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  1. doesn't recognize TB drives? did you flash the bios on the new mobo and/or test the drive on someone else's system?

  2. my email is my full firstname.lastname@gmail.com. send me an email.

  3. yeah, i got it. i'm in the process of figuring out how much money i've got and where it's gonna go.

  4. i was looking at that movie in your sig again and saw the following comment:

    "niggers cant b bosses"

    i laughed hysterically.

  5. it's just been a bit random. there was the cat, and that was cool, and then there was the pixel gif thing, and that was crazy, and then there was this. it's just a bit too much to take *tear*

  6. what the hell has been going on with your sig? i'm being visually raped every time i post under you.

  7. consider your wall cherry broken

  8. hey man. i just listened to some of your stuff with flickerfall. i think it's great! excellent work!

  9. i've been around, not necessarily active, since mid-2004. i used to goof off in unmod occasionally, as well. but my name hasn't changed since i tried to tell protricity that his analog synth thread had no point. gawd, what a nub i was :

  10. so what's the first letter in your old name

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