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    People who support me, Video Game Music and making money.

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    I am a self-taught, american music composer for Video Games. I started making music in 1999 on PlayStation 1 Hardware then composing on FL Studio 6 in the year, 2005, and professionally mixing and mastering it for 7 years back in 2011.

    I first started uploading my music online under the name, "MrSuperUltimate." (YouTube 2011)" Due to personal issues and online drama, i left YouTube after wrongfully having my partnership taken away and getting involved with the wrong people who are not worth naming. I came back in 2017 thinking that my fans would appreciate my new abilities in sound quality and composition but i was wrong.

    Now, I've re-branded myself as PatricxMusic in the hope of finding a new and true fan base that would not only appreciate me, but understand if i have reasons for not wanting too stay when it is all to much for me to handle.

    "Better to leave without a word then to stay for fake supporters who give excuses like, 'I was not able to find your videos because of the new YouTube layout'." -PatricxMusic
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    Alex Patrick
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    Music Composer

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    FL Studio
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    Electric Bass

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  1. Some original music for you SEGA fans. You're going to enjoy this!
  2. Thanks. I've checked that OST out and it is very good and i am honored that you think my music sounds like that scary a** soundtrack lmao. That was the first time I've ever felt uneasy about music; Having the lights off didn't help either
  3. HI, I notice you came by my page. i'm new here and i assure you that i'm only here to get true supporters of my music. I have many social medias and music online so the prove is right there for the world to see. Ask me anything if you feel you need too. Enjoy your Thanks Giving.

    1. DarkeSword


      Please don't use the forum's PM system to solicit work.

    2. patricxmusic


      Don't worry, i've had enough drama for one life-time. 

  4. I know i could have went about it a better way but i have been promoting my music for years and now that i'm good enough to make it sound close to studio quality, base one what family has told me, i thought i would try to remaster all my music in order to give anyone new vgm worth buying unlike the bad sound-quality that all my music once had years ago.  I have been promoting myself for year and with that came a lot of free music and a lot of haters and fake friends so anyone would be sick of giving and getting nothing in return. I am a loyal person and man enough to say if i did wrong but i did nothing wrong in this case. Me trying to scam or hurt others was never my intention because i have been through that crap enough to never do it to others. I just wanted to help my mom and no i dont need or wanted anyone to cry over my situation with some type of handout. Anyways, i'll be more mindful of how i ask people for help next time. 

  5. Hi, everyone! My name is Alex Patrick and I've finally decided to make an account here. I am a fan of video game music and an ex-gamer who can still throw a professional style down-towards HP when i have too. My goal on the site is too share my music with you, and, hopefully, become a well-known person you feel proud to add to your list of Pro-VGM composers! I write, compose, mix, and master all my originals; so, please, feel free to tell me what you think of my compositions. I'm not a professional, but with of 20 years of doing music that is all self-taught, i would like to think my sound qua
  6. HI, do you think you can build me the best computer possible for music production and, If so, how do you send your builds out to customs and do you have flex payment plans for people who can't pay all at once? I own a laptop that is so slow it can't even keep up with emails. A computer with speed, max ram, about 180 gig's and a professional sound card,external, that rivals any music studio is what i need just to give you an example of what i feel works best for me ONLY; No Windows 10, OS please lmao. Here is a collection of my music so you can hear and inform me if the sound quality could be b
  7. An original VGM album composed, mixed and mastered by PatricxMusic. Makes a great gift for that music and video game fan in your life. Check it out! This is our version of crossover fighting game music PATRICXMUSIC VOL. 1
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