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  1. Fair enough, gives me something to look forward to when I get home from work. Edit: That video was epic
  2. I'm actually wondering, since it was just dialogue, if it would have been better to just do that one as an MP3. I might rip the audio and repost later if everyone else concurs. Edit: Oh (And I know Wespip is going to rip my head off), my dad bought (Or rather made me go out and buy) an Xbox 360 Elite, which was just stocked today at my local Circuit City, and in return shaved off over half my rent for the month and gave me the old Xbox 360. So I have officially jumped on the 360 Bandwagon. Oh... And he gave me the huge-ass harddrive too. The only thing that sucks is I have to redo GRAW and mos
  3. Awesome, thanks Icy. I'll download them when I get home from work. Edit: downloaded both and I must admit, the quality of video is quite lacking =/ And..... BUNGIE SENT ME A CODE FOR THE HALO 3 BETA!!!!! So I might download that later tonight and check it out. Edit 2: Checked out the Beta not too long ago... This game is gonna be EPIC...
  4. He actually didn't notice that until we were actually discussing it :3 And you didn't really do anything but "dick around" with Reid...
  5. Awesome, going to download those right now. Hope your project goes well. I plan on playing in a little while if anyone would like to join me. Edit: Since Icy had to leave early, I spent most of the night making some new game types. I hope to see some people on tomorrow night to test them out.
  6. We need some PSP love here. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Lumines II PS2 Ace Combat 4 Ace Combat 5 Zone of the Enders Gran Turismo 4 Xbox Halo Halo 2 Forza Motorsport Doom 3
  7. And that one night when I sent you that message, Icy, I sent that from my computer and I was online in Halo 2 at the time too. >:[ Then 5 minutes later you appeared offline with a message returned saying "Guess I missed you" ....... In anycase, I look forward to tomorrow night.
  8. That's like what, 10:00 PST right? I'm usually on around that time. Next time you're on I'll shoot you an invite.
  9. That's awesome. Who's up for a few rounds tomorrow? Oh and Wespip, if you get this message try to get more people from Unmod and Remod down here (like Fang and Noodle), although I doubt they'd want to play since I'm going to be. I'm just getting sick of all the trolling I've been getting from there lately.
  10. That was actually really creepy... Icy and I played a few matches tonight and good times were had. I'll be playing again monday night, be there.
  11. It's funny that you say that, because Wespip and I were just talking about you the other night and how we hadn't seen you in almost a year and a half.
  12. If there was such a problem like that to exploit, we would have found that out when we played it. Good games for all who came too.
  13. Wow, I haven't been to OCR in the longest time... Anyway, in light of a couple of new maps being released, I have resumed playing Halo again after a good 4 month or so absence (Damn work and school!). Since I have a day off today (friday), I will more than likely be playing during the evening, unless unplanned changes occur. Hope to see lots of you guys on.
  14. I think my highest ring count (From Sonic 3&K) was something close to 300.
  15. With UnMod gone now, I just find this site to be a bit more boring now. I don't even come here for the music anymore, and chances are I'll be coming here less and less now because of it. And the soon-to-come Off-Topic forum isn't gonna help any.
  16. Good stuff, I might submit something soon. I have been wanting to write a short story for a while, and things that have happened in my life recently have inspired me to get back into my writing spirit.
  17. I was wondering why I hadn't seen you in Halo for a while, welcome back!
  18. Wow, this is going to take some getting used to (First time visiting since the grand board change from hell) I bought myself a PSP just the other day with some christmas money as a way of rewarding myself for surviving this hellish season down at the photo lab I work at. I was a little depressed to find it had a stuck pixel (Blue) in the bottom right corner, but it's really only noticable if I intently look at it. Other than that, I already have a couple games since my dad had bought himself a PSP a few months ago and I'm quite happy with it. My current collection - Ace Combat X - Metal Gear A
  19. I was content with just getting the three items I originally had on my list. The rest just kind of came out of nowhere. The ironic thing is we were told it was to be a really lite christmas this year, but as you can see, that went over well >_>
  20. Holy shit! That's quite the hawl On top of the stuff I posted a few pages back, I just got some stuff from my grandma. So this is probably the final count overall until my B-Day on Saturday. 1: Sony Cybershot 7.2 Megapixel 2: 1 gb memory stick 3: James Bond DVD collection (part 1) 4: Green Mile (My dad and I got each other the exact same movie and we both opened it at the same time, it was rather humorous ) 5: Dirty Jobs DVD set (That show is fucking awesome) 6: Book about Japan (Since I plan on going there someday in the near future) 7: Over G Fighters for Xbox 360 8: A new electric razor (
  21. I like it, but the decision is ultimately up to you.
  22. Rest in peace, James. You will be missed.
  23. 7.2 Megapixel Sony cyber shot camera 1GB memory stick 50$ iTunes gift card James Bond collection part 1 Over G Fighters A new electric shaver A coffee maker Green Mile Dirty Jobs DVD collection Lotsa Jeans (Cuz I needed more pants) $100 check And I've still got my B-Day coming up this weekend.
  24. I'm planning on playing some after dinner, but forgive me if I'm a little angsty. I was playing with a fucking shity 16 year old who was doing nothing but talk shit the whole game. He challanged me to a one on one after a comment I made about him. I reluctantly accepted and let him win (just to get the fucker to leave me alone). In which he proceeded to insult me and my intelligence of all things. So yeah, a little pissed that about 95% of the people who play halo are arogant pricks. In any case, this is his gamertag. If you ever come across this arogant asshole prick, kick his ass and tell hi
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