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  1. http://soundcloud.com/jhsounds/ I mostly post alternate versions of my songs there, and rarities.
  2. Haha, I found this entertaining. The concept behind the song seems fun too.
  3. Check out my music video for one of the songs, "New Beginning". http://youtu.be/vv-NZgOtmlk There's also an exclusive remix of one of the tracks on my SoundCloud page. http://soundcloud.com/jhsounds
  4. Come join us tonight! http://compo.jhsounds.com/
  5. I'm totally interested in a NYC meetup if that happens.
  6. If you're interested, here's my writeup of this round's entries: http://blog.jhsounds.com/2012/02/compos-are-magic.html
  7. So I'm guessing the show is back and whatnot, right?
  8. Ah, cool. I'll be sure to mention this in my compo blog along with the other compos I cover.
  9. Happy birthday, fusion2004. You'll never be out of date! in other news, HOW THE HELL DID BUSH GET RE-ELECTED WHAT THE HELL
  10. The primary goal for me in making music is to create works that I enjoy listening to. I particularly enjoy listening to albums, and I've focused on the running order and flow of my albums a lot. That being said, there comes a point where I become disengaged from the output and remove it from my iPod.
  11. For those requesting a downloadable version, it is included with my latest album The Duosis Sessions as a hidden track.
  12. Get free album here Hello, all. For a while I've been secretly composing under the name Duosis. The reason for this was to see if feedback of my work would differ from that of music submitted under my usual name. After creating a few tracks, I focused on polishing the material as well as creating new tracks specifically for an album. The Duosis Sessions is a spiritual successor of my Genuine LP in that it largely consists of sampled material that I re-contextualized and built off of for new tracks. In some cases a sampled riff segment beckoned to become a beat; in others I had a specific chor
  13. The best way to celebrate the holiday is with good friends and good music.
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