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  1. Jeez, right after Gary Coleman. You get so used to hearing these names in the media all the time, it's weird once they're gone.
  2. Is it the Canon? You should just get it in place by pinching the sides (it won't snap in on its own in most cases). If it's not fitted right or something, take it back to the store and ask for a new one.
  3. I remember seeing an ad for the Sega Activator when I was little... had this guy in some kind of crazy crane stance. I was so confused. I think about all I ever had was this magnifying light thing for my old brick Game Boy...
  4. Well, I guess a good place to start would be to ask what kind of things you want to take pictures of (general use, like everyday snapshots, or specific things like sports, macro...?) and what price range you're looking at... depending on what you want, you may need to compromise in some areas in terms of features, abilities or even image quality; no camera will give you everything perfectly. I got a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS for my birthday a few months ago, and while I'm still getting used to it it's pretty nifty. The picture quality is not always as sharp as I'd like, but the 20x zoom is great since I like taking pictures of animals and there are lots of adjustable settings and features. It uses four AA batteries, but the battery life is pretty damn good even with non-rechargeables (my old Pentax would eat normal batteries in about twenty minutes), and if it happens to die you can find AAs pretty much anywhere anyway. The only thing that pisses me off is the retarded clip-on lens cover; I'm amazed I haven't lost it yet. Here's a shot I took last month of a bird that was pretty far away...
  5. Very cool, nice work. So much blond...
  6. Oh my. I know some people who'd love this.
  7. Couldn't that just as easily be her falling temporarily unconscious, though? Or collapsing from sheer exhaustion? I think it's fairly open-ended there.
  8. Well, I'm glad some people got it. =P Sorry, I thought this was pretty well-known around here.
  9. Actually, for the most part they do, because they're modified from My Michelle, the track upon which Neon Tiger is based.
  10. I'm glad to see this finally posted; it uses the original as a foundation and builds atop it wonderfully. The cello was SO worth the wait; it's just sexy. I like all the subtle details and variations throughout; the drums are energetic in their way and there's a lot to focus your attention on without it being overwhelming. I really like the dropoff at the end; it seems like a completely appropriate ending. Awesome stuff.
  11. They have to sing it, though. Your daddy's Dr Cain Now that Light's not around He found you in a lab That was buried underground Shootin' bots all night Trying to keep the city free While reploids all go crazy from a virus by Wily Well well well, the tiger's next Kick his ass, Hunter X! Also, yaaay moar Sixto.
  12. Do we need reality TV at all? (don't answer that)
  13. That's because the character's supposed to be one part Ashura Glitch reference, one part dig against fan-characters that are essentially "just liek Sonic but orange plus faster and smarter and awesomer and cooler!11!" I can understand people liking Spaz's art (it's too bad all the Mega Man related stuff he did was either canceled or terribly written), but Ken Penders' art? Ugh. Not that it really matters, anyway, since he and a ton of the other staff pre-#160 were either let go or fired and replaced with new artists, colourists, writer and editors. I think only about three of the older artists (Spaz included) were kept on-call.
  14. So, for the whole seventeen people who played Baten Kaitos Origins... anyone remember the Holoholo Bird? Now, the boss in and of itself isn't really all that horrible, though it's got its share of annoying abilities. It goes into battle with two chicks; each chick has a five-hit peck attack that it can use multiple times in a row (so those five hits can easily turn into ten or fifteen) and if you manage to kill one off, the Holoholo Bird can simply hatch a new one. Aside from its usual set of attacks, the bird has a move that can give the entire party the "knocked down" status, which delays your turn and can ruin any giant combos you've set up (and in BKO, setting up a massively-chained party-wide combo is incredibly satisfying, so it's all the more infuriating if it gets interrupted). On top of this, the bird and chicks have different elemental weaknesses. However, this is all manageable except for one thing; this boss fight occurs immediately after the disc change, at which point you're prompted to save the game. Hell, you have no reason to even expect a boss fight; the disc change happens en route to a new town. You have no opportunity to get new equipment or, more importantly, build up your levels if you find yourself overwhelmed. Me? Yeah, I was extremely underleveled, but I hadn't really had much trouble up until this point, so I'd never given it a second thought. After who knows how many attempts over the course of three days, I finally beat the thing... and the battle had taken forty-five minutes.
  15. Yeah, I got busy with real life. Or lazy. One or the other. How've ya been?

  16. I haven't really looked into it in-depth, but I got the impression that people were assuming it wasn't being localized on the grounds that it wasn't given a near-simultaneous NA release the way Vesperia was.
  17. Another quake hit this morning. 6.1 this time. How do you rebuild from something like this?
  18. It is pretty lonely-looking. Kinda creepier finding it in person. Really? It's a Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ4. I mean, it's not a BAD camera by any means, but it tends to piss me off a lot lately (my old Pentax Optio had far better macro capabilities, and no matter what I try to increase the shutter speed, it still seems to blur anything moving) and I want something with an actual manual mode now.
  19. ^ Pretty pretty. The macro there almost gives a kinda painted quality. Lemme see what I have around... I'm getting kinda sick of my current camera and have been eying the Canon PowerShot SX20 IS, but alas... monies. Someone had left this little bear in the doorway of a mausoleum...
  20. Hmm... I have an idea for this one, so hopefully I'll have the time to pull it off.
  21. Coolness. It'd be interesting if someone actually took up Command Mission; there was some nice stuff here and there in that one. Though Cinnamon's theme wouldn't have sounded out of place in a Kirby game, and that vocal track at the end was... innnnteresting.
  22. Well, looking forward to more tunage, Fishy. Wait, tuna-ge? Fish? Oh god, that was unintentionally terrible. Yeah, keep rockin'.
  23. Totally confirmed that he says "Good kitty" and you can see it's the guy's scrawny knee? The nude chick photo in The Rescuers is real, though.
  24. Like how having The Rabbit Joint Cover disclaimer here shut up the people who kept insisting it was by System of a Down? =P Still, the confirmation is nice.
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