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  1. http://wiiinsider.de/news_247696.php Have these been posted yet? I couldn't get the IGN stuff to load, so I dunno if it's the same. Looks like the character-specific intros are definately back.
  2. I like X better than Rock, but that's just me. The latter would probably be chosen to represent the series as a whole. Anyway, Sonic - haha, awesome. Looks like that downward kick is from Sonic Battle even. Green Hill Zone is an obvious choice, but I hope they go in another direction in terms of stages. Green Hill's always used (SA2 bonus stage, Sonic Advance 3's remixes, etc..), and as iconic as it is, I'd love for some other levels/music to get some love. There are a lot of neat visuals from across the series and tons of great music. An Angel Island stage that periodically falls into the water and rises again could be fun. Rouge could run off with the emerald. Wonder if chao will make an appearance. An angry swarm of the little guys for assist trophy?
  3. o_O @ quoting a post from over a year ago. I was thinking Ashley's theme might be better suited for a unique aspect in Subspace Emissary or something... who knows? It's kinda cute.
  4. They're gotten through Achievements. Y'know how the helicopter pilot at the start of the game mentions the town's population? The real version of the Buster is gotten by killing that number of zombies in a playthrough - 50, 000+.
  5. Aw, c'mon, the real versions are better. Real Mega Buster = shiny OHKO. The boots even make the right sound when you jump.
  6. Dead Rising is awesome. Dressing Frank up hideously makes all the cutscenes worth watching again. Him trying to pin down Isabella while wearing a Servebot head is so deliciously wrong. So, uh, anyone else hear something about Bungie separating from Microsoft?
  7. I was thinking probably similar to the way the Star Fox team convos were in SSBM (during Fox/Falco's second taunt).
  8. Wonder if people'll be disappointed in this one.
  9. The same team made EBA after so many people imported the original Ouendan. Instead of just doing general localization, they took it further and stylized the thing to better suit the new intended audience. Hence some of the scenarios are a bit similar. And yes, awesomeness abounds.
  10. You mean Breath of Fire II. Go out with your fishing lod much? I don't really remember any "Engrish" in GS so much as that the conversations took half a century because the characters just kept reiterating the same points and going on and on about nothing (I'm looking at you, Kraden). All while bouncing and squeaking, no less. Neat character designs, though. Wish there'd been more development.
  11. Kureejii Lea

    Halo 3

    I don't have an actual source for this, but I've heard a lot of mention that Bungie specifically toned down the Arbiter side of things because people complained about that part of Halo 2. I thought it was a bit more interesting myself, but I've not really gotten into the series as much as the hardcore fans. Oh, and from my understanding, MC is a super-trained hormonally-warped chemically-enhanced cyborg with uber-armour. Yeah.
  12. Kureejii Lea

    Halo 3

    My, the main game is short. I guess the multiplayer is the focus... The first area is damn pretty, though.
  13. That's not up to you, dude. Anyway, as Mae said (does that make you second-in-command to my second-in-command?) any genre is fine so long as it sounds good. As for time limits - hurry. =P
  14. Now, how is this going to work on Kirby?
  15. Huh. Oh well, at this rate I'll never finish FF9 either...
  16. Obviously Sakurai saw this post and felt the need to let the truth be known.
  17. Even the pictures are cute. Poor Bowser. Pikohan!
  18. Well, I'm surprised. Not that I have anything against them.
  19. Kyle feels left out. Someone oughta send him a love note. Preferably with a finished remix attached.
  20. We didn't do anything to Snappleman. He didn't turn anything in, dropped out of contact and seemingly expressed being no longer interested in helping out. Very unfortunate, but we can't wait around for something that's not gonna happen.
  21. Yeah, this ain't bad. It's kind of a compromise in a way. I mean, I don't think they want to have twenty sword-wielding playables, but this way some of the recent FE main characters (and others?) still get to make an appearance.
  22. That's... almost too convincing. Even with the strawberries. Like I'd worry about dessert latching onto my tongue.
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