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  1. Here is what I've got so far: A lot more tracks are going to be included. What do you think so far?
  2. For those who think we are resting on our laurels, THINK AGAIN! Here's a taste of the next non-project Plaid Muffins track: a ska version of Still Alive from the original Portal! Right now its temp-brass but at the end it will be live, with final mixing tweaking and some revamped other parts. Credit where credit is due: PrototypeRaptor: Arrangement, Brass Arrangement, Trombone, Vocals, Mixing, Mastering Level 99: Arrangement, Guitars, Vocals, Drums AMT: Bass Xenon Odyssey: Tenor Sax OA: Alto Sax Swann: Trumpet Source: ReMix: The OverClocked Plaid Muffins - Delicious and Moist (WIP4) Enjoy!
  3. Hey, A small piano arrangement of Zelda's lullaby. It was kind of a prepared improvisation. Any feedback at all would be appreciated! I assume everyone knows the source.
  4. Done in collab with ffmusicdj Probably the most shamelessly cheesy mix I've ever done, and I'm having a blast with it so far. No, I can't actually play rythm that fast -- the whole thing is artificially sped up. Mixing/mastering/volume compression/etc is temp.
  5. Hi! First time getting involved with OC Remix apart from downloading. Greetings, nice to see you all, etc. Not that I've seen any of you yet or even know if you're nice. It's just an assumption. I believe there are not enough Metroid II remixes out there so I thought I'd give it a whack. I think I'm on the right path here, but some opinions would be nice anyway. The music in question is the end credits and you can listen to it on Soundcloud: As you can tell it's work in progress (since it doesn't really progress very long) and anything could still happen to it. Well, not anything perhaps, but you know what I mean. The style I'm aiming for is in the ballpark of Futurepop, EBM and the likes. Oh, and do watch your bass speakers on this...
  6. So just for fun me and my brother made this remix of bridge zone from sonic the hedgehog from the master system. whaddaya think? Original:
  7. Hey, YoungProdigy here. "Epic Boss Battle" is a new rock track by me. I would describe as something that would for a JRPG boss battle. You can listen to it here:
  8. Hello to anyone who reads this I'm looking for some help to get my remix up to par for acceptance here. I composed an arrangement of my favorite Legend of Zelda theme, the Ballad of the Wind Fish. I submitted it to the panel and it was judged, but not accepted. I was asked to resubmit it, but it needs some help with mastering. The volume levels are low, and I cannot seem to raise them without getting distortion during the louder moments in the track. Also, some help with deciding what types of reverb to use would be helpful in adding realism to the piece. I am currently using Logic 9 to do all my work, so any help specific to that program would be super helpful. Here's a link to the track: I have made some changes since it was judged, but I know it still needs some help getting up to par. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much! ~LAPepper
  9. This is the result of being up way too late one night. I guess this is just a cover of the song but I want to build it up to something in the future. Any feedback on this so far would be nice but I hope you enjoy it so far!
  10. Yep...Sanic...I'm soo ready to get FLstudio...Well here's me hobbling my way around Cubase Thing's I think I did Right: the lead Synth and the Sound effects Thing's I'm currently fighting with: the cymbals towards the end 1: 34 where it hits 3 times are weak, but I can't find a good sample, I layered 3 cymbals and I dislike each of them, I want that crashing final feeling of a good hit, can;t find a good sample. The background ,:51-ish and onwards, synth, feels weak, but when I adjusts the EQ it just makes it overpowering and too loud. Things I'm not sure with, Bass? I like the tube feeling, but somethings bugging me about it. It does cuts off abruptly, so I am aware of the need for an ending Trying to use Google Drive as a new way of linking music...did it work? Thank You for the listen and the help! WIP Original
  11. Original: Piano arrangement: This is my first midi piano recording (used piano vst). Afterwards, I fixed some of playing errors, added high pass and some quantization. There are some parts that I would like to redo, as they sound a little off beat (would it sound better/be easier to redo the whole thing, or "splice" them in)? Also, the velocities seems to range from 50-100. Is this typical? I'm not sure if my playing was not good enough for dynamic range, or if there are other factors involved. In terms of mixing, are there things that I could improve on?
  12. Hey guys! This remix of Stardust Speedway(bad)-US from sonic CD, is for the 25th anniversary album of sonic. Since this is a song for an album. I wanted to spend as much time as possible to refine it as much as possible to make sure its not a weak remix. So any feedback to fix/improve will be appreciated. If something grabs your attention really hard in a bad way, please let me know since you will probably not be the only one that is affected or notice it. Depending on feedback I'll keep different versions of the song to be kept as updates/versions to re-bump this thread. One quick note before you listen* I do not play a real guitar, all I have is a midi keyboard and some key switches to make it sound real-ish. So if you're a guitar enthusiast and think the guitar sections can be improved, then by all means hit me up.The guitar used in this remix is an amped stratocaster. Remix ver.1 (2/11/15) Original source:
  13. Hey, YoungProdigy here. I recently wrote "Tropical Bossa Nova". As you can guess from the title; it is a latin Bossa Nova style song. It's only in it's WIP stages right now though. You can listen to it here: As always critique is welcome.
  14. My "proof of concept" (initial thoughts, likes/dislikes) posting to the workshop. The track is intended to be a lament, but with a positive encouraging feeling overall. Bombastic, gritty, resonating, trudging... those are some of the ideas that I am going for. It's how I felt when first walking through those moody Zanarkand ruins... loved how they omitted the battle music in this area and kept the theme rolling through all fights/menus/etc. It really drove the emotion home I think. Anyway... Still rough. This is outline and core arrangement though. I have plenty of recording to do. All guitars (bass, elec., acous.) will be performed instead of the current MIDI synths. Looking for any feedback on the overall vibe, ambiance, and soundscape. Cheers! Source: Someday the Dream Will End (some other snippets are dotted in there from other tracks) Remix: WIP 1
  15. I've been wanting to work on an orchestral remix of this track for ages but never really had enough of the right equipment or software to get the sound I really wanted. This is a very close to finished WIP - still need to make an ending, but everything else is here and looks to be working quite nicely. Also just going to plug Black_Doom's Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Album which this should hopefully be a part of!
  16. This is my final round entry from the Final Fantasy Crystal Clash tournament. It's a dreamy major-key affair with a noisy beat. The mixing may be a bit washed-out and cluttered, I kinda like the mass of sound thing but I might just be able to hear everything clearly enough because I know what's in there, that might not be the case for the listener, so feedback on the mixing is especially appreciated! Looking to get this posted. update: WIP 2015/03/13 I've lessened the clutter a bit in the arrangement, especially purging/varying a little bit of the drumming. Nothing drastic. -- old: I know I'm going to work on the percussion, to vary it up a bit more, give it some breathing space and I recall I wanted to mix something a little more quiet, the snares or something. WIP: 2015-02-17 Here's the source breakdown. The long intro: 0:00-0:07 no source anywhere 0:07-0:24 The descending pizzicato from Lulu's theme (from the start) is there on the violin to the right, adjusted to major key.. if you'll accept that 0:24-0:41 Pizzicato continues; Lenna's bells from 0:00-0:10 on the chippy synth to the left 0:41-0:50 Pizzicato First "verse" 0:51-1:24 Lenna's bells + melody (on the fake guitar, different rhythm) from 0:06-0:28. Second "verse": 1:25-2:00 Bits of Lenna's bells (1:25-1:27, 1:34-1:36, 1:43-1:44, 1:52-1:53) Bits of Lenna's melody (1:25-1:27 from 0:30-0:31, 1:28-1:38 from 0:30-0:38 (as if a lower harmony), 1:44-1:47 (0:18-0:20), 1:48-1:51 (0:21-0:24), 1:52-1:55 and 1:56-2:00 are derived from 0:24-0:30 but different, I guess. From Lulu, the melloflute melody 0:14-0:25 adjusted to key (& rhythm) at 1:27-1:32 & 1:43-1:49, (0:19-0:25) at 1:37-1:40 and (a further adjusted 0:14-0:19) at 1:56-2:00. These on the organ + chippy synth. I think I need to include that bass thing from Lenna's @ 0:39-0:42! 2:00-2:03 A little break First "chorus": 2:03-2:07 The lead sounds like a hybrid of both bells in Lenna's 0:55-1:01.. I might adjust that to fit the source better. Sounds a bit hyperactive, the source is very pretty and it would give a nice contrast in the piece perhaps? 2:07-2:11 Lulu's melloflute from 0:14-0:19 2:12-2:20 2:12-2:14 and 2:16-2:20 you can hear the higher bell from Lenna's at 0:55-0:58 in the background. 2:21-2:25 The descending pizzicato from Lulu's plays @ 2:21. Third "verse": 2:25-2:59 The Lulu's B-part melody from 1:09-1:34 plays twice I believe. Lenna-bells from 0:06-0:28 on the chippy synth. 3:00-3:01 a little break Second "chorus": 3:02-3:10 The lower bell from Lenna's 0:55-1:06. 3:10-3:36 Variations of the previous bit; the original melody is there in the background. 3:36-3:49 a wind-down.
  17. Very much looking for critique, especially on bass levels, panning, instrument volumes and stereo image. edit: source:
  18. Hello, this is a remix (or something like that) of "Girl's Room". This VGM appears in Mother 3 and it was a really short one and it looped after a while. Here is my remix of this VGM. I hope that you will enjoy it. I would be proud if you can give me a feedback. It is just a WIP.
  19. Sup? It's been ages since I've done a VGM remix just for shits and giggles. Anyway, I've been working on an electronic-rock/dance version of the aircraft carrier theme from DOA5. Source Current abomination of a WIP Currently, the guitars are not real because I was originally going to do this in seven-string standard tuning (because I don't have a seven string), but at the last second was like "screw it, I don't want to borrow a seven-string, it'll be drop D". Though I must admit, the inhuman, chopped guitars add something to it. I can't decide if I want to have that slidey synth from the source come next or a vocoder part or both. What do you think? Throw whatever feedback you got at this remix like freshly-minted dollar on loonie-night at a Canadian strip club. Thanks in advance.
  20. This a re-released track from sometime ago, aiming to make improvements with the composition, but also the mix itself. It uses the frequent melody theme throughout the game/soundtrack. It's a bit crazy sounding. Looking for second opinions and feedback on how it sounds with the mix itself. Remix:
  21. Here's my first real attempt at making a track. I've been really inspired by Flume recently and love his song structure. Though I'm still trying to find my sound and have more to learn in terms of sound design and mastering I'm hoping you can hear what I'm trying to communicate in the song. Thanks for listening!
  22. Hey guys! This remix of Beatnik on the ship is for the Streets of Rage album. Since this is a song for an album. I wanted to spend as much time as possible to refine it as much as possible to make sure its not a weak remix. So any feedback to fix/improve will be appreciated. If something grabs your attention really hard in a bad way, please let me know since you will probably not be the only one that is affected or notice it. Depending on feedback I'll keep different versions of the song to be kept as updates/versions to re-bump this thread. Remix Version 2 (2/18/15) Original Source
  23. y'know - from DK64? phew... I like this source (multi. variations from the level) for inspiration: workin on drop stuff + mixing stuff + everything stuff
  24. New original song - work in progress. Made using East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold and Quantum Leap RA. Looking for feedback mostly on the production aspect, but I'd like to know what you guys think of the composition itself too. Thanks in advance!