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  1. FYI, MeteoXavier had intended to submit this work of his to the competition, but missed the deadline. A little context goes along way.
  2. Posted on behalf of Mirby, who is having trouble signing in to the forums.
  3. So I shot some footage for my music video. The final product may a combination of live action and game footage, so this will be an new experience for me.
  4. A comic strip called CRACKTON I drew back in high school. Perhaps these characters can make a comeback.
  5. My latest blog post covers the final battle. It was fun doing writeups for GRMRB, and I look forward to the next tournament. http://blog.jhsounds.com/2011/07/taco-tornado.html
  6. The N64 is the reason the PlayStation line became as big as it is (or was). GameCube was a step in the right direction, but I suppose the Xbox overshadowed it.
  7. I'm guessing you've seen this thread already.
  8. Oh, that reminds me: I did an article discussing various aspects of the album. http://thasauce.net/2011/06/25/brandon-strader-discusses-always-remember/
  9. For those who want to know more about the album and how it was made, check out my article at ThaSauce about it.
  10. NYC is still "Negotiating Still" (still??) so I guess that one's gonna be set up at the last minute.
  11. Uh, so OCR staff decided to make another room? Okay, then. http://turntable.fm/ocremix
  12. ...and the show will be back tonight, unless something weird happens.
  13. Considering Radcliffe is 21 now but looks 15, the aging seems reasonable.
  14. Just got back from watching it. The changes from the book to the film totally benefited the cinematic experience. I especially like the scenes with Ron and Hermione entering the chamber of secrets, which (if I recall correctly) was simply mentioned after the fact by Ron in the book. Using the chamber as the backdrop for the they-finally-kiss moment was kind of brilliant as well.
  15. I guess you're more interested in maintaining contact with Animal Crossing characters. Here's mine: http://gplus.to/thejhsounds
  16. Like most social sites, members have either grown bored with the concept or have split off into separate factions to fit personal needs. That's the internet for ya.
  17. More GRMRB coverage in my blog with description of the entries. http://blog.jhsounds.com/2011/07/mi-vida-compo.html
  18. I'm considering shooting a video on my newly-acquired full HD camera (1080p I believe). My laptop will probably implode trying to edit and render the shots, but it's something I'm interested in doing.
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