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  1. Ooh. Nice work, Eulogic. So I've heard there's a Golden Sun battle theme in here somewhere...
  2. Well...Ridley's a boss, which is pretty much what I expected of the character. His model definitely doesn't look like it's suited as a playable character... though it's pretty badass. I'm kinda expecting K. Rool as a boss.
  3. Best use of "Jill Sandwich" since Dead Rising. Or something. I'm amused and haven't slept in a good while.
  4. That R.O.B was (originally) based on the NES R.O.B, so it kinda amounts to the same thing.
  5. Given that in Melee you could switch the game to Japanese and it would change character names (written and announced) and the background of the trophy display (among other things) I wouldn't be surprised if both versions were accessible just by changing the language setting.
  6. That tracklist has like 100 songs. That's incredible. I wonder how many unlockables there'll be on top of that. I'm really glad to have Dark World and Star Wolf.
  7. I can remember a time some game mag responded to a reader's letter about how Sonic sequels on Nintendo systems would only happen when Elvis returned or someting. Still, I think this looks interesting. Mario and Mega Man made nice transitions into RPG-esque games.
  8. You make it sound as though it's been confirmed a suicide or something. So far most reports are making it sound like accidental overdose.
  9. I've got Mysterious Japon. I'll send you a PM. ToS' Shinobi Life is pretty much the same thing if that helps. Edit: Or avaris beats me to it. I don't think that second one is right though. Sounds like the midi's mislabeled, it's just Euclid.
  10. As I'd said in the Smash thread months ago, I'd heard from what seemed like a fairly reliable source that Lucario was gonna be playable, so I'm pretty much convinced here. That same source at the time had also said that Marth would be returning, which seemed more dubious 'cause it'd mean two FE guys of similar builds with blue hair, blue capes and swords, but seeing how it looks like Ness is back despite Lucas' presence... I dunno.
  11. Kureejii is a Japanese butchering of "Crazy," a way-old nickname from highschool. I butcher it further with the pronunciation 'cause I just like how it looks. Lea is a short form of my name because it's easier for people to pronounce. So it all comes out as ku-ree-jee-lee.
  12. I've been busy with wedding plans and haven't had as much time to yell at Kyle. I'm doing some work, at least. >>
  13. It's got some nice stuff, though since it hasn't been covered here at all I don't quite see the relevance... Cinnamon's theme sounds like it would be at home in a Kirby game. Anyway, to the topic, yeah, listen to remixes from games I've never played all the time. I would think that to say the remixes only work on nostalgia is to disregard their musical quality and insult the remixer. There's no reason track can't stand on its own, regardless of source or lack of association, if the composition's good.
  14. I've been hearing that it's nothing more than a continuous snowstorm effect for the day. Joy.
  15. While I agree Ridley would be most fitting as a boss, I really don't see the logic behind this whole "he's too big to be playable" rationale. First off - Giga Bowswer. Okay, not really, but still - all they'd have to do is resize him; almost the entire Smash cast is not scaled accurately given the differences in character size and artistic/stylisitc proportions. Samus, Captain Falcon, the Zelda cast and the FE guys are all about normal human size and proportion, but Mario and Ness are not (smaller bodies, bigger heads) and then you have guys like Kirby, Sonic and Mewtwo who are supposed to be something like eight inches, three feet and six feet tall respectively. Obviously the heights and proportions are retooled as necessary, so there's no reason they couldn't do the same for any character.
  16. Chieftain for Brawl! ...man, what an odd mental image.
  17. Because this is turning into a bitch-fest and everything is apparently viewed as antagonism?
  18. I'm guessing the last few people are busy with holidays lately, huh? It's only a bit more...
  19. Sounds solid, very pretty. I love the sounds you use, especially the piano and whatever that synth is (yes, I'm oh-so technical). Those and the vocals at the end really bring to mind the game's feel.
  20. Hey, what's that smell? I think it's epic failure. Thanks for the laugh.
  21. Huh? They don't? I'd never even heard of the book series before this. I have heard that the movie pushes its rating a good bit though.
  22. You can ask around on IRC and the like, other remixing community boards, among your own peers, direct people to the WIP post, etc.. The point isn't to not resubmit. It's to not resubmit without taking time and making significant changes.
  23. ...'cause that line wasn't in the game itself...
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