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  1. Actually, Repede could be good in the final battle if you have his Speedy Item (I think that's the one) skill. Whichever it is, it allows for item use with zero cooldown, which would probably be useful if you're having a lot of trouble. Repede's defense kinda sucks and early on he's rather useless against aeriel enemies, but he eventually gets a lot of varied artes as well as unique skills, plus he's the fastest character in the game. Set the Immunity skill to everyone who has it (it's fairly common for everyone to learn) so as to lessen stat changes if you don't want to use accessories. Karol's pretty reliable with Nice Recovery Smash despite primarily being a melee fighter. Raven's Love Shot, with enough uses, can heal three people at once without any casting time. If you're using Estelle, have her use Cavalry just before casting. Rita can be particularly vicious if you're controlling her; go into lvl 1 Overlimit and you can spam spells repeatedly (with skills like Resilience and Spell End, she's pretty much broken), often building up enough hits to just go into Overlimit again the second it runs out. As the boss can teleport, you needn't worry about aiming or missing with spells like Tidal Wave or Meteor Storm - the former especially, while not heavily damaging, will keep him staggered, giving you some breathing room or a chance to beat on him. Or, if your melee fighters have him pinned, Gold Cat, Violent Pain and Crimson Flare can rack up tons of hits fast, refilling your OL meter easily. Also, keep in mind that if you've done the Fell Arms sidequest, you're in for a third fight after the second.
  2. Hope it's more like the second game than the third. Never mind the gameplay being crap, but the surrealist humour turned into "If we stuff Elvis and cows into everything, it's funny, right? Oh, and aliens. Those are, like, weird and stuff, right?"
  3. Oh? If you're not too far in, here's a little hint: sleep often. Every chance you get, stay at an inn someplace. This triggers tons of scenes, some allowing for artes and titles.
  4. There's some later sub-event stuff that ends with a fight with Gauche and Droite (like a lot of backstory in this game, it's optional events you have to dig into), not to mention nine "ultra side bosses" who respawn, "unlockable" challengers in the coliseum (letters-of-challenge characters + four cameo bosses), the final boss's third form, and a huge bonus dungeon that contains most of the aforementioned bosses plus other story ones. Seems like a fair amount of challenge to me.
  5. What an utterly asinine thing to die/kill over. How sad. I'm sure we all get pissed off at others over any form of communication at one point or another, but you get over it and move on. It's something else entirely to maintain that rage long enough to drive from Germany to the UK and put on a decent act so as to be willingly let into someone's home and then kill them. That's just sick.
  6. The Genesis and N64 are still around, though the latter sees far more use than the former... which is still very little (mostly thanks to the Wii). Brick-Boy, GBC and GBA SP are in hiding in my room someplace. SNES... if I think about it I get mad, so we'll just say it's gone.
  7. Awwwwwww man you ruined the surprise. =( Don't spoil what I've got in the works for the Grand Cardinals, okay?
  8. I'm starting to think that TWEWY is some kind of mass urban myth. I've checked over ten stores in two countries and have yet to see any physical hint of the existence of this thing...
  9. Skies had especially frequent random battles. The GC version actually toned it down compared to the original. Though eventually not only did you get an item to reduce the encounter rate, you gained the ability to travel with no battles at all. Of course, doesn't really change the problem early on... I really liked the discoveries aspect of the game. It was neat going around and finding natural oddities or bits of history on the map, very engrossing.
  10. Okay. No Fatalize or FotS in any form. More sleep jingles it is!
  11. Man, I'd forgotten that I was Eccles. Ah, memories...
  12. Happy birthday! Hope this year brings you good luck.
  13. It's funny, after that it seemed that all the gymnasts starting stumbling/falling.
  14. That's... terrible. That's so bad I wondered if it was some kind of over-the-top parody at first. ...ew.
  15. That's the girl who fell on the beam mount, and then during the floor routine, right? Man I felt bad for her.
  16. Oh god, we aren't doing anything as massive as ten more tracks. We've already got a move on on this. We'll see how things play out. This won't prolong things, however. If they're not done, they're cut.
  17. Kinda surprising since they at least used the Symphonia version of FotS on the early trailers. Well, I'll give it a listen, see if something stands out especially...
  18. I was starting to wonder when this was coming out. Congrats, guys! I'm not all that familiar with Doom but I'll certainly take a listen.
  19. I was just wondering about that today (well, yesterday now)... Okay, let's make sure we've got everything covered, guys.
  20. Well, there is the one here... http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00623/
  21. Geedarn, now I won't have to waste so much time deleting porn.
  22. I -think- we've got it mostly locked down now, thanks. Like most government crap it seems needlessly complicated, but whatcha gonna do...
  23. Congrats! That's a nice pic, the white bouquet really stands out. Was it incredibly nerve-wracking? I'm getting married in a few days myself. =P
  24. Looks like you're bad enough dudes to save the queue. Congrats.
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