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  1. You mean aside from having an unimpressive presentation, not to mention a severe lack of content (given that most of the content has only been finalized in the past few weeks)?
  2. I was under the impression that the DS version expanded a lot on Golbez's backstory and the like... I haven't actually played it myself though.
  3. Oh yeah, if you just flat out ignore all the stuff that makes no sense whatsoever and focus entirely on weak links, it's perfectly understandable.
  4. You know, when I first heard it myself I honestly thought Sparks Scattering would be your kinda track...
  5. PSP has Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, which is more of an escort title (think it's kinda dungeon-crawling?). I've heard it wasn't too hot but its upcoming sequel (Radiant Mythology 2) is apparently showing a lot more promise with fifty playable characters from across the series (I think all of Phantasia's cast is in, but Sheena and Regal aren't present when it comes to Symphonia characters). Dunno if that'll make it out of Japan, but seeing as the first one did... Like MarkShark said, Eternia on PSP didn't come out in North America.
  6. Yeah, there's a lot to fear from a guy who can have his ass handed to him by kids, teens, and a dog.
  7. So... you've played the Sonic 1 GBA port, right?
  8. Our Tracks Taste Like Tea!™ *note: tracks do not taste like tea and any perception of such should be mentioned to a registered health physician
  9. This is essentially what I've been hearing a lot of... with the downside that for ever daytime level, there are SEVERAL nighttime levels.
  10. Okay, then how about another special preview that does show more of Sixto's part... and clips from about eight other tracks? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiGEZX_1Ods]
  11. Ooh it's so nice to hear someone give Area F some love. The heavy bass intro is fun. The change at 2:13 seems a tad abrupt but it's not a big deal. The piano following sounds a bit muted to me, though. I keep thinking it should sound a little more rich/clear... I dunno, I guess as an icy-water area it brings to mind more crystalline sounds. That aside though, it's a fun, enjoyable take on the original.
  12. Sure, but then you have the issue of people not updating their profiles with progress reports, and others would still have to check every individual profile to see what was being worked on. At that rate you may as well just put it as part of your signature if you want others to know what you've got in the works.
  13. These ones are actually related to each other. Nothing's stopping anyone else from doing other Tales tracks themselves.
  14. Definitely the Metroid series. Legend of Mana's City of Flickering Destruction is a good one. Sad, lonely, beautiful, kinda gives a feeling of both regret and hope... very fitting for a city that's only an echo of itself. There's a lovely version on Drammatica: The Best of Yoko Shimomura. FFVI's Terra also has a bit of that hope/regret with a sense of epic travel. Come to think of it, so does Searching for Friends. Baten Kaitos Origins: The Ruins track is haunting with just a subtle hint of creepy. Brings to mind dark, overgrown forests. Deep Red Pastures on the other hand invites you to stroll into a small village, pick an apple off a tree, and sit in the grass talking with the locals (there was a version in BK: Eternal Wings but I prefer this one). Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles... Eternal Oath is eerie as hell, and In the Gloomy Darkness has a lonely, curious quality to it.
  15. You know people are mostly doing this kind of thing on their own time at their own whim, right? It's not like this is a company where set members are assigned tracks to produce. A list like that would make no sense. If people happen to be looking for feedback on a remix in the works, they might have it in the WIP section of the forum. Alternatively, you can check the site projects section to see what else is in the works. And yeah, I'm not sending that as a PM because Legend of Mana needs some love. BTW, The Wind Sings of a Journey plays for Lake Kilma and the Junkyard.
  16. Man, I already did that in a previous competition... Oh well, maybe I'll find time for this month.
  17. Final Fantasy VI did it to a degree (most notably with the themes used for Terra and Celes). Tales of Symphonia does it a fair bit as well. Lloyd, Colette, Raine, Zelos, Kratos and Mithos each have (at least) two versions of their themes (used in different emotional context), there are four verions/variations to the Derris-Kharlan theme (Appear, Fear, Shine, Requiem), two versions of the Last Battle tracks (Will and Decision) and then the House of Salvation/Guidance and Heimdall/Exire themes... While a lot of recent Sonic games have been less than stellar (if not worse), the music's usually pretty good, and they also use themes this way. SA2 had menu versions of Live and Learn (I think Shadow the Hedgehog also used a short piano version of it) and its chao theme appeared in several variations around the garden. The disaster known as Sonic the Hedgehog 06 had acoustic and orchestral-themed versions of His World (the final battle one was a pretty sweet track IMO).
  18. I had to go to a play Halloween night, so to dress up I wore black pants and a black off-the-shoulder sweater... with black cat ears on my head. Nice Portal stuff earlier.
  19. So you can pay the $63 download fee for the project tracks, right?
  20. I'm SO gonna make you hurt! Blah blah blah TIDAL WAVE! Blah blah blah METEOR STORM! Blah blah blah CRIMSON FLARE! Meow! GOLD CAT! <3 Rita. Even if she (alongside Estelle's Holy Rain and Raven's Havoc Gale) mauled the 360. Still feels kinda cheap that I could get a 227-hit combo with a single spell from Rita whereas in Symphonia it took a coordinated effort from the entire party to hit 186. Here multiple characters can do infinite combos all on their own.
  21. No... that last fight ties into sidequest stuff.
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