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Super Smash Bros Brawl

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The way you go about stating things makes you one who is not on my list of those I like.

You are such a prick. Get off of your damn high horse.

If you want anyone to like you here, best start acting in a more kind manner, though as it stands, I doubt anyone here likes you at all.

Please try to look at it from my angle, and you'll understand why I reacted the way I did. Here I am, waltzing thru the thread, glad to be able to discuss Brawl in a seemingly spoiler-free environment. (Lord knows I can't step virtual foot into GameFAQs anymore without seeing 10 different topics with umarked spoilers in the title.)

And then, I see a post telling me that there's a second, non-playable rep for Metroid in SSE. I'm like, "GOSH-FRICKING DANG IT!!!" I've been trying so hard to avoid as many spoilers as possible that don't come from the Dojo. And all because some careless klutz refused to follow pre-set guidelines! Anyone in my place and mindset would have been just as upset as me. That's why I reacted so.

Its more that the only comment you posted was about how the thread sucked and was inept, and said NOTHING about the game itself. You didn't even have a comment on the game, you didn't then and you don't now, so why even come to the thread at all? Its like going to a resturaunt and complaining about how much it sucks, only to leave without ordering anything at all. Just don't open your mouth if you want to talk shit about nothing.

All you have is a bad attitude.

Did the above clear things for you? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I saw you posting about Brawl either. But it doesn't matter. Arek, Atma, and other honest, long time Brawl fans like myself can tell you that I started posting on the previously epic Brawl thread before it was unjustly locked. I had plenty to say about Brawl then, and I have plenty to say now (assuming I can come here without the threat of unmarked spoilers hanging over my head).

And, in my defense, let me point out the fact that I was personally insulted for a post that wasn't directed towards any specific poster. How that for likability? Yeah, I know, boo hoo. But don't come at me acting like your crap smells like roses...

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Oooooh... I hope there's a sound track that they're going to release... would love to not have to be playing the game but still be able to listen to the music, most of it sounds really good.

[weeeee spoilers!!:<]

Oh, and lucario IS in it! WOOHOO! was hoping another pokemon would be in it (though, I was also hoping that they'd cut out jigglypuff instead of mewtwo >.<). Had a feeling lucario would make it in the game though (seeing as he seems to be a favorite among the pokemon fans... I should know, I'm NOT one and I know of it, well, not a insane freak of one... those gameboy games rock though >.>)

[no more spoilers :smile:]

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So, seriously, I'm going to play as ROB just for the heck of it at some point.

Odds are that he's super-powered or something.

Yea, he's most likely the to this game what Game n' watch (or mewtwo, depending on how things went) was to SSBM... and Ness to the N64 version. That secret, "hardest-to-get" character.

He should be entertaining though

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Let me know how that goes. OH WAIT..!

On topic: After watching that Dojo video, all the "problems" with the roster seem so trivial. "Why did they add Wolf??" "Why is there only one Metroid character??!" "LOL landmaster!" Upon being reminded how much other stuff there is in Brawl, I couldn't care less about the roster. But... that's exactly what they WANT me to think!!

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I must say, Sakurai did a good job with Brawl. Cool characters, nice music, fun stages. I do think however that the FE representation could have been better. It's a shame that there's no playable character from Fire Emblem 7, the game with Eliwood, Hector and Lyn. It's the game that made FE popular outside Japan and that started the whole FE hype. On the list of most popular FE lords, found on Fire Emblem World, can be seen that Ike is number one, Hector two and Lyn three. An axewielder would have been cool for a change :)!!.

O well, at least lyn is in but I do hope that Hector's gonna be a support trophy as well. He should be ;). Go Hector!

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Glad the development of this game is finally finished. I'm sure I'll have a really fun time with this game once it reaches shores outside of Japan. There will be a few nitpicks, however, especially regarding some of the roster picks and whether or not they control like clones. I really wanted each character to play differently from the other, Ganondorf in particular.

Anyway, I'm kind of surprised that nobody is talking about the developer of this game. Mr. Sakurai revealed who the team is through the "Iwata Asks" special feature over at us.wii.com.

GameArts. Yeah, the same dudes who are responsible for the Grandia RPG series. Pretty weird, right? There's also the fact that FFVII's scenario writer worked on the Adventure mode.

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I don't think the nitpicks will involve the character list. Even in SSB1, it was a dream match and you'd think most people would be thankful it was even made. I don't think anyone really thought SSB would even have a sequel after it came out because of its middling success. Even after SSBM, not many people, including Nintendo seriously staked out on a sequel. Which is why it took 7 years for the sequel.

Samey-characters is a given, but SSBB doesn't seem to be playing that card with all the unique Final Smash attacks and other variables.

The true nitpick will probably go to the character balance. I won't really care since I play the game for fun even in small dorm competitions anyway. Tourneytards, they'd wrack their heads over it.

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Pity, though, that Stafy isn't playable.

Stafy, from the gameplay of his games I saw the other day, is apparently a lot like Sparkster in the Genesis sequel of RKA (Snake over Sparkster STILL seems weird to me, but it was Kojima's idea rather than Konami as a whole anyways, so I can't think it too weird).

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Drop the subject or leave the thread.

This is about brawl discussion, not this needless drama.

You call it needless drama, I call it respecting others and common courtesy. Tomato, tomahto, eh? Not really.

But yeah, looks like I might not have much to say after all now. Now the Dojo's gonna spoil everything too! Looks like today's my last day for my daily after school pick-me-up! Major bummer. Avoiding spoilers is so HARD!!!

So, until I have something on-topic to say, I probably won't be in here much. (I'm sure Arek will be thrilled, lol). Anybody have a cryogenic tube I could borrow for a month or so?

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