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How to Post a Picture or Signature


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hey...just testing my sig. i'm new to this forum, but not to remixing :)

EDIT: dammit...>.<. I tried the .txt renaming. but does that only work with geoshitties, or angelfire?


THAT MAKES 5 CANADIANS! or something


does my sig work? :P

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Hello. Long time listener first time caller I guess you could say. :wink: I really just have a quick question becuase I'm so net-illiterate and I wanted to see whether or not my instinct on this question is right or not. (And by the way thank you so much for helping people like me who would have no idea where to start with this if it weren't for people like all of you.)

It is a fact that in order to put a picture in your signature you need to have said picture somewhere up on the internet. Now....This is where all of my confusion settles in because I am not sure whether or not this is correct. Please don't hurt me if I'm wasting all of your time...I really want to avoid stepping on peoples' toes around here when they do not need to be stepped on. You would need to have the picture on some sort of webspace (geocities angelfire or etc.) that you yourself owned correct? If I were to go around different webspaces looking for pictures and then placing said picture into my signature I would be leeching off of thier site and causing much distress and hair pulling and gnashing of teeth yes yes?

Once again I apologize in advance if this had been covered before or if it is just common knowledge. I really don't want to annoy anyone.

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Signature Test! :)

Edit: Oops! Maybe the picture is too big! I looked at it and it works just fine, except I think other might find it to be too big. I will be changing it, just let me find another picture..

Edit2: There we go! I found a smaller picture, and now I am going to move on, dealing with the fact that I can't have that other freakin' huge picture that I had. see you all later.. :)

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