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  1. This ReMix has some cool things going for it (especially that lead and the drums), but I find the mix itself to lack variation, and I quickly lost interest. NO
  2. Ugh, no. Way too inappropiate even for me. The mix itself is quite noisy (which is OK to a certain extent), but it's just painful here. We can do better than this. NO
  3. Ugh... This mix sounds exactly like what Protricity described. No way this can be here as this just doesn't work. NO
  4. ReMix by Vigilante, which was submitted two months ago. Considering the length of the ReMix, there is a high quality version that'll he have up soon. Link to minimal clipping, under 6 mb update: stfu - Coma OMG WAIT! per djp's request, we cut it down for a more HQ version: JKLoL!!~ Use this instead -Prot
  5. Uhh... Yeah, there's no way I can vote yes on this after listening to the original. The ReMix is quiiiiite oversimplified Boring for me it was. NO
  6. Yeah, the timing is quite off here. It takes an effort to listen to it. Regardless of that, there are some pretty cool synths (not to mention the distortion guitar). Though, the timing just kills NO
  7. I had previously spoken with StarBlaze about dreamer. I established with him that it's an excellent ReMix. YES
  8. Loud? You betchya. The volume levels are extreme, but it's still a pretty good ReMix. Excellent usage of panning and delays. A little short clocking in at only 2:53 - Moreover, the ending isn't the best ever being a little abrupt. Regardless of the minor issues, I believe that it's still a solid mix. YES
  9. Gman claims to have submitted it 5 months ago. Game: Chrono Trigger ReMixer: Gman Obtain it here:
  10. Ugh, talk about dry samples. Really dry. It pains me to listen to the cringe-inducing sampleness. It really gets good at the ending, there. NO
  11. Ugh, more variation is a must here. Much too repetitive and depth-lacking. A hard kick is something that'd fit well in those parts covered with synthage and hi-hats. Not to mention the crassshhhh. NO
  12. LOL, interesting stuff here. Short, yes, but sweet. YES
  13. Some decent percussion work - Other than that, this mix is simply too jumbled. NO
  14. Overall an excellent mix here. I understand no reasons why this deserves not to be on OCR. It's just so hot 'n sexy. Really. I'm about to eat it alive. YES
  15. Ugh, sure, the percussion qualities may be somewhat good, but this is hardly something one could sit through and listen without going insane. NO
  16. I thought I already voted no on this one... Well, either way, this ReMix isn't really quite exciting at all. Almost to the point of inducing yawns. That, and the samples just don't sound cool together (in only so many words). Gonna have to say what I thought I had already said... NO
  17. Ugh, the samples are just so low-fidelity to the point that this mix is simply too annoying to listen to. I have to admit that some of the percussion is pretty good, but it just doesn't cut it. The arrangement is extremely repetitive. Put your head into it. NO
  18. Wow. This arrangement is excellent. Like the others have said thus far, the mastering job isn't the best that it could be. Other than that, this is definitely OCR material. YES
  19. One thing I'd really like to emphasize is the lack of differentiation between the ReMix and the original and the fake piano. The piano simply doesn't work out here. I dislike how it's panned to the right like that also. As with what Digital Coma said, this mix doesn't variate from the original much at all. Spices make the dish. NO
  20. The mix itself isn't too bad. It just sounds weird to my ears. Another thing - The length is way too short, and the ending is more than mediocre. Expand and be creative! NO
  21. Damn. The effects are pretty neato, yes, but I'm gonna have to agree with Malcos about the wrong notes. Ugh... NO
  22. I would have to say that I really dig the percussion here. Other than that, this mix has a lot of potential as I see it. It currently lacks depth. Moreover, it's really quite unchanging and repetitive for its length. As the others mentioned, the ending is subpar. NO
  23. The samples are quite hot for this one. I have to admit that I almost love the drumwork on this one. Could use some variation of the volume levels of the hi-hat Other than that, the arrangement itself is quite repetitive. Regardless, I still believe that it's more than worth the time to listen to. Close decision... YES
  24. The same stance of the others is with me on this one. Either way, it's enjoyable to listen to. YES
  25. Gee, more Arkanoid It's damn worth it though. This is an excellent arrangement. Nice mixture of instrumentation (I dig the mixture of the reverbed and non-reverbed instruments). Pretty solid stuff here. Add this to your Arkanoid collection. YES
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