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  1. I don't know if it's just me, but it feels like one note in the solo (~1:00) is a half step off. Maybe if you did a pitch bend/slide it would feel more natural. For that measure with only drums (~1:05), spice it up! The drum samples themselves are kinda bland because they have a short duration (the hats don't ring out at all). I don't know how long of a song you're trying to make, but I think you could stretch out the intro just a little bit. I liked everything else.
  2. Aphex Twin has some good stuff. Concord Dawn - Morning Light is good. I'm not too into dnb, but this stuffs alright.
  3. Nice stuff, I like it. Haven't heard much from this little genre before.
  4. completed. This wouldn't happen to be about Hellgate: London, would it?
  5. honestly i dont mind google's text adds. it really adds to the whole practicality that 'running a website isnt free' idea. i dont like the member vs no member idea. something small and relatively out of the way. i think smashboards came close with an ad after the thread creator. a small horizonal google ad would work great imo. or maybe after the first post on every page if you guys need funds that bad.
  6. Hot site, works great, I like it. splash2.jpg is awesome. Any more of that by any chance? The picture in the "DJing" looks odd to me. I changed the border to black and to the background gray and I just couldn't get it right. I don't think the border is the problem for me, it's the warm colors vs the cool colors between the sunset header and the_gathering. Maybe you could have the sunset change too. Like for DJing, replace the sunset with an outdoor picture of city nightlife to match the_gathering. Have the header pictures fit a general "outdoorsy" theme and keep the other pictures inside the borders the way they are. Just throwin some ideas out there. Looking at the "about me" section... is there anything you don't do?
  7. Well since characters have a double jump, I never thought anyone would be bothered that much by another velocity change for a airdodge. Wavedashing has opened up an entirely new defense for me, which I have been victim too as well. This leads to having multiple approaches and allows mindgames to come into play more. Offensively, wavedashing has changed eveything for me too. Waveshining, wavelanding, and grabbing the ledge off of a waveland are all amazing techniques I have only began to use recently. I would like to point out this article (I haven't sifted through the 500 pages of this thread, sorry if it's a repost) playing to win. Considering all of the characters (although it is more useful for some) can wavedash and any player can do it, I see no problem with it. edit: did i say 500? i meant 807 pages.
  8. All of the later bosses on Metroid Prime doing a low % run were beasts. Hard mode made it suck even worse.
  9. Awesome! Grats to bLiNd and Leifo on the success of the new track - it's been a while since I've heard anything from you guys. Also, I extend my thanks G-T for making new mixes. I was curious what he would do after "UnMod Sessions" now that there is no UnMod.
  10. My favorite track of theirs if the 9th one off Outdoor Party III. Armin Van Buuren Ferry Corsten (under many names) Chemical Brothers Aphex Twin Above & Beyond M.I.K.E. aka Push (and a lot of other aliases) pretty much everything from G-T The Crystal Method Infected Mushroom bLiNd Hallucinogen ...and thats all I can think of right now.
  11. Gorefiend / Labworks / Tauren / Shaman lvl 21
  12. Excellent management throughout this six minute ambient yet fast paced track. All of these great MegaMan remixes have actually make me whip out the snes/nes and play. *drool*
  13. Ahh... the first song ever heard from OC remix. Brings back memorires a little bit (mainly the 56k download speed) but FRIGGIN AWESOME SONG!!! I still listen to this song frequently. McVaffe probably made the best Ice Cap remix I have ever heard.
  14. YAY! More bLiNd! It's been a while... I love it! *Goes to listen to it again
  15. ok, the first reason was the .bmp, second "atu" wasnt capialized 3rd, its changes from ftp:// to http:// thanks!
  16. hi, i use an ftp site with my IP the link is: why doesnt it work?
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