have to agree with Beatdrop in saying that Disturb's Kraid piano arrangement is quite superb. The length is a little short, but I believe that it's worth it. I'll report back with other ReMixes I deem to be appropiately posted on OCR. YES TO KRAID
  12. To clarify what the others have said: The rhythm just doesn't work. The arrangement itself is also quite mediocre. Definitely not OCR material in this state. NO
  13. Stale and lifeless as they come. I think besides what the others have already said, that panning must be used. Everything is panned down the center. This calls for exponential lifelessness of a creation. Furthermore, the mix is just much too simplistic as the others have already mentioned. NO
  14. Super distortion. Must I repeat others by saying that the recording quality is absolute ass? Well, it is. NO
  15. Kirbz spelled "Nobuo Uematsu" as "Nubuo Uematsu" in the ID3v2 tags, thus incorrectly representing the original composer's name. Now, to the mix - The mix itself lacks dynamics as Malcos and Orkybash have mentioned. Reverb and definitely some panning are absolutely necessary. Other than that, the arrangement is quite good. However... NO
  16. Oh damn yes, this is excellently heard. Me likes the lightheartednessity. Definitely an OCR. YES
  17. I've never played Phantasy Star Online, so there's no way I can answer the question everyone has been asking. Either way, I must say the mix is quite enjoyable. Once the answer has been found, I can vote yes without regreting my decision.
  18. Ugh, the mastering job is quite unpleasant. Clipping like one wouldn't believe. The drums, as Malcos mentioned, are super boring also. This makes for a combination resulting in something one would rather not listen to. NO
  19. Even I don't slap this much reverb over my ReMixes. NO
  20. This mix is wasting its time sitting here in these forums. Nothing bad about this mix preventing me to say yes. YES
  21. I like something out of the norm once in a while. This is a fantastic example. Though... The main focus of this mix is the percussion. I'm assuming that drumloops are used, as it sure as hell sounds like it. As we know, drumloops are frowned upon unless used for the benefit of everyone, to put it nicely. However, the remaining components of the arrangement are weak (and the crackling is annoying). The found the mix overall to be unappealing. Same repeating melody over and over and over and over and over. NO
  22. Learn how to master. Run the final waveform thru a limiter, a compressor, a normalizer, A ANYTHING TO RAISE THE VOLUME EFFECTIVELY! Other than that, the mix itself is quite soothing. It's good bedtime music. I dig the pads. This mix is a definite YES if problem number one were to be resolved. NO
  23. This mix is magnificent. A little repetitive, but it's definitely worth it. The only real problem (it's minor) I have with it is the piano. The notes need more drop-off volume when a note is interrupted by another. Other than that, it's all good. YES
  24. The arrangement itself sounds unique to me as some unconventional sounds are used. Personally, I find the drums in the quieter parts to lack a certain integrity much needed to make this mix make the break. They simply don't fit with the other, more dynamic, instruments. In the heavier parts, I find the überheavily-panned noise to be really quite unpleasant. The mastering really needs some week - the lower frequencies seem to be astray. Perhaps add a bass guitar in the heavy parts to complement the other instruments. I think it'd help tremendously. Other than that, I find myself to find the the instrumentation to be almost unprecedented. NO
  25. Beatdrop summed up the ever-so-evident problems of this ReMix already. It really is way too short. Expand, expand, expand! NO
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