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  1. I remember hearing the "work in progress version" on vgmix big improvement in this one
  2. this is awesome... however... I have some probs with the way it acts as a depressant... I can't handle it sometimes... GAH! this thing never fails to make me melancholy like 10/10 ( ) now I am also feeling very lonely listeningto this... well professor yo-yo is signing off with a 10/10 + very nicely done capturing the mood - I am reminded of my perpetual lonliness by this song...
  3. it rarely got bold or soft... just kinda in the mddle... it can be awkward at times... however, it is still good
  4. great, and around 1:35 to 2:29 was just awesome especially how you blended climax wwith the softness...
  5. I have plok, I love the game, PLOK FOR 3D! MUST HAVE! (but sadly, never made) the music was always a favorite!
  6. loved it, and around 3:50 I loved. this ruled!
  7. yeah, this thing rules! DD! YOU AWESOME GUY! I liked the old one, but I never thought anyone would re-make this!
  8. that's it! I MUST learn to play the piano. the most elegant of all instruments the instrument known to capture the players very emotion.
  9. um dood, there were onlt 3 songs in it, but other than that I TOTALLY AGREE! although it is by far the most professionaly done song, I do sometimes like a slow pace but if I wan't a slow pace i'd go for the origional series, this series, the x series, is a fast pased one! make another one lie this pleeeeeeeeeeeeease! THAT WOULD OWN! wht not make a special edition, featuring all 8 songs (the lamer ones like chill pinguins can be shorter) and have it end in the fortress songs and finally the sigma fight! i did. months ago. no need to shout about it. but what about the newbies to the site, WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE! THINK OF THE NEWBIES! perfect when I go around in a dataflash run (dataflashing is the internet equivilence of channel surfing)
  10. THE OWNAGE!!!!!!!!! i'm not a music analyser (I can't recognize anything but I know a good song when I hear one) i'll be listening to this all night
  11. OH 1337XXORZ (sorry) BUT AWESOME!!!!!!!! I likes the intro-to-main transition, it is so gradual that you are alreadt into the main before it starts
  12. a tribute to the most origional mario,nay,nintendo character the only one that could pump lead, from the best mario game EVER made. GENO! COME BACK!!!!!!!
  13. I liked this one alot, my favorite part was from :28 to 1:10
  14. well, now you did it, you brought out my evilness. WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  15. lol it sounds like music that would pley if cutman fell in love (lol I can imagine cutman in a tux dancing the waltz, HMM.)
  16. but it was too watered-down I could barely recognize it at first I still like jivemasrer's version better (don't feel down he is hard to top) yeah, too watered-down
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