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  1. thanks for the props, man =D

  2. how much for arkham city?

  3. got a spot in your group? =)

  4. thanks =D never played the game, so it was fun to goof with it.

  5. an fyi - the theremin isn't manipulated by light, it's manipulated by the interaction between the natural electrical field of your body and the field of the theremin. fluctuations cause the sound.


  6. it's looking like it'll be close =)

  7. aw, i'd have taken that about a month ago. i need to update the sale/want thread - i got one now, so i'm good.

  8. sorry. forgot to tell you that i picked it up myself already. i gotta take that off of my want list.

  9. to be fair, i snagged a fair bit from reich's New York Counterpoint. but it works well with saxophones. hard as hell to record, though =)

  10. we're planning on having it sunday night. more details to come!

  11. that is how the sale/want thread works, yeah =)

  12. ...it's still functional? i guess i don't know what you're asking.

  13. i grew up in clarence center. i'm in houghton, south of warsaw, now.

  14. i still need a bio =) thanks!

  15. thanks for the info, man =)

  16. let me know how that motherboard is. i've heard a lot of mixed reviews about it, but i'm thinking that the people who didn't like it were on crack or something.

  17. hey rexy - we're nearing release of LAproject, and i need a .wav of your track (if you have it) and a name for your track, please! =) thanks so much.

  18. because, you know, i never am online here. or check my pm box.

    what'd you get?

  19. bad idea, dude. you'd spend way less if you just saved the money in an envelope, because of how much tech depreciates in cost over a short amount of time.

  20. see, i don't think the 920's got the chutzpa that the 860 does thanks to the high cost of 1366 boards.

    i've never bought one, myself, so i don't have any recommendations beyond what Tom's Hardware says =)

  21. yeah, i'm planning on getting the storm scout myself when i have enough money for a dedicated gaming computer. it's really fantastic - there's lots of cool features on it, like you can turn the LEDs on and off with a button on the front, and the HDDs are held 90 degrees sideways to allow easier access to them from the side of the case. altogether, really cool.

  22. the i7-860 is what i use. that thing is a monster. i cannot, regardless of what i do, max it out.

    go with the 860. you won't regret it =) CPU's the one thing i never skimp on. you always want to get the best cpu/mobo combo you can.

    also, a suggestion? for cases, go with the Cooler Master 335 or Storm Scout (depending on your preferences on looks). possibly the best cases i've ever worked with, bar none, and they're only 50$/80$ respectively. even the CM cosmos doesn't hold a candle to them. best part? they've got a cutout under the CPU socket to allow you to swap coolers without removing the motherboard, and to allow airflow directly to the back of the cpu. why didn't someone think of that before?

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