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  1. I know, I'm not new here. I just wasn't thinking. (last post, I promise)
  2. oh wait.. the album is already finished... dangit, I gotta come around here more often... this is the first time I heard of it.
  3. Gah! I'd participate if I could. How about anyone who wants to contribute draw a small piece of the album cover? we'd piece it all together and make a single cover. just throwing the idea out there.
  4. oops, sorry, didn't mean to bump onto front page.
  5. Laputa from the movie was taken from the classic literature: gulliver's tales. Probably intentional as well, either the author's distaste of the spanish, or to represent the nature of the island.
  6. nausicaa is the first one they made, I believe. for a first attempt, it was excellent, and even in comparison, it has a special place in my heart.
  7. It's not that we think you're serious, we think you're making fun of us. But anyway, thanks for the feedback on it. sorry about my reaction to it, I just don't react well to sarcasm sometimes.
  8. Well, I;m not really sure what I'm able to play. My ability with any finger work is limited because I can't really hold my hands and fingers still very well. (it takes me forever to write things manually, even than I am the only one able to read it.) so I need something with very limited fingering.
  9. thanks for the feedback, I am not particularly considering playing an instrument as a career, but I was just wandering if it was even worth bothering with it by now. I know I have a natural inclination with music, ( I process music differently than most people, I can "see" music in a sense.) I just wasn't sure if I missed my chance at being any better than just being able to play an instrument like I missed my chance with pretty much everything else.
  10. This is more directed to the musicians on the site, but heres the thing. I never EVER played an instrument, my elementary school had no music program, and when I got into a school that did, we could never afford an instrument. Now I'm a senior, and I have never held an instrument. Chances are, I won't be able to afford one until after college, or at least for 2 years of college. I feel as though everyone I have met or known of who could play well has been playing since childhood. I know it is possible to learn, but is it possible to catch up with the ones who have been playing all their life? Has anyone here started really late? Is it any more difficult to learn late than to learn as a child?
  11. cool! I understand the feeling for the older stuff. the are the ones that have had plenty of time to seep into popular culture more deeply and have a greater influence. (it is surprising how much they actually influenced pop culture without us noticing.)
  12. yes, and the newer stuff still has it's charm.
  13. Is it just me, or does the Megaman Legends series seem eerily similar to the anime masterpiece: Laputa: Castle In the Sky? I just saw it, and it seems to have influenced the game in nearly everything, including story, creatures, and even characters. I saw that there was a role reversal, with Pazu being an influencing on roll, and Sheeta influencing Megaman to a degree. the pirate family in Laputa is extremely similar to the Bonne family in Legends. and I swear one of the enemies in Legends is exactly like the robots in from Laputa. (the two robots on the bottom are the ones from laputa.) I love how there is reference in the game to such a great movie, but it's borderline plagiarism at times. Did anyone else notice that? (edit: capitalization) (edit: picure)
  14. This is the antidote to what poisons the site. From the sea of mediocre half finished songs that got through somehow, through the sludge of rearranged midi files that utterly lack origionality, through the songs that use the sound of a big production to mask the fact that it sucks. THIS song stands among the true ReMixes. It dares to be less than serious.It doesn't try to be the song that is extra philisophical, or about some serious thing. It is above that, it shows passion even in the small things of life. It doesnt sound big, it IS big, a true salute to the lieks of JAXX, kLuTz, and Dale North. And now my rant is over. *****
  15. I love this remix, I still have this game somewhere, actually. I remember never being able to get past the first boss... anyhow, this medley is SOLID. it has nice interrupting trensitions that make you wonder what's coming next. the third movement was epic with it's altered sample and well timed guitar overlay that was well timed.
  16. Indeed, it was a disgrace.
  17. yeah, I can't seem to find the book... but I. Want. It. So. BAD!!!!
  18. heck yeah, but it was purely in the interests of magnifying the drama, it wasn't senseless blood. I just saw it for the first time yesterday. and it is a very good show. the TV series was an animated series that extended through the original story, the sequel (yes, he wrote a sequel, but it was a bunch of random short stories in the same world.) and than they made up more stuff... but they butchered it royally. none died in the series (or even permanently injured) the rabbits were a bit too human for it to be considered "xenofiction" in the series, and unlike the book and movie, which were intended for more mature audiences, the series was aimed at children specifically. and it was cheesy, sappy, and annoying.
  19. Just watched the movie on youtube, and now I want the book. anybody here ever watched the movie, read the book, or vomited in disgust at the tv series? comments? opinions? favorite moments? I personally thought it was a great story, the movie was well done (despite the relative goryness.) and I loved how fiver was psychic, or something along those lines, and how it seems the gift had taken its toll on his personality. ending was sad, though it was well done.()
  20. we all know that chrono in a smash bros would be godly, but what would you do if you pass a screen, and see chrono fighting... sephiroth. (at least I would cry in jou, just the thought of such a thing existing)
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