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MEETUP: Baltimore May '08 - pics page 19


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Put me down as a maybe. Its the last weekend I get to work on finals and If i haven't killed my self along with the computer lab I'll try coming over.

Will we have a ps2 this time?

O yea is the Gold chain fence still up around the park at the monument?

the gold chain fence is DEAD!

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The weekend of May 3rd is really the last time I'll be able to come to a Baltimore meetup for a while, since as soon as school's over in early May I'll be making the transition to Philly!

Philly is far more convenient for me, and I'd wager for more people than not. The possibility would exist for you all to come to Dickinson College during some cool event.

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I'd love to come to something like this and y'know, put a face to some of these names. And hopefully do the same for people who might see my name pop up in the future (or who already have). And although I lived near Baltimore for most of my life (down in Odenton), since joining the military I am now halfway across the country. Sucks. Really does. I knew I shoulda changed plans and tried out again for Peabody, lol.

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