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test / what do u think? it's kinda plain and keep in mind I put it together quickly >.<

Redid it, now it's smaller and a little more simple :)

Ok, I made another, good idea, bad execution...which should I keep?


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I'm thinking about changing my sig, didn't want to start a thread over it, so I thought I'd shown them...





Alright, besides resizing them...

Which one should I use? Or what could I work on??? Should I keep the one I've got already???

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This has probably been answered a good five billion times already, but are there any *specific* rules and regulations on signatures, such as acceptable dimensions, acceptable content, etc.? Feel free to PM them to me - I don't need to derail this topic any more than necessary; only enough to phrase my question. Just wondering, as I was planning on tossing another similarly-sized animation into my signature, and didn't know if I should erase my current picture, or if I could get away with placing the animation next to or below the current picture.

Thanks in advance.

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