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  1. Don't tell us how 2012 starts. We want to be surprised!
  2. I still don't understand. I was saying that because there were more participants after GRMRB 2010, there were more people participating in the discussion thread, and therefore there were more pages. I don't get why it's a big deal that there's a lot more discussion going on. Ironically, this pointless back and forth is adding more pages to this thread.
  3. I don't understand the point of your post aside from trying to be a prick. Mission accomplished, by the way. Nice contribution to the discussion.
  4. There were also quite a few more participants in all subsequent competitions since GRMRB 2010. Moreover, it's better if people get their opinions out there and addressed than keeping silent and withdrawing from the community. Eh. Like others have said, music is subjective, but, although 2010 had some great stuff, 2011 had some really phenomenal songs. Best of all, both GRMRB 2011 and WCRG 2011 have introduced some great artists to the OCR scene. Anyhow, great mixes this round, and the whole compo. The perceived problems with the compo (thread discussions, voting, etc) have been dramatically overblown. Keep churning out those awesome songs, everyone!
  5. The current legislation impacts online content only. The penalties are specifically tailored to IP online (i.e. the civil penalties are DNS's being blocked, removed from search engine indexes, and cut off financially, the criminal penalties are imposed for streaming any song that is copyrighted for which the mandatory license fee is greater than $1000 (there's no license fee that, to my knowledge, would be less than $1000).
  6. More awesome stuff from Jakesnke17. Nice work!
  7. The First Amendment issues are more egregious (and the Fifth Amendment issues are mostly incidental to the First Amendment ones). As far as SOPA being worse than the PATRIOT Act, they are different. Not really comparable. The reason why SOPA is meeting so much opposition when the PATRIOT Act didn't is because SOPA's impact is much broader (yes, the PATRIOT Act has some pretty severe Due Process violations, but they've only thus far been applied narrowly, whereas SOPA will destroy the Internet). Also, SOPA isn't the result of people having IP rights. It's the product of corporations abusing those rights and of money's impact on politics. Instead of abolishing all IP rights, we should just ban politicians from owning private property the second that they are elected until the day they die.
  8. What the hell are we even talking about anymore? Last I checked, this is a topic about SOPA/PIPA, not copyright reform or whatever this thread has devolved into. Start a new thread if you want to discuss that.
  9. Sorry, it was a very tough choice! Your song is still one of my favorites from the round (and actually, it's probably your best from the competition), but I only get to pick three. There are two others in addition to yours that I wanted to vote for, but I had to narrow it down. Also, I wouldn't say that yours is struggling overall... EDIT: Maybe some people vote for the remixer, not the remix, but I listened to the mixes a lot this week. A. lot. This was a very hard vote for me...probably the hardest in the whole compo so far. Gario got my #1 because he really outdid himself. By far his best work in this compo, and definitely reflected the spirit of Magnet Man's theme perfectly. The other two weren't as clear of winners to me as Drag Me Up (to Heaven) was. Not because they weren't good, but because there are so many other excellent mixes this round. I went for Cruise Control because it felt like it gave Napalm Man some excellent treatment (and I really like that theme), and I picked Subarctic Nightfall as my #3 because, in spite of it's technical and production flaws, I really enjoyed the style of it (looking back, I kind of wish that I had voted for Northern Lights because that one really grew on me and it's now one of my favorites from the entire competition). It was painful for me to not include some of the songs because they were added to my playlists along with my top three, but, like I said, we only get three spots.
  10. Have they said anything about a timeline divergence created by Link doing the vertical breaststroke with Princess Ruto?
  11. Wow, nice work! The mix has grown on me even more since the first listen, too.
  12. Synthesize This! – Definitely a departure from your normal style, but I’m definitely likin’ it! Plant Man’s theme works well in this style, too. I was a little worried near the beginning of the song that it wasn’t going to blend the two themes together very well, but from 0:50 proved that wrong. Nice fadeout, too. This one’s in the “top three contender” category right now. Cruise Control – Pretty epic rock remix. Really diggin’ it. Nice melding of the two themes, too. Also, nice integration of the WillRock solo. I almost didn’t notice it (and not because it wasn’t great, but because it wasn’t used for the rest of the song to take a vacation, it was fluidly added in). Not much more to say about it, I guess. Very solid piece. Drag me Up (to Heaven) – Chiptune goodness from Gario. I like the change of pace you used in this song. It seems to work well with Magnet Man’s theme, and the Wily theme was inserted so well that you almost don’t notice the transition. Great stuff. You guys aren’t making it easy for me to pick a top 3. Tomahawk's Final Chapter – Pretty much echo Ecto here. A little jarring with the voiceovers, but I do love the weirdness of it. Solid arrangement with some small production issues. Towering Shade – Definitely not like your normal arrangements, but I do like it. Like Ecto said, it’s a bit dry and conservative. Filling it out a little bit would do wonders for it, and I would love to hear it after it’s been through the WIP forums. Subarctic Nightfall – This reminds me quite a bit of a song from the first Armored Core game (good thing). Great chillout stuff, and just a great improvement overall since the start the compo. A big reason why I love these things (aside from all of the great music). Keep it up! Top This – Probably liking this one the most of your three entries. Nice dance arrangement with all of the craziness. Adding it to the pile of songs that may make it into my top three. Gotta stew on them all for a bit. Ivory Tower – Nice piano arrangement! Not that much to say about this one except that I am very impressed that you were able to arrange the two themes on the piano so expertly. Adding it to the pile… Current Events – Yeah, Ecto, I can tell you like weird sounding stuff. But I really dig this, so I guess I like weird sounding stuff, too. Nice job on making those sound effects sound random, but still have them actually arranged. Adding to the pile of “possible top three”, but I have to admit that it’s nearer to the top. Nice work! Electropuncture – Man, SuperiorX, you’ve come a long way since the start of this compo. Very nice blending of the two themes. The first transition is seamless. Just so many great sounds going on in here, and they are all well-integrated. Great use of chiptunes and Mega Man SFX. Adding it to the “top three” pile! The Return of Gangsta Man – I really like this one. This is actually probably my favorite of yours from the compo so far. Can’t really explain why. I guess it seemed a little less jarring than some of your earlier ones. Great style choice. Now we just need someone to create a 8-bit picture of Gangsta Man to go along with the song. Well, I can’t decide right now. I have some inkings on my top songs, but I have to listen some more to be able to make a concrete decision. Great mixes this round!!
  13. It's kind of funny that, after Darke talked about capping the number of participants to make the competition between participants closer, the last few rounds have been very close near the end (this round, there's seven in a pretty close competition).
  14. Happy birthday, Darke! Looks like you managed to stay out of the 27 Club, which is surprising given your wild and reckless lifestyle.
  15. Hey, Ecto, I saw that you submitted "Electric Sleep" to the judges, but it looks like it's on the "Currently in the Judging Process" as "Electric Sheep." Did you change it after all of the confusion in this compo, or are the judges the ones confused now?
  16. Theatrical, or extended edition? Because extended edition is the only way to fly (not because I'm a particularly rabid Tolkien fan, but because the extended editions feel like much more complete movies, plot-wise).
  17. Just so everyone is aware, this is only part 1 of 2 (2013 will be part two). I'm not sure how they're going to break it down, but there's going to be a lot more stuff from Tolkien's lore that wasn't in the Hobbit connecting this story to LotR. Also, they're going to dig more deeply into the side story in the Hobbit about Gandalf disappearing for awhile to go drive "the necromancer" out of southern Mirkwood (it turns out to be Sauron). Anyhow, part 1 looks awesome!
  18. No idea why they say it has passed, but it hasn't in either chamber. Markup in Committee has been postponed until next year on SOPA, but unfortunately, cloture (end to debate) was filed on PIPA for Jan 24th in the Senate. It's gotta be a drill. In any case, there's still time to kill both of these bills.
  19. None of you Wily source haters have the memory of playing the game after getting it for Christmas after it first came out, and having this song play while feeling that sense of accomplishment after finally figuring out how to beat Elec Man (if you didn't know to use Cut Man's weapon, he was impossible to beat). Yeah, it's simple, but so...many...memories.
  20. Does this mean that, as punishment, there will be a special Round 11 wherein Halc is the sole remixer for 12 different songs using 12 teams' different sources (+the Wily source)? Cuz that would be awesome.
  21. Sorry, I don't want to get off topic here, either, but I just have to correct this massive error. [OFF TOPIC] Roe v. Wade was correctly decided under the Constitution, and it did not open the floodgates to judicial "law-making." 1803's Marbury v. Madison did. Marbury established the principle of judicial review (i.e. courts ruling that laws are unconstitutional). All Roe v. Wade did was rule that abortion restrictions are unconstitutional. It didn't "make new laws" per se. It set a restriction on Congress's and the individual states' power under the Constitution. If the Supreme Court couldn't do that, the judicial branch would not have any power in the whole "checks and balances" equation that's supposed to keep the three branches of government in check. If you disagree with a Court ruling, that's your right as an American to do so, but the Supreme Court is the final legal authority on what's constitutional. [/OFF TOPIC]
  22. Yes. I honestly can't imagine that YouTube will still be around if SOPA passes. Facebook, too, to a lesser extent. Maybe Americans will actually wake up once they can't waste their workdays on Facebook and YouTube anymore and take a stand. Otherwise, the Supreme Court's been pretty gung ho on protecting free speech as of late, so hopefully they'll overturn SOPA (it's not a matter of the legal question of whether SOPA is unconstitutional -- it absolutely is -- it's a question of politics and, more importantly, money). It'll take several years to get there, though, but we can all hope for federal court injunctions in the meantime to protect us. Let's just hope that the damn thing never passes in the first place, though. EDIT: As for the Republican/Democrat issue in regards to SOPA, the ones on both sides of the aisle actually opposing SOPA are the ones who still stand by their political beliefs and didn't become complete whores who sell out to the highest bidder (Hollywood). Also, there are those who recognize how catastrophically bad SOPA will be for the country and the world and can't be bought out of their stance.
  23. For all the rest of you legalists out there, I just came across a great piece by Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law professor at Harvard. Some of Tribe's more notable students include Barack Obama and two sitting Supreme Court Justices, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Elena Kagan. The 23-page paper explains that SOPA is unconstitutional and why. http://www.scribd.com/doc/75153093/Tribe-Legis-Memo-on-SOPA-12-6-11-1
  24. Ah, I forgot about that old NES game. I should remember since I've seen that screen countless times because that game was SO FRICKEN' HARD
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