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How to Post a Picture or Signature


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Welcome new people!

If you're already familiar with visiting Internet forums, much of this will not be new to you. However, if this is your first forum, and you're eager to learn how to link an image in your post, or to have an image signature after your posts, you've come to the right place!



• For a picture to be posted over an Internet forum, the picture must already be uploaded somewhere on the Internet. This means that a picture on your computer's hardrive cannot be posted directly onto the forum. You must upload your image to a server and link the image from said server.

What does this mean? This is our example image; WURD.JPG:


Now, if I try to link wurd.jpg directly from my hardrive:

C:\My Documents\Pictures\wurd.jpg

We get this: Mmm... wonderfully sexy... black text.

Once again, this means that you MUST UPLOAD THE IMAGE TO A SERVER.

• With the new PHP coding used for OCR4's forums, certain image hosting solutions previously available to forum goers - such as AngelFire and Geocities - can no longer be used to host images. This means: DON'T TRY USING THEM. IT WON'T WORK.

• NEW (and much more reliable) image hosting solutions can be found at either PhotoBucket (which seems to be the popular choice amongst OCR's forum goers) or ImageShack (which is what I use and will use for the remainder of this FAQ). CHECK OUT THESE SITES, READ THEIR FAQS ON IMAGE HOSTING AND IMAGE UPLOADING, AND YOU'LL HAVE A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE HERE.

BE CONSIDERATE TO OTHER FORUM GOERS. Try to keep the size of your image(s) down so that people who don't have cable or DSL internet access won't be waiting for two hours for your picture(s) to load. Also, be considerate of the DIMENSIONS of the image. We don't need a 1280x1024 image posted in the forums when a 500x400 image will do fine. An even better alternative is ImageShack's Post a Thumbnail option which allows you to post a clickable thumbnail to a larger image:




• You must have THE FULL URL ADDRESS where your image can be found.

Example using wurd.jpg:


If you're remote linking an image from a website, you can often find the image URL here:


or under the image PROPERTIES:



Services like ImageShack give you a forum usable URL when you upload an image to their server:


• Now, slap that puppy (copy and paste) into your post, and hit submit.





If you leave spaces in the tags:

[img ]http://img61.exs.cx/img61/4936/wurd.jpg[ /img ]

All you'll see is this:

[img ]http://img61.exs.cx/img61/4936/wurd.jpg[ /img ]

PRACTICE IMAGE POSTING IN THIS THREAD. Test here, because that's what this thread is for. Also, DO NOT USE MY EXAMPLE IMAGE(S); please post your own image so as not to kill the bandwidth on my example images in this FAQ. Thanks.

• Simple, eh? We're almost done too! Now that you know how to post an image in your post, let's try posting an image as our sig!



Great! Now that you've gotten the hang of posting a picture in a post, here's how you tack a pic in your sig:

• Right underneath Link, you should see a line of text the reads:

Search - Members - Register - Profile - You have no new messages - Log out [ YourHandle ]

Found it? Good. Now click on Profile.

Your profile is broken into THREE sections:

[ A ] Registration Information

[ B ] Profile Information

[ C ] Preferences

Under [ B ] Profile Information, your last option, JUST BEFORE [C] Preferences, is your "Signature" option. To the right of that, more or less in the center of your screen, is a little white box.

• From there, simply copy and paste your URL within Image Tags. Therefore, to show wurd.jpg as a SIGNATURE, it should look like this:


• Scroll down, click "Submit", and you're done!


Hope this helps out a few of you new kids. ;) If you have any questions, POST THEM IN THIS THREAD. Please do not spam the other discussion boards. The regulars are really nice here and some will check this thread every so often to see how they can help. Your questions WILL be answered, just be patient. If all else fails, scroll through this thread to see which members are helping others, and feel free to PM (icon_pm.gif) them or myself.

Hope that helps you out! Enjoy the OverClocked ReMix forums!


-FAQ History-

OCR3 Versions

EDIT 1: Lots of spelling mistakes.

EDIT 2: Clean up, clarification and reformatting

EDIT 3: MAJOR Code revision. Thank you DarkeSword!

EDIT 4: Minor URL update

OCR4 Versions

EDIT 5: Notice of forthcoming OCR4 revision


EDIT 7: Accidentally deleted an image off ImageShack. I replaced it. Also, corrected some spelling mistakes.

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great idea to make this thread endblink

but someones gonna need to bump it every few weeks so it dont get deleted, preferably someone who isnt doing it to boost post count by meager amounts

and id just like to add that you should keep the pic size down: A) because itll kill your bandwidth on free servers like geocities, and B) cause some 56kers dont like waiting around for content to load because of you (you people better not get pissed for sticking up for you...)

and pic size down also means no 62.5 million frame animations either, those are a whole lot bigger and just as evil to bandwidth and load times

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Thanks, ancsik!

Excellent points:

1) The bigger the picture, the longer to load, the more bandwidth you use up. KEEP YOUR SIGNATURES SMALL. No one likes a sig that takes up four screens.

2) Bandwidth for huge sigs/multi pictured sigs not only cost you, it costs djp. The man is having a hard enough time as it is keeping this site running with the downloads, we shouldn't be costing him on the forums as well. BE RESPONSIBLE.


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but someones gonna need to bump it every few weeks so it dont get deleted, preferably someone who isnt doing it to boost post count by meager amounts

Making this thread "sticky" or "announcement" and turning off Auto-Pruning in the Configuration should keep it up.

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I was bored today, so .. you all inspired me to do this .. great. oh..hopefully you can see it so i don't look like an idiot..
No. Excellent. You're sig looks fantastic. And it'll insipre the new kids to follow suit!

Thanks K-Wix!

Everyone, take the time to check out K-Wix' Ogre Battle ReMix. It's hella sweet.

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Recently I have downloaded some Final Fantasy ReMixes. In paticular Acousic Fireworks, and decided to burn a new CD. The songs will not show up as a supported type in Adaptec, and It won't let me burn a CD because it was a .MP1 file. Anyone know whats going on?

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OK, apparantly i DID do it right... thanks for the thread endblink!
No problem. Except all we're seeing is a big Red X.

I took a look at your post. Here's your problem:


You have a geocities account. You need to CHANGE the file extention from JPG to TXT for us to see it.

The reason you can see it is because the picture's in you Internet Temporary Files Folder already.

Change the file extention, upload it BACK to your Geocities account and make sure your sig looks like this:


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could someone tell me what im doing wrong to try and find this


sorry, but you'll have to go to quote to find out


TO ALL NEWBIES: Help me help you.

It REALLY helps if you READ the help thread. Please, I put a lot of work into it. All your answers are in the very first post. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. That's what it's there for.

Now, f.o.d., just like the person right above your post, your problem lies here:


As I've stated, Geocities requires you to change the file extention from a JPG to a TXT. Change the file extention, upload it to your account and input it as such:


Try again here, and I'll help you out if you have any other problems. ;)

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