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  1. Is there any way to get a notification if someone quoted me in a thread? It would be a great way of keeping track if someone is directly replying to something I may have said, in a more specific manner. (As opposed to subscribing to the thread and checking all the posts manually)
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! In other news, JHCompo round 100 is coming up this Tuesday. Get excite! EDIT: Thanks for joining. We got excite!
  3. Interesting easter egg that was actually in the movie: this.
  4. Probably the most difficult thing for me was working out lyrics that fit the tone of the writing. For example I'll have a melody I like that has a haunting gloomy feel, but it'd be attached to a placeholder line like "I don't know how that chicken got in here". At the very least I try to keep the early WIP versions to myself until I have a suitable lyric.
  5. I saw it again, and it almost made me want to watch Thor. Almost.
  6. I couldn't help feel that The Avengers is just a kid playing with action figures. A big mashup, where every scene is a "wouldn't it be cool if...?" I don't see this as entirely a bad thing, though.
  7. It's been great keeping in contact with you over the years. Have a good one, bro!
  8. http://blipfestival.org/2012/ CHIPTUNES! Nuff said. So yeah, who's planning on going? There's plenty of OCR meetup potential to be had here.
  9. Note: JHCompo is looking for theme suggestions as well as feedback regarding SolidComposer features and functionality. Feel free to post them in this thread. JHCompo is a 2-hour, weekly composition competition where entrants create original music based on the theme given. This all-gear, MP3-based compo is held every Tuesday, and was created as a place for musicians to hang out and hone their craft. All the action happens at SolidComposer including the listening party, which is automated. For those new to the site: entrants must sign up for an account to upload their entries (in MP3 format) t
  10. I appreciate the track-by-track analysis, guys! On a related note, I made a new music video for the song "Ocean Riff".
  11. I hope my new mashup makes it through the revised submission process!
  12. http://soundcloud.com/jhsounds/toadlogic In light of OC ReMix's change to VocalClocked ReMix and allowing mashups, I've submitted a mashup/arrangement that combines the classic Battletoads with the vocals of Daft Punk's "Technologic". For the longest time I wondered how to re-imagine such a classic video game tune, but the recent changes in the OCR guidelines and standards made it possible to take it to new directions. I was also concerned about possible lack of source when submitting my remix; however this was resolved by maintaining the all-important triple-clap of the original.
  13. So I'm guessing my "Finality" remix is the only one that will make the cut? Between this ThaSauce announcement, the new VocalClocked ReMix requirement, and Cyril's recent move to Norway to join a black metal band, my future as a killer studio remixist seems dim.
  14. For the longest time I used to be disappointed in the fact that I never settled on a style or genre. I went through phases, moving on and shaking things up whenever I felt like my work was stagnating. I think I've come to realize that my love of music can't really funnel into a definitive style, per se. In a way this film represents the shaking up of things, and I found it to be a great film to watch. EDIT: Also this.
  15. This is probably my favorite compo, just because of the magic of collaboration. I wish I could remember the original quote, but when you put two one-person-band entities together, inspired stuff happens. Of course, great songs also come about even if both parties are less-than-well-rounded musically. I'll be keeping an eye on this for my blog, and maybe I'll team up for a song sometime in the future.
  16. This sounds cool. I'll be sure to cover this in my blog alongside the other compos.
  17. Man, this makes me wish I had held out for a cupcake before I came back from hiatus with a new album.
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