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  1. I didn't mean the music itself, I meant the sound quality... sorry about that ^^;
  2. You can put a stroke around the text, preferrably a very brigfht color so that the text becomes more readable. Those lens flares are well placed though. Also, for some reason it looks awfully familiar... Wow, thanks for the tip! I'll try that.
  3. I just found the perfect background, and made a nice simple sig that I can make better with time...
  4. well, you see, Chrono trigger was better liked , story and playwise. and alone, CC is bettersoundwise, I ,mean the fact that the audio quality is better, so it would be easier to understand the music(theoretically) not only creating a musical induced mood, but also one based from memory
  5. It's really gqite nice, it would make a great overture to "chrono trigger, the musical!".
  6. culex fro Super Mario RPG well, when (s)he is mad at you... it'll blast you with its crstals, than metero storm, than sandstorm, than static-e than fire wall and al that crap
  7. it kinda reminds me of manheim steamroller, they are like... rock orchestra or something... but they have more hornd than e-guitar.
  8. well, I guess I should start my column on this one my COLORS OF MUSIC REVIEW! first off, the color I picture a calm, down to earth, calming shade of brown, with a slight, dulled shine, making the brown a very sudtle light tan. possibly with the texture of adobe brick. the quality: well, for what it was meant to be, it's pretty good, but if your not into this sort of thing, like say, Reddish, or deep purple murkey, than stay away, you'll just want to bash it bor not being to your tastes. Coming soon! URL colors, for easier visualizations
  9. wow, your right up there with dale north in orchestral. awesome.
  10. hmm, they're right! the vocalists actually CAN sing! its amazing, last five hundred pop songs I overgeard, I swear, I almost had an annurisim from how collectively bad the vocalists are XD
  11. heh, I dont want to offend, but at first, they were real similar (DONT CHOP MY HEAD OFF! or yell at me, or anything)
  12. hmm, well made, definately well made, worthy of being part of a movie soundtrack, or a life montauge (dear God, I hope im speling this word right)(you know, a montuge of pictures to music, maybe somevideo footage and some qquotes to music shown at ones funeral (if they choose a celebration funeral rather than a mounful funeral) to celebrate ones life) I lik how it does justice to the theme, I love the game, paper mario needds ggeno in it, paper mario 3, ill force them to put geno in it. I swear. he was freakin awesome. HE SUMMONED BEAMS OF LIGHT FROM THE SKY TO KILL! HE HAD A 99999 ATTACK! HE HAD A FREAKING ARM CANNON! anyway, they need to put him back in.
  13. I noticed that, it does seem alittle like "so sad but oh well" kind of mood, I kind of like that, now that I have aquired the taste after listening to this about 1.0x10^1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000'th time. this is a good bgm for a graduation montauge, it could be translated into a scenario of a young man stepping out into the world.
  14. While I can't say I'm entirely familiar with the time you live in, I definitely think that lyrics, in any given song, are often left to everyone's personal interpretation. If it would make you feel any better though, I could explain to you what they mean to me. would help, im sorry I can be a bit of a jerk sometimes, I do admire the melody, and the way its all Driffftiing awaaaay and that part, I also have great respect for those wo remix like this, once I get my QC lisence, I might radio-broadcast OC-REMIX so you can turn it to AM (AM because it can bounce off the earths magnetic feild nd reach around the world) 13.20 o something and this will probably be the opening track (this i gonna be a few years in the future, though, im 14) its just me about the lyrics, sorry again.
  15. its wierd... but well... the chorussounds like it was written my some tyrant trying to break the spirits of the people... I just cant get past that... and it bugs me... a lyricless version would be nice... or maybe an alternative... it just really really buggs me for some reason...
  16. it is much more colourful and emotive than KlUtZ'es take on the theme... his was just kinda lacking human emotion in it's composition. I've noticed that your music brings back to mind fond and precious memories long forgotten in the heavy mists of my life. it's so brilliant! your music isnt perfect note for note... and thats a plus for you, it allows emotion and live to reside within the melody as it echos through time, like gold endebting its brilliant color due to imperfections. ... sorry... I get like that sometimes... sorry if I stretched the screen...
  17. anyway... if you mess around with a graphic equalizer just right it makes it sound like its from a real piano (I dont have the specifics right now, i'll send 'em to the forum once I get the numbers down... I use Windows media because winamp is too resource intensive for my seven-year-old computer)
  18. two different worlds colliding and growing togather like a vine covered tree... this is a very good remix, using a very complicated combonation (ive heard it when its not done right... ) it could use a bit less uhh what is the e-guitear thing where its all dooleoodooleoodooleoo really rapid... that kinda got annoying... but than again im more into the orchestral part... good job, goat. you almost made me jump when it exploded near the begginning.
  19. although the piano synth got on my nerves at first, it really is'nt noticeable if you just let yourself get carried away wih the music itself.
  20. it carries on wonderfully, and when its fast, its "exciting and suspensful" and when slow its "dramatic and meaningful" just how this style of composition is supposed to be
  21. anyway nice track it is well made, but its like an infinity long! [editted]
  22. I love bagpipes, and now I found a remix with them! it sounds wonderful
  23. for those who need a translation: McVaffe, you are a very skilled composer, and contribute much to the video game remixing community.
  24. a very overdue remix to this song, it has the same tune that I love about the toon, with the evtra bit of flair to it... nicely done!
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