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  1. What have you tried, exactly? There's no point in us suggesting a bunch of solutions if you've probably already attempted them.
  2. ...I've been a fan of the Street Fighter series since I was six years old and I'm only just now noticing that Guile has no eyebrows. How the hell did that happen?
  3. "So it's a sword, right, but it's also a motorcycle."
  4. http://noreload.blogspot.com/ First thing you're likely to notice is that it's been something like eight months since I updated this sucker. All being well, though, it's going to get resurrected in the near future. Watch this space.
  5. Am I the only one who expected to hear Donna Summer start singing at 1:36?
  6. Tekken 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00qgdHQ5PVA&feature=related Seriously.
  7. I'll try not to make this too wordy for once. Long story short, I want to learn to play the keyboard, but the only place that does actual lessons around here is way too friggin' expensive. (Almost $60 for a one hour session? I think not.) Can any of you musically inclined folks recommend any books or applications on this subject?
  8. Ooh, MvC2. Totally forgot about that one. Hayato. I swear to Christ and all that is holy that I CANNOT make his plasma combos to work. I can get maybe one or two of them to execute properly, but the rest just refuse to come out no matter how many times I try and no matter how I push the buttons. And it's not like I'm just looking at a bad command list either. I mean, they're plastered all over the Internet. Every single movelist I've looked at for Hayato has the exact same list of plasma combos and ALMOST NONE OF THEM WORK. And it can't possibly be that I'm pressing the buttons wrong, because one of them just involves holding back and pressing HP twice. That's it. AND IT DOESN'T EVER WORK.
  9. ...that you really like, but can't use to save your life? Mine's Raphael of the Soul Calibur series. He's got style, no question, but he's also a real badass when you think about it. Pretty much everyone in the Soul Calibur universe has some kind of advantage, be it an enchanted weapon, a suit of armour, magical powers or just being really friggin' big. Raphael's got nothing but a plain old rapier and some fancy clothes, and yet he can go toe to toe with the likes of Nightmare and Darth Vader. Except when I use him. I don't know what it is, but I just can't seem to get the hang of his moves. No matter how much I dodge and weave with his Preparations or try to bust out a nice juggle, I almost always just seem to end up spamming 6BBB until someone's KOed. Same thing applies to Slayer in the Guilty Gear series. Damned cool and sophisticated character that I haven't got a hope in hell of beating anyone with, ever. EDIT: How the hell did this get in here? THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN COMMUNITY. WHERE IS THE DELETE BUTTON OH GOD.
  10. It's not that bad. I mean, not since they fixed the game breaking bugs. Good luck doing anything except getting carved into bloody chunks as Dark Eldar, though. Hell if I know. One assumes that they've made some substantial changes to the game's mechanics and they didn't have the time to apply them to more than four new races. I'm guessing they didn't go with the original four from the first game because Chaos was "too similar" to the Space Marines. And because the Tyranid players were probably starting to bitch a bit after three expansions and no appeasement.
  11. Is it bad that I only just now made the connection between Defilers and giant enemy crabs?
  13. Piffle. Nobody cares about Tyranids except Tyranid players, and they're too busy looking up Xenomorph porn and stripping the junk food sections of your local supermarket of all organic matter for anyone to care what they think. One thing I really hoped they'd do with this one is introduce army variations. For those of you who haven't played the tabletop game, (almost) every army has various factions, chapters, regiments or whatever that each have slightly differing playstyles. To use those attention-hogging Space Marine bastards as an example, the White Scars legion focuses heavily on maneuverability, fast attacks and lightning-strike tactics, whereas the Blood Angels prefer to just charge screaming into melee and carve up some shit. It would have been a lot of work, but by god it would have been worth it. It'd mean people would more or less be free to choose the army they liked, rather than the army that best suits their playstyle, since you'd more or less be able to cater to any playstyle with every army using this method. Right now, though, they're just glorified colour schemes. Thousand Sons need some love, damn it.
  14. There's no Chaos. So basically, to hell with it.
  15. Am I going crazy or did this thread get locked at some point yesterday?
  16. The movie. And no, not just because of the gratuitous Chun-Li shower scene.
  17. Well. At least the animated movie was pretty sweet.
  18. That animation doesn't have anything to do with the game. It's just a short movie that Sega decided to release in accompaniment to it.
  19. So it's out now. Anyone care aside from me? Anyone at all?
  20. I think they do have a valid point. Unfortunately it just wasn't the one they were trying to make. If your attempt at roasting a turkey turns out looking anything like that then you should definitely consider going vegetarian. EDIT: Also, it mentions that turkeys have distinct and varied personalities, and it then goes on to talk about how gross it is to kill an "innocent" turkey. So presumably if we focused our efforts on the evil, ornery turkeys...
  21. Definitely C, although my opinion is probably influenced by the fact that the first FPS I ever really played was GoldenEye 007. Option A wasn't available because there was a hard limit on the number of bullet holes that would appear on a given level, option B was impossible because there was no maiming system to speak of, and option D was impossible because you had no teammates. Except Natalya, sometimes. On the other hand; failed a mission objective? Oh well, time to shoot up some crates and lockers and computers that all explode violently for no good reason. And scientists. Don't forget the scientists.
  22. Second one isn't even a remix, in fact. It 's Forest Law's theme from Tekken 3, but it's the original arcade version rather than the arranged soundtrack that appeared on home consoles.
  23. Insurance. If they set the minimum requirements to what they think is the actual, absolute minimum then when the people whose computers are only just barely good enough to run the game have problems, Valve has to cater to them. On the other hand, if they say that the minimum requirements are a bit higher than they actually are then if/when the complaints start coming in from people with old and decrepit hardware, they can just say "Yeah, that's all happening because your rig isn't sweet enough. Upgrade your shit, then talk to us."
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