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  1. Apparently the folks who make it are focusing on creating an Ed Edd n Eddy movie at the moment, and as such there are no plans for another series of the cartoon "at this time". I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though. Hopefully CN will bring it back in full force once they actually have some new content to show again.
  2. He means "Use the Edit button to go back and change your posts if you decide you have something more to say, rather than posting two or three in a row." A picture really is worth a thousand words.
  3. Did they take it off the air completely over there? We still get reruns of it at hours that no sane parent would allow their child to stay up until, which I suppose is somewhat justifiable in that they're probably not likely to give a prime time slot to something when all they can show is repeat episodes. Also, it's Eddy you unwashed heathen.
  4. I never said otherwise. I'm just saying it seems a bit silly to condemn someone for "imposing standards on others" and yet praise this site for doing just that.
  5. To be fair, that's was mostly a combination of the facts that: 1) Taking a comic and putting it directly into a 30 minute episodic cartoon format is a tricky business overall, and 2) Half the time the cartoon was actually ahead of the comic and they didn't know what was supposed to happen, so they had to keep drawing things out. It's odd that you should choose this one as an example here. I'm under the impression that Billy and Mandy is held to be one of the few gems remaining in the fetid heap of feces that comprises most of CN's line-up today. I'm holding out for the return of Ed Edd 'n' Eddy, personally.
  6. standards are imposed on other people? I mean, I'm not condemning the system or anything, but they are. If a song is too close to the original source material ("This isn't a remix, it's a cover!") or too distanced from the original source material or too short or too long or too big or whatever then it doesn't get in. If you're going to submit anything to this site then you need to be prepared to have its standards imposed upon you.
  7. Who is Tom and why does he have bedroom eyes.
  8. This is from a game, though. WE'RE TRYING TO TALK ABOUT REAL MUSIC HERE KEEP THAT COMPUTER GAME SHIT OUT. But seriously, we've pretty much hit the "favourites thread" stage now. Let's keep it on topic and stick to anime, at least.
  9. I wasn't actually planning on joining in the first place. I just wanted to keep track of the proceedings in the hopes that someone would be representing Sagat and I could secretly root for them. Alas.
  10. [edited by djp - irony!] I love this community!
  11. Ha ha ha. Ha ha. Ha. Oh god. Why didn't I listen.
  12. Archaon


    Silly boy. Everyone is the same person. We are all Eccles.
  13. I thought piracy was against the rules. I am so confused I do not know what to believe anymore.
  16. Bump. Is "Watchmen" screwed?
  17. They're probably just lying because they don't want to seem "uncool" for liking something as nerdy as video game remixes or whatever. The ones who liked the music until they found out what it was certainly are. £10 says that as soon as they got home they desperately started searching for the website or the song itself, created a new folder in their music library, marked it as "Hidden" and downloaded each and every track in the OCR library into it while weeping softly over their secret shame.
  18. There's your damn swimsuit Sophitia. With sporks for hands.
  19. Truly this sounds like a riveting online experience. I think I'll just continue playing against my friends and being told by the elitists that I suck, thanks.
  20. Well, the character is called "Sophitia!!" and Google won't acknowledge it when you put exclamation marks into the search field. Besides, her SCIV costume is almost as skimpy anyway, and like Ivy she appears to have had some radical breast enlargement surgery since her earlier incarnations. And yeah, no Charade stand-in sucks. When you play as a top-tier, cheapo character, it's kind of a lose-lose situation. If you win, it's "Well shit, you were using <whoever>. No wonder you won." If you lose it's "HAHA YOU WERE USING <whoever> AND I STILL BEAT YOU YOU SUCK" With Charade it's the exact opposite. You never lose. If you get beaten; "Well, you know, I was using Charade. It picked out characters I'm not good with. I was at a disadvantage." If you win; "HAHA I JUST BEAT YOU USING THE RANDOM SELECT CHARACTER IN YOUR FACE BITCH" When I played against anyone else I would always pick Charade. Nothing else is as fun. And now he's gone, the bastards. Thank God Mokujin still lives.
  21. It's like they've intentionally been improving only the graphics and gameplay of the Soul series and making everything else worse. Look at the music as an example. I know I'm not the only one out there who thinks that the soundtrack of the first in the series, Soul Blade (or "Soul Edge", depeneding on where you are) had the best soundtrack by far. I haven't played the game in years and I can still remember the opening song, the character select music and every character's theme, note for note. Hell, the game even had 2 and a half different soundtracks to choose from; you had the original used for arcade machines, the arranged version improved for consoles, and the wholly different "Khan Super Session" one. Tearing it up with Li Long to an assortment of borderline techno, rock and, dare I say it, pop music was a guilty pleasure, true, but it was good so it didn't matter. As an aside, Li Long > Maxi. To hell with Elvis, give me my badass Chinaman back. Anyway, over time, the soundtracks degenerated into boring orchestral waffle, with only a few tracks of note here and there. The only tunes I even care to remember from SCIII's soundtrack are Through Molten Caves and Beyond the Horizon, and the latter is just an arrangement of an SCI track anyway. Forsaken Sanctuary is OK, but damn. Go and listen to Bravely Folk Song (you can probably find it on YouTube or something) and tell me that isn't superior penultimate battle BGM. It's a friggin' pirate shanty. And the endings. Dear god, the endings. In Soul Blade, they had the alternate-ending-on-input thing going on, and it was good. In most cases you got two completely different cutscenes for your trouble. Then they got lazy and started doing endings with just text and pictures. Then SCIII came along and they went back to the original multiple endings idea, except that this time they sucked, and now we just have a host of uniformly disappointing single endings. That might be setting the bar a little high, though. It'd be pretty hard to top young and foolish Siegfried grasping Soul Edge's hilt and then screaming "OH GOD OH GOD AAAGH AAAAAAAARRRRGH" as it clamped down on his hand and corrupted him into the man we now call Nightmare, but who was once simply "Siegfried!" Also, bikini Sophitia = best unlockable content ever. Not necessarily because of the acres of soft, pale, blocky, polygonal skin, but just because it's so incredibly corny, superfluous and (while I hate to say it) typically Japanese that it was awesome. This was your reward for 100 percent-ing the game. This is what bonus material should be. And who the shit is Algol anyway and why should I care? I don't know about anyone else, but I'd have been perfectly happy with another cheap flaming skull monster. I also don't like what they've done with Raphael, turning him from a sort of tragic, misguided character into some genocidal psychovillain who is apparently now a vampire or something. Jesus. Jedi don't make up for this crap.
  22. Not if you're fighting Eddie there isn't!
  23. I've never played an SSB game before. Someone go into layman mode and tell me what's going on in this video and why it is so terrible.
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