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How to Post a Picture or Signature


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ok here it is....


Okay. I get it.

You've got it in a Yahoo briefcase folder.

You probably used Netscape to copy the image location and cut and pasted it into your sig.

I forgot about Yahoo.

The reason we WERE able to see it but can't now is that Yahoo puts bans on remote linking. They change the address of your image every two hours or so. If you look at the image location NOW and compare it to the image location you have HERE, it more than likely will not match.

You can't use Yahoo if you want to remote link a file.

Post back here if you have any more problems.

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YAY! Your sig works fine, Kimari. Welcome =D

Edit...checked back today, and its not linking. I'll upload it for ya to my site for OCR sigs, and give you the link as soon as you get your butt home, and get on AIM :lol: *though, you'll probably already be on AIM before you check here* :wink:

Ahh, here's the link, anyway: http://www.geocities.com/faris_ff5/OCRsigs/Kimari.txt

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So you found that nice picture and want to share it ith everyone...

What could be the harm from remote linking from SOMETHINGAWFUL.COM


Many sites forbid remote linking. And its logical, seeing as you leach bandwidth that costs them money.

Somethingawful replaces remote links by... discusting pictures...

First I was was a CLOSE close-up of a penis covered in cum....

Recently there was a male senior citizen giving a blowjob to some guy.

Please, avoid remote linking from something awful, I recommend

"Right click, save as, and upload to your own web provider"

Thank You.

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