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  1. League will always be special to me in that I typically had more fun than not. But more importantly, I felt like I was able to have some good times with good friends in it and that I was able to make more friends because of it. Quitting was a hard decision but I'm glad I did it. I scaled back all my online gaming so I have way more time to do things I want to do like sing and learn guitar, FL studio, or whatever really. I play Diablo 3 occasionally. I'm trying to focus my (light) gaming back to non-grindy co-op or single-player stuff because I generally get more satisfaction of those.
  2. It is, for now. Eventually I want to hit the gym to gain some muscle. Need ripped abs like OA.
  3. Was derping before and had my vocals and backtrack on the same mixer track. Got them on separate mixer tracks now and I'm recording some stuff. Unfortunately, only 2 of my takes out of my 15~ish actually saved. Weird.
  4. Yeah I have a hard time keeping the intensity up. I basically start faltering around the second set and I just do my best to keep going without overdoing it.
  5. Rolling up behind people and slicing their throats open. Shooting people and watching their heads explode. Die and respawn. Find money on the ground and pretty much everywhere else. Run inside people's houses, break their stuff, and steal their life savings. Throw fireballs everywhere. Jump three times my own height. Recover severe wounds in about 10 seconds.
  6. I swear I'll try to get something in FOR REAL this time!
  7. So my mic in is picking up a fair amount of static. Gonna have some trouble cleaning that up but hopefully I'll get it done in time to submit.
  8. Balls. Just when I feel like recording my setup isn't responding to my mic-in at all. Gah! EDIT: Yay figured it out!
  9. I just started my first day of doing a new routine. It's a 15 minute circuit of: 10 burpees 20 body-weight squats 10 jumping lunges 15 hand-release push-ups Holy. fricking. shit. I am totally beat and sweating all over and I only got 2 sets of each in with 7 burpees to start my 3rd set. I seriously pushed myself on this one. Even though it doesn't even seem like I did a lot, I almost threw up several times. I really look forward to when I can ramp up the intensity and get through more sets of this stuff. I think it really helped listening to some energetic music. The tracks I listened to are: Sixto Sounds, Steppo, and zircon's Mega Man 3 Passing of the Blue Crown (here) Otherworld from FFX Black Mages - Those Who Fight Further DragonForce - Trail of Broken Hearts
  10. I can't say I like the original too much...at all...but I'll take a stab it tomorrow!
  11. I noticed that there are several icons for various social networking sites and IM services listed under the location of each user's posts. (see red box in screenshot if I failed to articulate myself well) However, it seems that Twitter doesn't share the glory as I haven't seen a single Twitter icon in that area for users that have a Twitter username listed in their profiles. Is it possible to get that added?
  12. Sounds good to me. I know I wouldn't have been close to winning but was really just using this as a push to get myself started toward improving my singing. Thanks!
  13. Soooo I think my previous post got drowned out in headphones talk. Is it still possible to sign up for future weeks or will that mess up planning/logistics? (If it is possible I'd like to be marked down as a participant.)
  14. I actually wanted to get in on the first week but was too busy/noticed the thread too late to participate meaningfully.
  15. I think this should be an April Fool's in the sense that we thought it was fake but it really isn't.
  16. Heya Chimp! Happy birthday! I hope it will be one that's filled with joyful memories and loved ones!
  17. I've mentioned this to Zircon and Joseph already but I'd like my other fellow teammates to know that I'm quitting League. Recent events have led me to reprioritize some things in my life. Aside from the time sink that is League, the game is no longer fun for me. While the game has contributed to my life in ways I could not have imagined it also has brought out negative things in me as well. After a careful reflection over the past 3 years of playing League, it's clear that continuing to play is just not worth it to me.
  18. I submitted my last place compo track and this is what I got! My dreams are finally realized! Clearly Judganator is best judge!
  19. Went to a Square Enix event today and picked up a copy of the Collector's Edition. Unfortunately I left my PS3 at my parents' place so I can't even play it early.
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