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  1. Say thankee. Also, thank you for respecting my opinion, pixietricks. Now then. Moving along.
  2. I'm halfway through my third listen thus far, and it's just not doing it. Not even for nostalgia's sake, as there are better mixes already up on the site. Anyway, I'm impressed with the scope, guys, it just appears as though I'm the one guy who didn't enjoy it. That'll be all out of me. Thanks for listening to my contrarian perspective.
  3. I realize precisely what these are. This has been a site that fosters that kind of creativity for eight years (if memory serves). I have been an active listener for six of those eight. And I thought I was pretty clear in my post that what I wanted wasn't a direct copy of the song, but some heart and soul, which was lacking. The simple instrumentals did end up pleasing me, and the last three tracks were quite good (Jovette's being the most audacious and amazing track of the entire thing), but it all just wasn't needed. Poke around in the archives and you'll find more original, better constructed versions of almost every theme of the FFVII OST. That was my point.
  4. Well, I'm about halfway through Disc 3 and I have to say... I'm just not feeling it. The scope of this project is incredible and the sheer amount of contributors is a wonder. The names involved are so full of talent and originality, and many of them have been favorites of mine since before I arrived on the boards. That said, I don't know why this project just feels so lackluster, so soulless. It's big, it covers a lot of ground, but it's just not incredible. That's not to say that it's all been bad, however. Thus far the standouts (both positively and negatively) have been: BGC's first track on Disc 1 was unique and wonderful. After the lackluster feel of the opening track (which had great production and incredible singing but felt like a by the numbers exercise) this one made me sit up in my chair. The rest all seemed to melt together until Liontamer's vocoder work, which was totally unnecessary. That track was going very well until the jarring narration. The rest of the first disc was a mess of sounds, with every track sounding the same. Frequently I couldn't tell when one ended and the next began. The second disc, thankfully, had more variety. Robson's track sounded great (I've been a fan of his since long before he was on this site) but it lacked transitions and cohesion. Dshu's piece was a wonderful solo piano, which flowed very, very well, and Mustin's piece was well done, but couldn't wipe away the feeling that CotMM's six or seven year old two minute piece continues to elicit. And perhaps that's my problem. I feel that there have already been so many great mixes of these tracks on the site that these new ones are just... underwhelming. This collection just feels unnecessary, like an exercise in making music instead of creating something wonderful that you love. I'm just not feeling that love. That's not to say that this is bad, because it's not. Not by any means. It's just not what it should have been. Or, perhaps more accurately, it's not the collection that is already in the archives of this very website. There are better versions of many of these same tracks right here. And I think the thing that's hitting me the hardest is just not being impressed by a batch of my favorite musicians. I got really excited about seeing their names on the list, especially Jovette, as I frequently wonder what he's up to these days (and, to be fair, I haven't made it to his track yet). I do appreciate and admire the concept of the collection, drawing inspiration from the new additions to the FFVII lore, but most of these tracks were just taken from redos of the original OST. If anything this has inspired me to pull out all those old mixes, to revisit some classics and old favorites.
  5. I didn't mean to let this fall back so far... 7.1 earthquake in Taiwan messed up our internet. I see there's some interest. Thank you for the responses so far. I would love to see something come of this.
  6. New Year's Even in Hong Kong was ridiculous. People have been trampled to death in the past so they regulate it as extremely as possible. In order to get on the bar street you have to wait in a miles long line, packed full of people. An estimated 400,000 turned out into the streets, and at least 20,000 were packed into these four square blocks. We almost didn't make it and I got a little upset. Last year I missed it because my roomate broke his ankle, so we spent it low key in the ex-pat neighborhood. So I was more than ready for the chaos. And it was chaotic. We finally made the bar street at 12:15 and proceeded to sit there and drink for the next four hours. Bars began dropping cover fees so I could go in and get good beer without paying the hundred and fifty dollars for the hand stamp. So I did. Five hours passed, walking around this street. We saw pukers, met people from around the world and generally had a blast. We caught the bus back across the border at 5:30 and I fell into bed at 7:30. I don't think I can do that again, but man was it awesome once. If you're ever in the neighborhood on December 31st you owe it to yourself to attend.
  7. About this time last year I found myself in China listening to Shael Riley's Toybox. Nights would frequently find me on my balcony, glass of whiskey in hand, listening to the final song on the album, Snow, Love and Sludge. The song itself is wonderful, a very simple piece of music played over simple narration about a period of life and the meaning of that existance. It's a slow, subtle, beautiful piece, and it's one that got me thinking. It's been five years since I first discovered this website, and through the connections I've made here I've discovered so many talented musicians and the concept of utilizing the internet to produce and distribute independant pieces of work, remixes and covers, but more importantly self composed, original pieces. Mr. Riley's piece got me to thinking. He's not the first to mix the written form with the aural and he certainly wouldn't be the last, but that doesn't mean that his work isn't wonderful. Around that time I started writing again. I don't do it very frequently and I'm really not very good, but every once in awhile I come up with a piece that I'm proud of, one that captures everything that I wanted to say quite well. And I know I'm not alone in that. There are plenty of writers here, good ones, who love sharing their work. Last year I thought about getting writers and musicians together through this website (and various others) in the hopes of constructing something unique, something special, something that we could look back on and say "Yeah. We did that together". I pitched the idea to Mythril Nazgul who took it in turn to a few other people as well. There was a very limited level of interest, as there was a very limited number of people that we conversed with. I proceeded to not do anything with it and he proceeded to fall off the face of the earth and a year passed. But I started thinking about it again and I figured I'd put it out here. So here we go. Writers submit a reading of something that they've written, something they're proud of. If the author doesn't like the sound of his or her voice he can get assitance. Musicians listen to the pieces and choose one to write music to. I think it would be perfect if the author doesn't reveal his or her intenions in writing the piece. I would rather hear how other individuals interpret the writing through their own music. Ideally the finished product would be a combination of two minds in one piece. The writer's words and the musician's music, with no communication in between. I also realize that, for some people, that might not sound appropriate or even like something they'd like to do, so I'm open to other thoughts as well. If more collaboration is wanted then certainly the writer and the musician could do so. But I always come back to conversations I have with friends about the books we've read and I always learn something new from their perspectives, and it's always more if I don't know anything about the history of the work, who the author is or what time he was writing the work. It would be like that, but using notes instead of words. So there you have it. Is there any interest? Do you all think this would be something you'd like to participate in? I think it would be an incredible project and, in the end, a way for two different types of artists to work together on something. Bascially I want to see if we can make something together.
  8. Congealed blood is not something I can get behind. I had it hot pot sometime last year and... eww. I'll try anything, but that was one thing that I will never consume again. It's gelatinous yet... somehow sturdy? And then you put it in the soup and it maintains its texture but it gets hot and... It's gross. Intestine has the worst texture and you know exactly what it is while you're eating it. It doesn't taste bad, in fact it's quite good. But you have to deal with the fact that poo went through there. It's tough and rubbery and not appitizing at all. Lung is pretty terrible as well. It's tough and rubbery and has a godawful dirty rubber flavor to it. We found a great dish out here that was delicious, except for the lung. I just couldn't get past that. It's a flavor that stays in your mouth for ages. It's like it's coated in a fine layer of dust and nothing you do can get that flavor out. Nothing. Dog is... well, it's dog. If you don't like dogs then it's amazing. Soft, tender meat, oddly enough. A lot like mutton yet nothing like it. It's a delicacy and for good reason. I will say, however, that hot pot is one of the most amazing things in the world and I highly reccomend it, although I've never seen it in America. In fact, I don't know if it would even fly in America due to all the health restrictions (which would prevent all of the finest cooking styles and foods from entering the nation). When its cold you get all of your friends and family seated around a huge table. The table has a massive hole in it so a propane tank can heat a massive pot of soup. Then you order all of the raw meats and vegetables you can handle and dump them in the water as you see fit. Essentially you get your broth and you, as a team, make the soup as you see fit. It's also really fun to take a raw piece of mutton or beef and hold it underwater for ten seconds. You get to watch the thing cook before you pull it out, blow on it and eat it. It's wonderful. Plus it's you and all of your friends seated around an enormous bowl of steaming soup while it's cold outside. It's a great, emotionally warming experience. You're lucky to be where you are, Evilhead. I've noticed that Chinese food is more about the flavors you can add to dishes than the meats themselves, while Japanese food is more about the flavors of the actual objects. I've thought about that and it does make sense. Take China, a nation of many, many, many people and a history of dirty water supplies and poverty and the flavors serve to cover the state of the meat itself. There's a lot of preserved stuff out here, which makes perfect sense when you only get a set amount of food to last x amount of days. Meat spoils quickly, so you preserve it or chill it to make it last as long as possible. So the super intense spices or the wonderfully varied flavors serve to cover up the flavor of old meats. One of my favorite dishes is a smoked bacon and pig's fat, which is served up numerous ways. But raw fish? Hell, raw anything? There's no way in hell I'd eat anything like that out here. Flash fry it or boil it and I won't get the butt pee. But. Back on track. Oreos and Easy Cheeze is my special snack. We made a kid eat it way back in the Boy Scouts and he convinced us all to do the same. It's a taste sensation. Also try black licorice and Nutella. It's wonderous.
  9. Your run is innapropriate. That is the best word for it. Hours of my life dedicated to that game and all I managed to find was seventy some percent. Secret rooms under spikes? Insane-O leaps and credit collections? No death? FIFTEEN MINUTES? Very nice, sir. I have finally seen every room in the game.
  10. This is exactly why I love Shnabalabulanabana's work. It's always amazing and always, in the words of burn out dirty hippies, "out there". Shnabubula always manages to take interesting pieces and then translate then into something that I am never quite ready to listen to but am always ready to have. I must admit that I rarely string up all of his mixes and let them run. In fact I rarely ever pull just one of them up. But, like the copy of Incubus (starring William Shatner and filmed entirely in Esperanto) on my DVD shelf, I am always glad that I COULD listen to it. With this piece in particular Shna manages to take an unwilling piece from my childhood and blow it up and turn it inside out. Solstice ate my head when I was a child. It wasn't until Nintendo Power published the code for many, many little purple hats (back when the Classified Information section still looked like a manilla envelope (not to be confused with Manila, the city in the Phillipines)) that I was able to conquer the game. You want to know how anyone can beat the game in under seven minutes? I want to know how to get more than seventy seven percent of the map. Find me a video of THAT and I WILL birth your children (even though China is keeping me from even birthing a healthy stool). Bottom Line: I Heart This Mix. The theme returns to me from across the void of time and bites me in the ass. Reminding me both of my failure to conquer this game and of the dissonance that Shnabubula makes me adore to my core. I'm a poet and I know it, my feet show it and they're Longfellows. Nice work, as usual.
  11. I've been a fan of Jeremy Robson for years now and have yet to be disappointed by his work. While this piece is more whimsical and perhaps more disjointed than his previous pieces, the individual sections work so very well that the slight flaws are easily overlooked. Robson is a master arranger and composer, and this latest work hopefully will provide a little insight to the work of this man. I urge you all to check out his other pieces, as they all manage to maintain complex and emotional orchestral pieces. Nice work, Jeremy. Keep on keeping on.
  12. zwitra? I know you left remixing for a short time, but I beg of you. Please do not leave music again. I have loved your pieces since I first heard yours all those years ago. Since then there has been no other who has matched your skill in simply making me feel good. Many mixers make me happy, but only a few of them actually deliver on a specific feeling. You are one of them. There is something about your music that always makes me feel better. If you decide at some point you are done with remixing, so be it. But please never be done with music altogether. Please. I Heart zwitra.
  13. God. Damnit. Stupid School. So... when are you coming back? Larry? You ARE coming back, right? Right?
  14. I've been loving the original version of this mix for months now (the nine minute long track) and I have to say that this piece still impresses me to no end. I was very pleased to discover that this OCR Edit manages to maintain every aspect of the original without losing anything whatsoever. I have had it on my Walkman for at least four months and I end up listening to it every third or fourth walk I embark upon. This song is amazingly beautiful and only helps to amplify the beauty of the natural world that exists around me as I travel. The dialouge from the game is used quite well and the transitions are easy to handle, nothing too sharp or jarring. The piece just flows too well. The song itself weaves quite easily into the background of whatever the listener may be doing. But it is never so far gone that your thoughts do not register the pacing and the flow and your heart rate may increase as the piece builds to a super intense climax. The music of one SuperGreenX is like the band-aid that your mother placed upon your six year old knee. It just makes everything better. This is one of the first trance pieces that ever made me sit up and pay attention. I first listened to this before I had ever seen Ico in action, and it inspired me to finally hunt the game down, an action that I do not regret.
  15. And a grand time was had by all. Hope you had a grand time at the party, Larry.
  16. Recently I've become a big fan of ambient music. Now that this is out of the way, let me say that Grey Lightning has never let me down. This is a great rendition of a great theme. It is very wave like, with very small variations in the volume, which bring our subconsious in and out of the song (if you're listening to it in the backgroud as I have been). The intro and conclusion are very subtle, as they should be, and I could see this easily looping without me realizing it. But I think my favorite thing is the power that this mix still contains. I love GL's Distorted Star for the majesty and power that it adds to the original song. But this takes that majesty and inverts it, creating power and slight tension from mystery and wonder. All in all, this is simply amazing. And it will find its way onto my next work CD alongside other OCR ambient work. Thanks to GL and zyk0 I know exactly what I want to put together next.
  17. Well, Beatdrop was kind enough to share this mix with me months ago, and I have been enjoying it ever since. As DJP said in the intro, it took me a few listens before I really got into it, but once I got into it I loved it. The progressions are well thought out, as there always seems to be the perfect amount of time between them all. The sharp builds lead very well into the sudden drops and I really enjoy the middle section (1:45ish-2:20ish). The eerie beeps and synthetic laughter always manage to make me smile. The ending works very well too. I'm usually not a fan of a quick conclusion. It often feels tagged on and too fast. But in this case it works very well with the final build, working up the power of the music and then silencing it completly. But the greatest thing about this track? I am not familiar with the original in any way shape or form (I'm still looking for this game as I only got a Genesis three years ago). Yet I love it still. While I have to agree with Eccles and say that this isn't BD's best work, I must also follow that up with "it's pretty damn good".
  18. I don't know if this counts, but the last level in Advance Wars is ruining me. Of course it doesn't help that I'm no good at this kind of game anyway... The previous battle took me 72 days before I reigned victorious. And this one... damn. I'm looking up some strategies, but they're not making any sense to me at all. And this guy keeps swooping in and making all my little things blow up. I hate him. And yet, I cannot stop playing. There is such sorrow in this world.
  19. What a fine morning. I wake up, have my coffee and check the site. And what do I find? A Jeremy Robson arrangement. And I got all excited. This guy has done some of the most amazing orchestral work I have ever heard. I've been following his stuff for a few years now, and I have yet to be disappointed. His track "A Falcon, a Whale and an Unknown Land" is one of my favorite orchestral pieces of all time. But enough about that. What of this new arrangement? I love this piece. There is so much power in it, but no single part ever becomes overpowering. The horns are used quite well and build the tension and excitement while the strings help hold it up. The piece builds wonderfully, becoming more intense, and leading up to a wonderful break. Then after the break, the sudden silence fills up very slowly and peacefully, but the final twenty seconds are a bit eerie, giving little satisfaction and bringing up the feeling that all is not quite well. So, Jeremy. How's that reworking of your Locke piece coming?
  20. Unless you used the FFX general strategy. Fill up all your meters then go crazy with summons and special attacks in the first round. Everything dies, you win and you get to see the next segment of overdone story that is undeserving of the title "Final Fantasy" let alone the title "video game".
  21. All you have to do is dive into him with the weed whacker. That also kills the spores that grow into the ground. Cakewalk.
  22. Allow me, if I may, to throw in a few words that could be seen as negative. To begin, I enjoy this mix a great deal. It's professional and put together quite well. The lyrics make sense and work well for the sound and feel of this song. The lyrics themselves are not goofy at all, which is an admirable feat for this kind of piece. That said, I can't help but feel slighly embarrassed when I listen to this. Embarrassed in the same way I am when I listen to "Eight Bit Eighties" or "Relax". While it works well as a tribute to both Robo and a particular style of music it doesn't hold up too well on it's own, I'm afraid. That said, I am enjoying this. Against my better judgement. But it won't be going on my CDs for work. It probably won't even find it's way onto a playlist. It's great for what it is, and the work put into it is admirable, but overall it's nothing amazing. A great tribute, but not much else. Of course this is just one man's opinion, the opinon of a man who has no idea about how to even go about making something like this. So don't take it too hard, Star. You have shown your talent once again, even if it isn't in my particular tastes. And for that you deserve my admiration.
  23. Wow. That's more than I could ever make out. The general gist (I think) is that this guy regrets ever going to his friend's house, because now his life is spent playing Pac-Man. "No puedo dejar" "I cannot quit." "La vida está sólo jugar, jugar" "My life is only to play, to play." I'm not too sure about the rest... yet. Oh. As this is also the review forum... I love this song. I actually use it in my Spanish Class on the second day. I tell these kids that we're going to listen to some music in spanish and then ask them to listen carefully to the lyrics. I tell them it's about something dear to me from my childhood. And they all love it. So far this song has been a hit. So if you're listening Sinergia (after oh so many years), WE LOVE IT! Nosotros amamos su cancion. Cantan mas, por favor. No vivo con solo cuatro canciones. Necesitamos mas. Gracias.
  24. So I just gots me some Super Punch-Out and I'm going crazy. My adreneline is pumping and my hands are shaking. I didn't see me some Super Punch-Out anywhere in this list (but an old man's memory is fuzzy) so I'm going to bring some. Hoy Quarlow. I know he's not technically a boss, but goddamn is this guy hard. I can't knock him down. He's just too fast. I've seen his moves, I've even tried to study the telegraphers, but I just can't get it down. Not once have I beat this guy. Not when I was a kid, not last year, and not after two days of owning my own cart. And I shiver with fear just thinking about the Bruisers.
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