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Super Smash Bros Brawl

Arek the Absolute

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(hosted by ClanOCR)

Since this is OCR's first tournament, I am going to keep things rather simple.


-Three stock with no time limit

-Double Elimination

-Items are off

-Rounds will be best 3 out of 5 (mainly to give people a chance JIC they get f'ed over by lag)

-Stages will be random at first, then whoever lost the first match will get to chose the stage next.

-No limit on who you can choose. If you play one character, you aren't stuck using that one character the whole tournament.


-Flatzone 2

-Mushroomy Kingdom

-Rumble Falls


-Spear Pillar

-Port Town Aero Dive

-WarioWare, Inc.

-New Pork City



-75 M

-Mario Bros


-Temple (Melee)

-Onett (Melee)

-Rainbow Cruise (Melee)

-Big Blue (Melee)

-Brinstar (Melee)

Sign ups are over.

If you are interested in the tournament, please join us at #clanocr on the enterthegame server *and while you are here, don't forget to also join #ocremix :) *

SUPER PS- If you want to sign up, best way is to hit me up on aim. This will ensure your position in the tourny.


-Arek the Absolute




-Geoffrey Taucer




-Critical Hit



-Silent Mike







-Lord Roderick


-Jam Stunna






-Azul v2




-A Rival (AE)




Welcome to the Smash Bros Brawl thread! This thread is dedicated to anything related to Smash Bros Brawl or any of it's prequels.

The Smash Bros series has come a long ways from it's initial release on the Nintendo 64. Since it's launch, it has been one of the best selling series to hit the gaming world. Incorporating many of Nintendo's popular series as well as Nintendo's lesser known titles, all fans of various Nintendo games found themselves relating to the game and soon couldn't get enough of it. Finding that their idea was a hit, Nintendo made a sequel for the Nintendo Gamecube. Adding more characters, including some Japanese exclusives, it was another "smash" hit. What is special about melee, is that not only did the game itself do very well, it also promoted other lesser known games in the US and helped bring recognition to a now very popularly known series called "Fire Emblem". What is even more special, is that the game was such an improvement on the original, that official gaming tournaments recognize Melee to be worthy of joining the ranks of other huge tournament fighting games such as Guilty Gear and even the famous Street Fighter series, which was a huge deal in the 2d gaming field. Riding upon the success of Melee, Nintendo decided to make yet another sequel with high ambitions. Topping Melee was no easy feet, but they managed to do it, topping wii preorder charts all over the world. It is that sequel that brings us here today.




Classic mode returns for the third time in the series. Just like in the other two installments of the series, you chose a character of your choice and go through different stages, with each stage housing an opponent that you must fight as if you were playing a normal versus match. As you advance through stages, certain conditions appear which you must overcome! Some include fighting a , fighting a metal version of a character, and even teaming up with two other NPCs *computer played characters* to take down a giant version of a character.

Smashbros.com's description of the gamemode:

"This is the classic single-player mode—hence the name, Classic. In this mode, you try to clear each stage as you go. Choose your favorite character and a difficulty level, then start the match! Fight whoever appears!

The world you fight in is pretty much determined based on stage number. Stage 1 is based on The Legend of Zelda. Stage 3 is based on Pokémon. And each time, the characters are chosen randomly.

You’ll also find the status of enemies and rules of the match vary slightly to include things like Giant matches, Metal matches, and Team battles."


Unfortunately, not too much is known about this game mode just yet. What we know from what Smashbros.com has shown, is that this mode is definitely going to be one of the major highlights of the game. Characters not just from Nintendo, but even some other 3rd party groups, band together to fight against evil in what seems to be the most epic *however clichéd it may be* story to hit the wii yet.

Smashbros.com's description of this mode:

"This world...

In this world, trophies fight.

They know nothing but fighting. Fighting is the sole reason for their existence.

Being turned back into a trophy, being unable to fight, is much like death.

Those are the rules of this world.


When someone...or something...breaks those rules, the world will pay a terrible price..."

-Starting Cast-


Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Zelda/Sheik, Pit, Metaknight, Pokemon Trainer, Ike, Peach, Yoshi, Ice Climbers, King Dedede, Bowser, Wario, Captain Olimar, Lucas

To find out more about these characters, check out the characters section at Smashbros.com.

As you venture through both classic mode and adventure mode, you will unlock many other characters that will join the cast. Some will be characters that you have seen on Smashbros.com, while others will be characters yet to be revealed officially.


Along with this game comes something important to this site. Ever since Wifi connection games came out a couple of years back, a group called ClanOCR was made. It was a group of ocremix forum goers who gathered together to schedule times and play various Wifi games on the DS and Wii. With the release of Brawl, it is time for all of OCRemix to join together and revive it. A seperate thread will be made for ClanOCR soon which contains a friend code database where you can share your friend codes for brawl, along with other games. All Friend codes for Brawl should be uploaded there.

So, come join us on IRC at #ClanOCR on the EnterTheGame Server! Together, we can make sharing Brawl together a great experience!

More information shall will be updated in this post as it becomes officially announced. Until then, expect to hear many different things to be posted in this thread. For those of you that wish to post information that has yet to be officially announced at Smashbros.com, PLEASE use the spoiler "tags" shown below:

[COLOR="White"]*insert spoilers here*[/COLOR]

Brawl's release to the rest of the world is soon coming! The wait may be long, but it will definitely be worth it.

Happy "Smashing"!

Japan Release date: January 31, 2008

US Release date: March 9, 2008

Europe Release date: TBA

This post was rushed, so the quality isn't nearly as great as I wish it to be. The post shall be updated frequently when I get the opportunity to do so. Sorry about the quality, but it won't be this bad for long

*All information used for the characters and game modes were taken directly off of smashbros.com*

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So much for no more clones huh? Woulda been nice to just retool the characters entirely, instead of giving them little tweaks, all the old "clones" weren't exact clones of who they were copies of in the first place.<spoilers?

Lalalala, I might as well spoil myself cause I won't own a wii for another two or three years anyway.

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The game's out in over a month for America, and even longer than that for Europe. People are going to be "spoiled" of who's on the roster. If you don't want to get "spoiled," why would you visit a Brawl thread in the first place?

Toon link looks absolutely incredible to me. I'd prefer Ganon wasn't a Falcon clone, but if he is, alright. You don't see his moves in the video. I think it's time he "shows us his moves." ;)

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spoiling what, the characters?

is that seriously a big deal to you?

im just really pissed off because of the copy protection issues that are going on with the game I WANT IT

i really couldnt care less, but i still have a soft spot for them europeans

once it comes out here though, it sucks for them cause spoilerz a plenty are acomin


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i really dont see the need for spoiler tags though

this is not a thread for a zillion noob fags to say nice update every night this is a thread to discuss BRAWL

and to discuss it you need to know about it

so if you dont wanna know about the game, get the heck out of this thread

the only thing that i would say is a spoiler is subspace story

i think the roster should be just posted

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there was a topic on smashboards a week ago that had a mock-up version of this roster. Of course, there were many "leak" topics all over the boards, but this one was much more credible, being supported by multiple "leakers" and even NeoGAF staff. Smashboards has been rather deadish as of late due to server overload, so I can't link to it, I'm afraid. The site can't be accessed.


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