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Super Smash Bros Brawl

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Wait wait wait...

Did they just pull a Capcom on Smash Bros. Brawl, or is this like some kind of unofficial thing, this SSBB+?

Basically, the community decided that Brawl wasn't all that much fun in regular form, and actually decided to do something about it rather than bitch bitch bitch. So they did. And Brawl+ is the result.

I stopped playing brawl a while ago. I started using the time I spent playing brawl and played melee more. I'm having more fun. And hosting tournaments for all of NC and for anyone who wants to drive here.

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i was alright for awhile, did well on allisbrawl (lol online) but once i got back home i just played melee again. i actually hosted a tournament with legitimate people this summer (darc and sleepyk and all their friends came)

it was awesome

Damn, those guys are cool I would like to play with them again.

Good to know some people around here have gone back to Melee lol.

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4.2's deletion of the HBC is really lazy coding -- it just erases a target title id#. Literally all dvdX and the HBC did to get around it was use a different title id number for their programs...problem solved!

Considering that it has bricked a number of Wii systems that have had nothing to do with homebrew, I wouldn't recommend anyone getting 4.2 -- hopefully Nintendo releases an actual update that is safer soon.

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