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  1. This mix is magnificent. A little repetitive, but it's definitely worth it. The only real problem (it's minor) I have with it is the piano. The notes need more drop-off volume when a note is interrupted by another. Other than that, it's all good. YES
  2. The arrangement itself sounds unique to me as some unconventional sounds are used. Personally, I find the drums in the quieter parts to lack a certain integrity much needed to make this mix make the break. They simply don't fit with the other, more dynamic, instruments. In the heavier parts, I find the überheavily-panned noise to be really quite unpleasant. The mastering really needs some week - the lower frequencies seem to be astray. Perhaps add a bass guitar in the heavy parts to complement the other instruments. I think it'd help tremendously. Other than that, I find myself to find the the instrumentation to be almost unprecedented. NO
  3. Beatdrop summed up the ever-so-evident problems of this ReMix already. It really is way too short. Expand, expand, expand! NO
  4. Having never played System Shock 2, I cannot answer DJP's inquiry. However, I can confirm the goodness of this ReMix. A little repetitive, but worth it. YES
  5. I have never played Unreal let alone heard the original. Either way, this mix sounds pretty cool in some parts. I like the part from 1:37 to about 2:05 where that übersynth takes the stage. The arrangement itself isn't too repetitive, but it still has its share of minor stagnancy. However, the more I listen to this mix, the more I grow to like it. It's good enough to post regardless of its minor problems. YES
  6. Okay, I've been hearing this ReMix as it was being constructed. I must say it still doesn't do justice to the original. It loses the feeling that I feel when I hear the original. The original just puts you in such a melancholy mood. Gman tries to do just the opposite, but I strongly believe that it just doesn't work. Gives me a really weird feeling listening to it. One part of me tries to feel up-beat and dancy, while another part tries to feel sad. Maybe that's due to my HUGE emotional attachment to Breath of Fire II music One part I really do like, however, is the transition from 0:22 to 0:25. I must say that the arrangement itself is well done. There could have definitely been more usage of panning. Not a bad arrangement length-wise considering that the original is a solid 48 seconds. Well, this reminds me of FFMusicDJ's Alan & Cerl Breath of Fire ReMix. Puts me in that same weird mood. Enough said.
  7. Very catchy (Well, of course, the original was); however, the execution leaves much to be desired. The thing that really kills it for me is the abrupt ending. Finish it up. Other than that, I find its unique style quite enjoyable to listen to. Almost a yes, but not quite there. NO
  8. I think everyone has a mutual agreement on what the problem is here. NO
  9. Okay, I've been listening to the entire song waiting for it to build up. I really think this could use something to move it along. The current arrangement just doesn't work by itself. Add a backing drumbeat. That's among the many things you could do. The mastering is not very well done as there are areas of distortion. NO
  10. I believe that the other judges have already hit on the points I would have brought up. The arrangement itself is pretty well done, but it would sound much better with some new life blown into it. Considering that the piano is the same velocity regardless of what note is played, it really detracts from the overall quality of the mix. Take this to consideration along with Beatdrop's suggestions, and you should definitely be good to go. Until then, NO
  11. Sweet, Terranigma. An excellent game that should have been released in the USA. Those lucky Europeans got it Okay, now, to the mix. It's the same thing repeated over and over (atleast, until the very end - some minor instrumental effects are added). The mix itself, however, is pretty catchy and the effort is shown. Nice panning effects throughout the mix. The percussion could really use some panning, though. The part at 2:30 is really strange to the ears. Tough overall decision for me... NO
  12. This is definitely quirky hip-hop. Listen to it. There's no way this could be on OCR. It's trash. NO
  13. I think DJP has something against medleys. I believe that medleys can be excellent if done by the right people (Protricity (FF5 Pirates of the Sea)). However, I don't feel that way about this particular piece. I believe that the orchestrations themselves are decent. Don't let the fact that he uses übersamples fool you into thinking this mix consists of überexcellent orchestations. It doesn't. That doesn't mean that they're terrible though. Moreover, I believe that this mix lacks structure. He cuts off tunes right at climaxes resulting in TERRIBLE transitions. Listen to 4:10. That could REALLY be built upon, and it leaves me just hating this mix to hear it cut out like that. The mix itself feels empty during some parts as it lacks bass instrumentation. In other parts, bass is overaccentuated. I personally think that StarBlaze could have done a much better job with this considering his other works. NO
  14. Okay, this mix itself sounds quite good. However, it's übershort. I would love to see this expanded on. NO
  15. Whoa! This is absolutely excellent for someone's second ReMix! Man, this kicks booty. I personally don't understand why we're voting on this. I love the dynamics, the panning, the effects, the instrumentation. This is something I can listen to over and over again. YES
  16. Some decent piano work here. Sounds live to me. Of course, there's no way to pan piano like this without it being synthesized. The piano falls-out too quickly. It needs more presence after the note itself is interrupted by another piano note. As mentioned by DJP and Jivemaster, the encoding is a little sketchy. Re-encode higher, please? NO
  17. Whoa, GLL just piles the reverb on in this mix. Serious reverb. He let's it become a problem. (I let it become a problem too, myself :/ heh) I'm sure this would sound MUCH better if it sounded "closer", as it is melodic trance, not ambient trance. Atleast, that's what he's seemingly going for. I do, however, like the choirs around 2:40. I like the radical effects at 3:20. Overall, a little repetitive (It is trance, though...). Tough decision... NO
  18. The ID3 tags show his name as Twilight. That must be his ReMixer name.
  19. Listening to this mix hurts my head. The synth brass is killer, and it doesn't fit at all with the bass. The mixing is so-so, too :/ NO
  20. Yeah, it's short and repetitive. We could have done a much better job Sorry for the disappointment. Glad you enjoyed the percussion, though
  21. I had talked to Mr. Bommarito about this mix long ago before he submitted it. I had said that I enjoyed listening to it. The arrangement is well presented, but it's just way to short. There CAN be more, but Mr. Bommarito shows laziness in this aspect. I agree with DiscoDan. Expand. NO
  22. Malcos has created some really solid hip-hopish ÜberReMix here. No reason this shouldn't be on OCR. I dig this beyond words. YES
  23. As I had told Mr. Vigilante, I totally digged the guitar solos. There's no way this mix can't see OCR with badass guitar solos as this. Everything else compliments the guitars well. Nice usage of panning ^^ YES
  24. The mastering here is not that great. The bass frequencies are overly emphasized. Then again, the bassline seems to be missing. This mix really needs some work on its dynamics. The strings panned directly down the middle doesn't work out very well. NO
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