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How to Post a Picture or Signature


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endblink...I need some help uploading a Sig and getting the pic smaller...


Hmmm... did you read the first post with the instructions?

The problem isn't size, although I can't check it anyway. Your problem is that, as is stated a few times in this thread, you can't remote link JPGs from geocities.

You have to change the file extension on your computer to TXT, re-upload it to geocities and post again.

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I don't mean to annoy you,
Hey, man. No worries. You're not annoying me at all. This is the Help Forum. I'm here to help you.;)
but do I change the FILE name to "Shattered_Gundam0.txt" or change the application it is run under. I have Windows XP and the file name for pics doesn't include the extension. What do I do?
I would suggest changing it on your computer first, and reloading it to geocites. The reason you can't see the file extention is because your computer is set to "Hide Known File Types".

Different version of windows do it differently, but the basic way to change this is to:

-Open the folder with the file you wish to change

-Click on "Tools" in the Menu bar (NOTE: I'm being told Windows XP is "Tools", earlier versions of Windows might either be "Folder" or "View")

-Click "Folder Options"

-Select the "View" tab

-Under "Files and Folders", find an option that's called "Hide extentions for known file types".

-DE-SELECT it. (If there's a check in the box, remove it.

-You should now be able to see your file extentions and be able to change them.

-To go back to your original setting, go back and RE-SELECT "Hide extentions for known file types". ;)

And again, if you have any other questions, you can always ask here! ;)

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