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    Doing Game Play vids, product reviews, and remixes on YouTube.

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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    Synthesis & Sound Design
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    Acoustic Guitar


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    Damon Campbell
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    Karate Chopper
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I am the remixer formerly known as Blue Magic.  

After some MAJOR changes in my life (career change, cross-country move, marriage, adoption, ect), I decided I was going to quit music and focus on getting my life in order.  After dealing with some issues and constantly battling depression, I realized that music is kinda like therapy for me and it is important that I continue to try to get better at it.  So, I'm slowly getting back into music and I am planning on improving and submitting many of my older mixes as well as new stuff.  I feel like I can't quite move on until I do.

As for the name change, its a long story, but I consider it a new beginning.

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