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  1. Sorry I couldn't get you some of the other things I had in mind, shipping to Germany would have made them prohibitively expensive. I haven't shipped your other half which is much more modest portion of the gift. I'll get on that this week... But! I'm a big fan of LotR myself and I received the American version of that Gandalf plush/doll thing as a gift once and I love it so I hope you'll enjoy that one. Also, the plush looks a lot cuter in your photo. I was hesitating on buying it because the product image on Amazon.de was very...creepy in a way.
  2. Right now I'm aiming to just lose my "puddle" stomach.
  3. Just tried out the alpha that's available. So far it's a lot of fun! Died twice right out the gate but then I got rolling and started trashing the monsters. (and I just died 2 minutes after typing this!)
  4. Sounds good then! I'll have to grow my sample library because it's very lacking but I'll give it a shot!

  5. Thanks for the reply. I probably won't enter a compo until I get some more experience under my belt but it's good to know I have some options. :)

  6. My recipient should get something by Monday and the other half in a week or so.
  7. For future reference, how long should we wait to reveal what we got and/or who we received it from?
  8. Glad you were able to get in on a good deal! I always buy mid-range cards to save a bit of cash because the graphics card is the easiest component to install and/or upgrade. I see a lot of people these days skimping on the processor and shelling out $400+ for a graphics card. Games need a decent/up-to-date processor to run well too.
  9. GP is pretty fun with 5 ults raining down on your opponents' heads. Rammus is fun if you get time to farm up and get really tanky.
  10. Dear Secret Santa, I would like a round-trip flight from LAX to BWI and a MAGFest badge. Wishing you the best, kitty
  11. Not sure if it's still in stock but Target has the regular 3DS XL (no bundle) available online for $150 + tax + $7 shipping.
  12. Hey man I saw your MnP compo thread and had a couple of questions about it. Is it meant for people who are looking to hone their production skills? Is the judging more about composition/originality or production? I know you wrote in the thread that covers are fine but figured I'd ask for more clarification.

    I basically have zero composition skills at the moment but I'm also trying to train myself in FL Studio and getting used to the software as I learn more music theory and train my ear. So I guess I was wondering if this compo would help me do just that!

  13. The 8670D isn't a dedicated card and is meh compared to high end cards or even mid-range cards. This means you can't remove it, but that doesn't mean you can't place in another card and ignore the 8670D.
  14. I just opened everyone's profile already so no one person can assume it's me.
  15. Already on the move to find the perfect gift!
  16. I have to admit that the song started out just a tad slow for me but once it got to around 3:45 with the guitar solo it provided a great contrast and I was able to appreciate both the ambient and high-energy parts of the song. I really love the evolution of this song. It's super groovy and sounds absolutely awesome. Thumbs up!
  17. So I like the idea of doing sit-ups and have been doing them in my routine, but I'm unsure of how to keep the correct form. I've been noticing that I've been doing some of them wrong lately because I feel it more in my lower back than my abs. This mostly happens when I start getting really tired during my set. Does anyone have any tips for making sure that I keep correct form?
  18. So the Nintendo 3DS XL Gold Zelda Limited Edition (comes with a download code for A Link Between Worlds) is going to be available at Target 11/28-11/30 for $150!
  19. Expected normal thread, got gross Miley in addition. No thanks!
  20. Seems like that 12 Days of Christmas thing that Cards Against Humanity did (though they might have got the idea from these guys). Looks fun if I had $20 to piss away every month which I don't.
  21. Love the atmosphere created by this song. So groovy and funky. I imagined a movie scene in a club like in Collateral with this song playing in the background while stuff goes down. Great song!
  22. So the soreness doesn't even happen anymore. Should I be looking at adding more reps/intensifying my routine? How can I tell when I should be making things harder or when I should push myself to go past my typical routine?
  23. 3DS XL for $150 at Target (B&M only I believe)on BF
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