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  1. heh, I've been told that many times before... SIGGED and edited D: yeah, I'm not one for swearing...
  2. oh, you are in for a HUGE surprise... If you value your top tracks on your iPod right now, I suggest that you leave now... it will be flooded with OCRemix soon.
  3. heh, I've been told that many times before... SIGGED
  4. really? hmm, never realized that... oh, by the way, sorry for calling you mean in that one thread with the wiimote toss contest.
  5. Ever since I got my Mini disk player (awesome piece of technology, I might add)I have had all my favorite OCRemix songs on it... I was just wondering if anyone else has a section in their digital media player/CD player set for OCR ReMixes. (awesome being able to listen them on the go, by the way.)
  6. I have an idea, make a java, or flash "game" where they have to drag a dot to a box, only there is no way to fail... if you complete it, you get a code to put in the entry box, or even an e-mail button to ask for an add...
  7. HOW DO I JOIN THESE CHESS TOURNAMENTS!? I keep wanting to but I am either too late, or get ignored...
  8. for some reason EVERYONE seems to know how to draw anime... did I miss a memo or something? I really want to! but alas, I have no clue what I do wrong, and don't know which questions to ask... so if anyone has some time on their hands help me with this? if not, thats okay. also, does anyone have a problem with hands shaking while trying to draw and write? if so: how do I deal with that?
  9. I agree, this piece does sound very personal... it almost sounds as if it was written for you and me,on a personal level as the main intent... the music "talks" to you... like you could have a conversation with it... I actually felt an illusion of a presence within that piece... :cry: or am I just schizophrenic?
  10. Oh Dear, I had already assumed I commented on this... I really need to get more active in OCR... anyways... This ReMix is, as expected for me to say, AWESOME!!!!!!11!1!!11!!1!!!TWO!. However, I am not prone to outbursts like that anymore... so I will say this instead: This piece of music is probably the most majestic combination of the energy of JAXX, and the orchestral GENIUS of one of my favorite artists, Dale North. This ReMix is easily a top 3 on my lists, all of them. This piece is the piece I recorded onto a CD and used as part of a valentines day present. If I can entrust this to convey my affection, it is surely good enough to be used to reflect upon my deepest emotions with. I am giving this ReMix a score of such value, it has no numerical value. I am giving this my Quantum Harmony Award. (I didn't make the picture.) in conclusion: MAKE A BAND, GUYS!.
  11. Can I help in any way? I may not be able to do music, or work flash (stupid tweening, I wanna kill it!) But I'm sure I could be used somehow... I guess I could help with the website a bit, I could use it as a grade for my web design class! I realize theres nothing to do right now but you can contact me at haqujywabenirony@tempomail.fr (this e-mail address will expire in a month... I love firefox) if there is something that comes up..
  12. I got a beautiful porcelain egg with artwork on it, an electronic "20 questions" game that is either psychic, or demonic, a pen digital camera that I cant figure out, and I think thats it... seriously though http://www.radicagames.com/20q-cb.php I'm gonna take it apart and look for like pentagrams in the computer chips... HOW THE HECK DID IT GET MACINTOSH COMPUTER!? HOW!? NOT JUST COMPUTER, BUT MACINTOSH COMPUTER!!!
  13. this is just a theoretical concept... it is not happening now...
  14. listen... long open grassy field under firing range safety measures... and a shield for others to stand behind... just shut up and go away I'm sorry. did I offend you? or are you just kidding... I can't tell...
  15. listen... long open grassy field under firing range safety measures... and a shield for others to stand behind...
  16. Of course. but how could it be more dangerous than say... a javelin throw?
  17. THE WII REMOTE TOSS CHALLENGE!!!!!! rules: ~The contestant who throws a wii remote or "wiimote" the farthest will win a free Nintendo Wii ~A contestant will get a twenty (20) foot advantage if he (or she) uses a wiimote wrist strap . ~A contestant will get a seventy (70) foot advantage if he (or she) uses a reinforced wiimote wrist strap. ~If the wiimote is destroyed, or destroys anything on impact the contestant will be charged with a fifteen (15) foot penalty. ~Each contestant must pay a ten dollar ($10.00) initiation fee, and can make additional attempts for a five dollar ($5.00) "retry fee" provided that there are intact wiimotes available. I think this would be a great contest for an "EB games" or something to do, just get an open, grassy space, something to measure distance with, and enough contestants. Mod Edit: Increased font size. Font size was too small to read in the green portion without quoting siad post.
  18. to you, VHD, I give my sincerest gratitude, awe, and respect. I have been a fan since "to times once forgotten" and since than, your music evolves, learning lessons from the previous ones. and going places in which many fear, and few fathom. only one word can express entirely what your music has done for me: "Bravo."
  19. well it should... you made the stock!
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