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  1. Heck yes, one of my favorite old ReMixes by CotMM. Industrial strength bubble bobble, pretty much. This owns you.
  2. I have to say that Facebook totally pwns. I've found so many childhood friends and have developed some great relationships with people cause of Facebook. =) And BTW, join the OCR Facebook group. Thx.
  3. PS4 is one of my favorite games of all time, and wow.. VampireHunterDan, you never cease to amaze me with your talent. FF and CT fanboys need to open their ears NOW to some amazing Phantasy Star IV music. listen now. NOW.
  4. Starts of a little on the weak side, but around 1:00 is when the good (read: great) stuff comes in. Just one thing.. the part beginning at 1:53 until the end is a little inactive on the drum side. Everything else goes into overdrive will the drums are like "okay, I'm a drum. you need to hit me more." my 2 cents.
  5. Awesome stuff here, man. I agree with about:black.. Go crazy with the scratching and percussion. Some additional crazy pan work on the drums would do wonders. There's tons of cool licks and fills, but most of the time all the action takes place in the center channel. Definitely on the minimalist side.. I could really go either way on that. The drums take the cake for the most part, kind of leaving a little to be desired as it really doesn't build up too much. Yes it's awesome, but due to the minimalism, it gets a little dry and repetitive.
  6. One of my favorite ReMixes on the site. You know what? Do yourself a favor and download this. E-Bison, awesome job man. I love it.
  7. Speaking of under-appreciated Genesis soundtracks: SHINING IN THE DARKNESS! I ReMixed the intro theme some-odd 3 years ago and for some reason it's not up on OCR. :\
  8. I too would be interested in writing music for an FF6 project soundtrack. Although, I'd prefer to see an FF4 project soundtrack because FF4 tends to be under-remixed compared to FF6. mmm... leap into the darkness.
  9. Atelier Iris is one of my favorite games for PS2. Not just cause of it's extremely sexy hand-drawn graphics and retro-style RPG gameplay, but the music is *absolutely* phenomenal. HIGHLY RECOMMEND a purchase of the soundtrack. I second the motion for Atelier Iris ReMixes Oh yeah, Legion Kreinak, have you heard the Atelier Iris Arranged Tracks Deceitful Wings soundtrack? There is an arrangement of Horned Enigma on there. Once again, a highly recommended soundtrack.
  10. Man, do I love F-Zero [and F-Zero's music] or what? Can't go wrong with an F-Zero ReMix, ever, seriously. Although usually I'm not a huge fan of piano-only works, this is a rather interesting interpretation of Big Blue. Never expected to hear a piano piece from it.. great stuff. Greater variation in the volume levels of notes would add to the reality of the piece. There's a lot of variation, but it's not entirely perfect, but it's pretty close. excellent.
  11. One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite PlayStation RPGs. I totally dig this ReMix. Has plenty of time to variate and develop. I wish I could have a higher bitrate version.. would do wonders on improving the sound quality. The instrumentation and arrangement both are very well executed.. awesome. i'd like to hear more SO2 ReMixes around here. highly recommended!
  12. Great to hear some more Beatdrop! Man do I love Beatdrop... if I were you, don't read this post, GO DOWNLOAD THIS NOW. You're guaranteed a good mix with Beatdrop. Amazing, breath-taking work here.. wow. 'nuff said!
  13. Contrary to what others say, transitions aren't really issue for me in this ReMix. Mind-blowing transitions are overrated in medleys.. The fact that Sukotto ReMixed the component originals effectively is really all that matters in the long run for overall enjoyment. Naturally, some of the samples could have been better. Drummer of 6 years, my only real beef with the drums is the cymbal crash sample used, as it is unusually white-noisy. All the other drum samples sound just fine. Nothing really out of the dorm for sequenced drums.. All the other instrumentation sounds more than great, and there's a plethora of creative deviations from the originals. Each original is given equal opportunity to strut their stuff.. I love medleys, and this one no less! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for Mega Man or prog-rock fans!
  14. Amazingly soothing, warm, heartful guitar playing here. Greatly recommended for periods of deep introspection. The arrangement is very well crafted. In terms of the mastering, even normalizing the final result would have worked wonders. Oh well, listeners, just turn up your volume knob if its too quiet for you [duh]
  15. thanks for the comments =) one thing though, bass is not sequenced. (and neither are the mandolins) just so it's known on another note, amazingly enough I don't like the black mages' work much at all honestly. even though I do see how the 'hunter's chance' part sounds like something they might do. I realize it now.. should have known the bass wasn't sequenced considering how GREAT it sounds The mandolin no less, either. And yeah, this is actually quite different than the Black Mages. The Black Mages sounds distinctly unrealistic, unlike Firecross. Again, great job
  16. I'm really surprised by the incredible sound quality of this. Definitely sounds Black Mages inspired. It's a lot cleaner than anything the Black Mages did, too. Being a drummer since 1999, I must say the drum sequencing is quite believable. Great job on the guitar, especially the leads. The synths and bass are nicely sequenced, too .. but mostly the guitar adds to the studio quality factor. Highly recommended! Great high-speed car music, too!
  17. This is one of my favorite OC ReMixes of all time. McVaffe, you turned one of my favorite FF6 tunes into one heck of an ass-kicking-get-down-on-the-floor-a-dance tunes. I totally dig the atmosphere this mix has -> Nice panning and reverb action. Excellent.
  18. Wow. Simply wow. Wonderful arrangement of several tunes from Breath of Fire! The transitions are absolutely flawless and the sound effects really add to the feeling and atmosphere. I'm glad to finally here another Breath of Fire ReMix. Awesome. Good work!
  19. "Whoo, a Breath of Fire arrangement" is exactly what I thought when I saw this. This mix, however, is both disappointing and satisfying. Although I felt that the first 1:22 proved to be a great introduction, the arrangement of the first overworld theme that follows lacks depth. The mix really shines when the beautiful "Alan and Cerl Forever" part comes in. Couldn't have done it better myself
  20. It's really nice to hear a ReMix of this track of which I've always loved. One of my definite favorites from the game. The thing about this mix is that it does the original so much justice. It's very well done and well worth the listen. YES
  21. Ugh... Monophonic evilness. Must I say more? NO
  22. HAHAHA! This is weird shit. Really. I must admit that I believe it's hilarious. The mix itself, however, is almost painful to listen to. Being a hardcore Seinfeld fan, this is a tough decision... What the hell... YES
  23. I swore I heard this mix before. Either way, I totally dig SystemManiac's drum skills. He *almost* makes me jealous. Other than that, there's some REALLY excellent synth action here. Definitely something I'll be listening to over and over. It sticks in your head. YES
  24. Heh... This is quite an arrangement. And, no, that's not necessarily a good thing. Listening to this made me laugh. Either way, it's only a minute long, and it repeats itself twice. Expand! NO
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