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  2. Huh. So what's the difference between linking to the soundtrack of a Game Boy game and linking to the soundtrack of, say, a PS2 game? Or have we been allowed to do both this whole time?
  3. Also, we're not actually allowed to show people how or where to download copyrighted music. Unless it's the kind of download you pay for.
  4. And it only took me six and a half years to decide to give it a try! (NOTE: This thread rather blurs the line between "Works in Progress" and "Remixing". I do have a clip of what I'm working on, but I'm going to be asking questions on how to improve it. I don't know. I'll just hazard a guess and set it here. Move it if it needs to be moved.) Anyway. So far I've just been using Reaper and some other free stuff. I'm not doing too horribly in the actual composition/arrangement area (I hope), but besides having read a few of the tutorials here, I'm pretty lacking in musical and technical know-how, and things like compressors and equalisers are new and foreign concepts to me. That said, I do have a clip of what I've done so far. The song is "The Grim Angel" from the GBA game "Riviera: The Promised Land." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ek-y_wjANY I haven't put the whole thing up because if I can get this portion just right then I can incorporate what I learned into the rest of the remix and upload an actual draft of the finished product for folks to critique. Problem number 1 is that the Hammond B3 organ (yes, that's what it's supposed to be) sounds...well, listen to it. It's terrible. I need to get this whipped into something you'd actually hear in a jazz tune; off the top of my head, Still In Your Marble Zone is one mix that actually uses this instrument properly. I'm not sure if it's the soundfont I'm using (It's from www.soundfonts.it and it's called "Hammond B3 Slow Leslie" or something like that) or that I haven't used effects properly or that I need to have chords rather than just single notes or what. I was hoping to get away with playing this by ear, so if chords are going to be a major (ahaha) issue then I'll have to do some research. I also think the sax could sound better, although at least it's not as glaringly awful as the organ is. Any tips on how to "optimize" brass instruments? (I'm using the Tenor sax soundfont from DarkeSword's website. Thank you, Mr. Ansari.) As for the clip as a whole, I realise that it does sound rather empty. I am planning to get one or two more instruments in there, but I'd like to know how I can make it sound a little less hollow as it is right now. I've applied a bit of reverb to the instruments and it did make a difference, but not really enough of a difference, as you can probably hear. Of course, I don't want to feel like I'm just asking you folks to write the remix for me, but as this is basically my very first foray into anything remotely musical, (aside from listening to it) it'd be a huge help to have some basic guidelines to build off. Any suggestions unrelated to the topics I've asked about are also more than welcome. Thanks in advance.
  5. I don't know why they don't just skip all this starting bracket nonsense and go straight to the showdown between Link and Sephiroth. It'd amount to the same thing.
  6. OK, it's officially reached the point of me being unable to play the game. It was functioning sporadically for a while there, but at least I could regularly squeeze an hour or two of play time out of it before having to start it up again. Now it's just crashing a few seconds in, without fail. Bethesda had best hurry up and patch this shit or I'm going to be REAL REAL MAD.
  7. To be perfectly fair, I'm under the impression that the Spiderman movie games were pretty good. THERE'S A CHANCE.
  8. Guys. GUYS. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEANS? If she found this track herself (admittedly she might not have) that probably means she found this site too. If she thought it was good enough to be on her video, that means she's interested. If she's interested, she might join the forums. If she joins the forums, we have a judge, a judge of a court of law; in our pockets. IN OUR POCKETS. This is going to be so awesome. We can have a thread of requests for crazy shit that she should do during sessions, and as long as we all move to whatever that place was, we will be able to get away with ANYTHING.
  9. Archaon

    PC RPGs?

    It is. I've had it for eight years and it's still my favourite game (or series of games), hands down. Also seconding Arcanum and Fallout.
  10. Archaon

    PC RPGs?

    So, she wants a JRPG, with a good plot, released for the PC. You know, it might be easier overall to get her a nice, big diamond.
  11. Looks like this game isn't working for a lot of people. Bethesda's forums are swamped with bug reports and complaints and desperate user suggestions for fixes. I'm one of them, sadly. Everything's gravy until I get out of the vault, and then I can play for all of five to ten seconds at a time before the game crashes to the desktop. Shame. What I've seen so far seems promising enough, if only because I've actually felt a bit of empathy for the characters thus far rather than the utter indifference I had for the SOULLESS HUSKS that made up Oblivion's NPCs. EDIT: SON OF A BITCH I AM SUING BETHESDA. They stole my fire ants idea. Every single facet of it. Giant ants mutated by post-nuclear radiation that could literally breathe fire by means of a special chemical sac contained within their bodies. I CAME UP WITH THAT YEARS BEFORE THIS GAME EVER CAME TO BE, YOU BASTARDS.
  12. Planescape: Torment did this with its title theme.
  13. What's funny? Why is that funny? STOP THAT LAUGHING IMMEDIATELY. I don't know if this poll really works. Quite often, the magic user is the love interest, and if an old person joins your party, chances are they're going to play the part of the experienced mentor, thereby fulfilling the "strong ally" role. There have even been some characters that have incorporated A, B and C or B, C and D...although thankfully, no combination of A and D exists to my knowledge.
  14. Archaon

    Fable 2

    I'd be fully prepared to deal with the awkwardness of having to holster one pistol, reload, then holster the other one and reload again just for the badass burst of dual pistol massacre.
  15. Archaon

    Fable 2

    Why. The hell. Can't I use two pistols.
  16. Not that this is saying much. EH
  17. http://www.blendtec.com/TotalBlender-Black.aspx Ho ho. See, it's a comical misunderstanding. You said liquiDATE.
  18. Archaon

    Fable 2

    You know what's stupid? You kill a trader and the best you get from it is a handful of gold, even if you've just paid him an exorbitant amount of money for some new gear or a stack of potions. And that says nothing of his stock, which apparently just vanishes into thin air. You might say it'd unbalance the game if you got everything a trader was holding upon killing them, but you know what? They didn't care about game balance. Physical Shield exists, and that is evidence enough. Also, I can play a childishly simple card pairs game in the very first town for about fifteen minutes and I'll end up with more money than I will ever, EVER need. Card pairs. Do you know why you won't go into a casino and find a card pairs table? BECAUSE THAT CASINO WOULD GET CLEANED THE HELL OUT EVERY SINGLE DAY. There would be people camping outside the doors for weeks just to get their chance at taking that place's money. Because there is no element of chance involved in card pairs, so technically it's not even gambling. In poker, if you end up with a crap hand, there's really not much you can do about it unless you're some kind of mental puppeteer who can psych everyone else at the table out and make them fold. No matter how good you are at card counting in blackjack, sometimes that dealer will just end up with 21 right off the bat. CARD PAIRS? All skill, and it's not a hard skill to get the hang of either. You know what else is stupid? The law enforcement. Christ on a bicycle, the law enforcement. I mean, you can literally massacre an entire village down to the last man, woman and...well, not child, because you can't kill children in this game, (but apparently beating the shit out of them is A-OK) but nevertheless, all you have to do is leave for a few minutes and suddenly all is forgiven and forgotten. Nobody. Cares. And as long as you didn't knock your alignment too far down, the guards will merrily continue telling you to "Have yourself a nice day." It's not like you even have to run far away either. You can just stand on the road that leads into the village, right next to the entrance. As long as you're not actually in the "area", it doesn't matter. Just...what. It was hardly even worth making this part of the game. They might as well have just said "OK, Heroes have the legal right to butcher anyone and everyone as they please," for all the difference it would have made. You know what else is stupid? The plot. Just...the plot, in general. I hardly even need to say anything. If you've played the game, you know. Like, is there some reason why Jack wanted to destroy the world, or was he just being a dick? Sure, Kefka did it, but at least the game allowed you to see enough of his character for you to know that he was some batshit nihilist. Jack doesn't give that vibe. You don't get much of anything from Jack. His outfit is kind of cool, but otherwise it's like he's just some perfectly ordinary dude who incidentally wants to set the world on fire. It doesn't add up. There's a difference between adding an element of mystery to a character and just not giving them a personality, guys. Is there some reason why Maze took me in and let me spend however many years being a hero instead of taking me to Jack when I was a still kid and I couldn't have kicked his ass? Is there some reason why I don't get to know who the villain is until after I've been poncing around for the first three-quarters of the game, thus removing any reason for me to care? And what kind of way was that to escape from prison? The Warden makes the inmates have a race on his birthday so that he can read poetry to the winner? WERE THEY TRYING TO MAKE THIS PART RETARDED? Why couldn't I have just beaten one of the guards up and taken their sword? Grabbed one of those sharp torture implements that I was standing right in front of and sliced their throat? It's not like I wasn't capable of it at that stage of the game. Or better yet, why'd I have to get captured in the first place? I could totally have taken Jack on, especially in that confined space where he has no room to run away like a pansy. And why is it that I get "good points" for killing anything that isn't an innocent person? What is so inherently righteous about shooting a wasp with an arrow? It's like the game just assumes that every time you kill an enemy, you're doing it to cleanse Albion of the evil that plagues it, rather than because they swung first and you want to loot their corpse. It gets to the point where (if you're trying to play evil) you're killing all the traders you come across on the roads just to balance out all the good points you got from killing everything else, rather than out of any real malevolence. And just how the hell is it that I can go from eighteen to sixty-five years old in the space of a few hours and yet nobody and nothing else IN THE ENTIRE WORLD ages so much as a day? And why does every weapon that isn't a sword suck? Seriously, with the exception of legendary weapons, you literally have no reason not to use a katana. What's that? You think a mace or an axe is cooler? Well tough shit, because they don't do as much damage. Probably because all the attack animations are the same, so half the time you end up trying to stab someone with your blunt weapon. You idiot. And they'd better have improved that godawful, uninspired soundtrack. And can we have an ending that lasts for more than five seconds this time? Or at least don't have that and then make us sit through a twenty minute credit sequence just to keep playing after the final boss. And if I hear one more exaggerated Irish or Birmingham accent I am going to strangle someone. GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT AN XBOX FOR THIS. Basically Fable II had better be a hell of a lot better. And even then I probably still won't get it because I don't have a 360 HAW HAW HAW.
  19. Tell me of these games. Are they worth picking up? Legitimately? Is it one of those series where you need to have played the games in order to know what's going on? If so, do I need to include Koudelka? If not, where should I start? Assuming I have a limited attention span or cannot get all three games, would it be worth skipping to the second one for a better gameplay experience, or would I be missing out on too much? Or is the gameplay not any better to begin with? Should I ignore it entirely and just get God of War instead?
  20. Turning an epic, vivid and inspiring tune into something that depresses the hell out of me. That's not to say it's a bad remix, but nevertheless, I'd like to hear a cover that retains the original feel enough to not make me want to kill myself.
  21. I can't help but feel that some of these choices were influenced by the popularity of the track and the game itself rather than how good the music is. I mean, really, the Super Mario Bros. theme? Sure, it's pretty catchy and more or less everyone who plays video games knows it, but is it actually that great a piece of music in and of itself? I certainly don't find it as impressive as Wily 2, for instance. Maybe I'm just bitter that Calling from Heaven isn't on there anywhere, though. Why has nobody remixed that yet?
  22. I don't get it. How is McDonalds a nice thing?
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