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  1. Your solution is based on team statistics, which doesn't really help in measuring individual skill.
  2. I actually wanted to express a similar sentiment to this as well but I haven't played DotA 2 in over a year so I couldn't say it with any credibility. The regular matchmaking (I did not play ranked) was ridiculously broken when I did play though, even moreso than League's.
  3. This is true, but they would also have to account for game length. Wouldn't you say that gold earned from champions killed early on is more effective than gold you got for clearing a couple waves that built up in end game? There are so many variables that go into gold earned that I don't think it's very viable as an indicator of skill. I thought it looked cool.
  4. I agree with you but the way you go about making suggestions is very undeveloped. Instead of saying "it works for this game!" try stating something about it. Just linking to DotA 2's patch notes isn't helpful and doesn't really add anything to the conversation.
  5. Team gold can be skewed very easily with champions like Mordekaiser or Gangplank who rack up a lot of gold with very little effort. Also, unlike DotA, you do not steal gold from the enemies that you kill in League of Legends. You can also deny in DotA and not in League. Considering these factors, it would be harder to draw up a reliable formula based on gold to calculate MMR in LoL than DotA.
  6. Then go play DotA 2? The games couldn't be more different in what the developers emphasize. Saying that their matchmaking works for League is like saying I can slice an orange just like an apple.
  7. I haven't gotten a return email with the paypal info either.
  8. What Neblix wrote is basically why none of this would work. Also what Seven said about teammates fighting over kills or CS or w/e would also be a reason why this would not work. What you said about LP is just NOT how the system works, by the way. You do NOT necessarily gain/lose the same LP as anyone on your team. Your LP changes based on your own MMR. The only time I've seen this not be the case was very early in Season 3 when I duo queued (haven't tested since then b/c idgaf anymore). I've had friends in Bronze and I queued as Gold and they still gained/loss the same amount of LP as before even with the average rank of the enemy team being mid-high Silver. Likewise, I still gained massive amounts of LP when one would believe that I should be earning less. However, if I recall correctly (I probably don't), the system needs a few consistent wins for your MMR to "break" out of its standing. In other words, if the system strongly believes a player belongs in Silver IV, then it will not award/take high amounts of LP for wins/losses. But say you win 5 games in a row (no basis for this number), then it will start giving more LP because it thinks it needs to move you up. Our tournament is this Saturday. Keep watching this thread though, since we might have practice some time before then.
  9. Not saying you guys are at fault but just want to throw out some tips that might help you mitigate losses. I know zircon already said he helps push other towers and dragons etc., but I find that as a laner you should be ganking other lanes a lot even before you finish taking your tower. I find this especially true for mid. There have been plenty of times that I dominate the enemy laner but they just leave and get kills in other lanes. I know this isn't going to prevent poor decision making, but it helps the other lanes not feed as much, makes them more likely to follow your advice/suggestions, and it feeds you even more with high gold rewards. I was telling zircon last night that if two lanes are feeding, the jungler needs to make a decision on which lane to help first/most/only. Typically I end up ignoring bot lane as a jungler because 1. when I gank it's only a 3v2 whereas it's a 2v1 in other lanes; 2. it's a lane that's more likely to be warded because there is a support and the ADC has a trinket as well; 3. if mid is doing well then they should be able to blow up an ADC that's ahead.
  10. Any level of skill is welcome! Add me: Wozza the Walrus
  11. I'm just glad that if people are dumb enough to sit out of XP range (at bottom) that his range will hurt him more than it will help.
  12. I want to say something about how picking a champion based on a hope that the enemy team can't deal with it is ehhhh but there's always that element in match-ups. (this is probably a misunderstanding of your point) What I think I want to say is that you should put more emphasis on a balance between positive/negative match ups (like your example: Nasus vs. Teemo) and YOUR ability to play the champion in an aggressive or defensive role (your example of farming under tower). I think that's the point you're trying to make with your post. Theory is the basis for the former while experience is the basis for the latter.
  13. Yeah I peaked just above 1900 and fell back to something like 1897. In regards to the unorthodox comp, Caitlyn is a safe pick against Gragas due to range and her E. But I won't be killing him and he can still kill me with Flash Ult Q E. Wukong might do well against him but the Barrel Q from Gragas makes it an even trade unless it's down. EDIT: The most obvious counter to Gragas is to play him lol.
  14. The only viable pick I know how to play against Gragas is Ahri. Orianna also can go head to head with him, but I don't play her as well as Ahri and nowhere near as good as Annie. I can learn to play her relatively quickly though, I think.
  15. To add even more on to this, there are similar deals that work on a much smaller scale. When Razor released their "Christine" thingy-ma-bob they used one of Zircon's songs in it. Not sure if he was supposed to be comped for that or if it came from his free vault but the exposure from just that video is probably worth not having to be paid.
  16. Thanks Nabeel for writing out that post. I'm nowhere near being able to comprehend most of the theory but I'll definitely be referencing this post in the future.
  17. I hope it's super duper fun! Here! I found you a birthday cupcake!
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