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  1. Ooh, I'll hafta look into this. Her game arrangements and other works have all been gorgeous.
  2. I'm pretty sure the standard is "develop the entire soundtrack as part of the entire creative process" rather than "purchase a pre-made track and force it into the game." I mean, unless it's a game using popular licensed music, the soundtrack is generally made for the game, to function as part of its feel and atmosphere. You'd have to offer your services as a composer rather than hope someone will buy your non-personalized individual tracks.
  3. They're hardly terrible, but... I dunno. At a glance it sorta seems like some of the sample/instrumentation choices are a little out of place.
  4. Um... Dead Rising's main game is about six hours long, and there isn't any achievement for playing the game without using any save points.
  5. That "Bermuda Triangle" glitch in Secret of Evermore... you fly over a certain section of the world map and find yourself teleported back to a town. With no airship. Which you need to continue the game. Yeah, multiple save files are probably a good idea in general.
  6. For the most part I was doing fine. Around four my stomach wouldn't stop growling for a couple hours, and I kinda got stuck in a bit of a you are hungry-> go get food-> no, you're fasting cycle, but it wasn't all that bad. About ten minutes before it was time to break the fast I suddenly felt really dizzy, and then when it was time I just started with some water. Which tasted kinda... thick. Thanks for suggesting this.
  7. I'd probably be doing better if my stomach would stop making noises, keeping me aware that I'm not eating. Gonna go out to distract myself. With my friend who happens to not be fasting for once on doctor's orders. Heh.
  8. Yeah...? I would put 5-7 as "around dinner time."
  9. I think I'll try to give this a shot. I feel bad going out with my Muslim friends during Ramadan because I don't want to sit there eating in front of them. Having this happen in summer makes it even harder; at least in winter you could break the fast around dinner time.
  10. And once again, Sixto wanders the wastelands in the setting sun, guitar on his back, leaving a trail of melted faces and exploded skulls in his wake. This song's been done a million times over, but it still brings something new to the table. Awesome.
  11. I always found it kinda creepy...
  12. This still makes me sad. What a loss...
  13. That was the first thing that came to mind, but I couldn't remember its (obvious) name. I remember being mad at them and the Biker Mice From Mars when I was little on the sole principle that I loved TMNT. Anyway, they should totally have laser cannons strapped to their heads.
  14. It was probably just nervousness, but I swear he sounded like he was about to cry at times. You could almost imagine that Sony was holding his family hostage backstage and forced him out there to get back at his "disaster" comments.
  15. Silly Dhsu, Aeris is not Bruce Willis. ...I think.
  16. I know I'm replying to an old post, but I just had to chime in with how frustrating this was for me. See, I played through FF6 multiple times. I chose to wait for Shadow. I saw the "Gotta wait" message and was sure I was doing the right thing. I even waited until the goddamn island crumbled and killed everyone. Every single time, I waited for him. Even if I spent the entirety of the countdown reselecting "Gotta wait for Shadow," he didn't reappeared before the collapse. He never appeared in the cave later. It was always Relm. It wasn't until I played through on a completely different copy of the game that I was able to get him back in the party.
  17. I know. And I still get people asking me if I'm in high school. I'M AN OLD MARRIED LADY. GET OFF MY LAWN.
  18. Yup, it'll be two years as of next month. ^^

  19. Actually, in a month it'll have been two years.
  20. We played it at our reception. Congrats, djp!
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