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How to Post a Picture or Signature


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Eureka! Now, for your info, that pic is from my Yahoo Group. It turns out that with Yahoo groups you don't have to use the .txt trick at all. the code for what I did there was...


As you can see, the first one was the only one that worked. So with Yahoo Groups, just do it like any normal picture from any other website. This works whether its in the Files section (like the pic above), or the Photos section (like the pic below).


However I must add, that if any of the above are Xs please tell me as I have heard of it working sometimes for the person who posted it and not for anyone else.

Turning my stupid little test into info for the masses!

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Yahoo Groups are designed to prevent remote linking. They change the location of the image URL.

You'll see it here for about an hour, then you'll get the red X. Believe me. I've tried working around Yahoo. Not possible.

I see how they could do that to the one from the Photos section since they add all kinds of numbers and letters to the end of the filename... so that big picture of Fernandez might go away. But I know that if you have it in the Files section they don't change the location because I've linked to my songs that are located there more than once. However if you see a X in my sig then... d'oh, you're right. So if you do, again I'd like to know. Thanks.

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