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  1. Holy god. After hearing V-13's theme I don't think I even want this game anymore. I mean, this is more than enough for me already. It's like if epic rock music itself had a theme tune.
  2. Well. Boy. They sure do like their blue girly-haired blond/red spiky-haired... Shut up.
  3. Boy, these guys sure do like their blue hero/red antihero schtick.
  4. Aha. That's a big help. Thanks for the referral. In response to the earlier suggestion, I should point out that while I'd certainly like a keyboard that can do MIDI control, I'd also like to be able to just play it. After all, you're not going to pick up any women by going "Yeah, I'm a pretty good keyboard player, but if you want me to show you then I'll have to take you back to my house and up to my room and to my computer and yeah you've already lost interest haven't you." But seriously, I would prefer something that can operate independently of a computer.
  5. Aren't weighted keys just a "feel" thing, though? How important are they? Bear in mind, though, that I'm specifically interested in learning to use a digital keyboard, not just how to play piano. I'm not really an expert so it's hard for me to tell, but it looks like the ones you suggested are essentially designed to be portable, electronic baby grands, which is fine, but I don't think it's really what I'm looking for. Perhaps it would be better to use the word "synthesizer", but I'm hesitant to do that since I'm pretty sure that a good one of those would be likely to set me back by umpteen bajillion dollars.
  6. Unfortunately there's only one music store that I know of around here where I'd actually be able to get a proper digital keyboard, and the prices for what they have available are higher than what I can find for them online. Perhaps you (or anyone else in the know) could take a look at these specs and give your professional opinion. Right now, including shipping, I'd be able to get this for about $350.
  7. Alright. I'm looking into learning how to play the keyboard, and naturally, in order to do that, I'm going to need a decent keyboard. Now, as tempting as it is to immediately splash out on some ten thousand dollar beast of a device that puts a full orchestra at my fingertips, I realise it's better to start off small...but I also don't want to get some Mickey-Mouse thing that only plays one note at a time and sounds more like a Fisher Price toy than a musical instrument. So. Let's assume my budget is $400. I would like you fine, musically-inclined people of OCR to either suggest a good, solid model of keyboard within that price range, or to give me some idea of what features to look out for and what I can expect to get within this budget. Or both, if you're feeling generous. Thanks.
  8. After Armageddon, I'm not surprised.
  9. Who told you you could have my childhood? Give it back.
  10. Who the hell is tormented by listening to Michael Jackson? WHAT KIND OF DREGS WERE YOU ASSOCIATING WITH, MAN? Oh, right. Never mind.
  11. Don't worry. On the third day he will rise again and absolve us of our sins.
  12. ...but it didn't lose the point for combat.
  13. Perhaps, but I, for one, can only handle so many encounters with wild Rattata before I start seeing red mist.
  14. To be fair, you pretty much outclassed all the gyms as long as you did a bit of levelling up first and used the right type of mon. Chuck? Oh look, I've got an Alakazam that's about the same level as your guys. I win. Jasmine? Suck my Cubone, bitch. Clair? ICE BEAM ICE BEAM ICE BEAM dragonbreath ICE BEAM ICE BEAM ICE BEAM
  15. Pfft. Yeah right. Billy Joel's idea of divorce is to beat the bitch to death and then fall back on the "Till death do us part" clause.
  16. Well, since you were able to explore Kanto in the original G/S/C games, they'd probably have their faces gnawed off by the fandom if they didn't include it in the remakes. Besides, kicking Gary's ass never gets old.
  17. Right. Be sure to draw something for at least an hour a day. Keep those fingers nimble.
  18. More like: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2360 Ees not allowed, amigo.
  19. Couldn't tell you. There isn't really anything to do them on around here. What, you mean do I get any pain if I haven't been training? No, I don't. If it's an injury, it seems a bit odd that I should have the same injury on both arms.
  20. Every muscle in my body recovers quickly from post-weightlifting stiffness except my biceps. No matter how much stretching and warming up I do, a couple of sets of simple, no-frills curls will leave my arms screaming in pain for a week every time I try to lower them to anything below 45 degrees. WHY IS THIS.
  21. Kuja was in FF7? Wow. It's been a while since I last played it, but I wouldn't have thought those fiendish manwomanhips would slip my mind.
  22. Hooray. An MMO. Just what the series needed, BioWare. We don't need you to tie up the storyline of your first two Star Wars games or anything, no sir. The resolution there was perfectly satisfactory. I certainly wouldn't much rather see KOTOR III at all. I AM PERFECTLY CONTENT WITH THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS. Seriously, though. Cool trailer, but it's wasted on yet another goddamned MMORPG. Should have ended with Revan appearing and murdering everything. And the message "Your saga does not begin online."
  23. So basically right from the very first game, then.
  24. People tend to confuse "meshes well with" and "ripped off from" when it comes to music on the Internet. Not everyone is at your level of musical expertise, alright DarkeSword? Some of us chose to take a different path in life. THAT DOESN'T MAKE US BAD PEOPLE. HAVE SOME MERCY FOR GOD'S SAKE.
  25. All you really need to know is that Arceus made everything and is, in fact, God. It pretty much works its way down from there. And yet you can STILL catch him without fail using a Master Ball. That's right. Not even the creator of the universe itself can withstand the power of a palm-sized plastic ball with a fruity colour scheme. Technology kicks ass.
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