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  1. I too am in the to-be-posted backlog, and that took about 2-3 months (might have been shorter, wasn't paying much attention). While I'm grateful to be accepted, I am rather curious as to what the judges thought of it. I submitted my remix on a total whim, not really expecting it to get through and not consciously trying to meet a list of standards. You can imagine my surprise when I saw it on the to-be-posted section. I'm patient, and I can wait a year or three.... Although if the remix overturns into a NO-RESUB, I'm pretty much out of luck, cuz I no longer have the project stems on my comput
  2. I guess I had a brain fart and thought the listening party was tomorrow. I'll most likely hold onto the raw footage until next time, and maybe shoot more coverage.
  3. Posting in this thread to remind myself to do a writeup later.
  4. Tonight's show leads right up to Double's Dash Compo 11! It's a fun night for ThaSauce. http://areciboradio.com/home.html http://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/DDC11
  5. Haooy birthday, Beard Man.
  6. So the 21st is the deadline, right? I'll be editing my video on the day of the viewing party, most likely.
  7. ...and DarkeSword hijacked the first post. Stay classy, Shariq.
  8. I very much loved the concept. It does feel like a deliberate arc, which I enjoyed.
  9. Good stuff. I'll be sure to post something on my blog as well.
  10. Best thing about the live format is that the episodes are no longer 8 hours long.
  11. This is a fun concept. I'll be keeping an ear on this.
  12. Due to popular demand, I've released a new song! This is easily my finest production yet. http://bit.ly/mRmXP0 I've worked on this tune in my head for a while, so let me know what you think of it.
  13. I remember when you did the live anniversary show and I thought "Wow, OCAD could totally be a live show if they wanted". I'm glad to see that this has finally happened.
  14. wut http://twitter.com/OverClockedAD/status/101455331057614848
  15. I decided to revive my comic for the interwebs. http://comic.jhsounds.com/
  16. The Harmony of a Hunter remix album is out now, btw. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=32767
  17. In lieu of a more dedicated submission from me, here are the scripts for my comic strips of this week.
  18. In a sense, but the goal is to get together as a community and encourage growth through feedback and positive reinforcement.
  19. Join us for another joyous round of JHCompo! http://compo.jhsounds.com/
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