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MEETUP: Baltimore May '08 - pics page 19

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Hey everybody! I was just talking to pixietricks and it looks like we're gonna try to do another Baltimore meetup! Here's the scoop:

When: 12:00 noon, Saturday, May 3rd?

Where: meet at Washington Monument in Baltimore (not the one in DC...)

Plan: uh, i dunno! Give your ideas! I have to play two concerts that day, and I know there will be some rehearsal involved earlier in the day for me, so I won't be around the whole time. Of course, ya'll can come to my concerts if you want ;)

But I've got a place and so does Jill, we can hang out at either place. Of course, video games are a must. But the last few times we've gone down to the inner harbor and watched movies, gone to the big arcade, stuff like that. We can do that again if ya'll want. Once again, any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah, and here's some mappage:








Jiggle McPuff

The Green Tentacle


Jose the Bronx Rican




Xerol (late: 2-4)


Larry and maybe djp!





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alright, if this date SUCKS then those of you who can't make it lemme know what is a better date, those of you who can let me know so we can compare. If there's gonna be a turnout of me, zircon and pixietricks, then we can explore other options!

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Jill is proposing may 3rd, which would be cool because ya'll could come to my computer music concert which will be the PREMIERE OF MY MEGA REMIX!!! uhhhh lol

so is that better?


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May 3rd is actually pretty bad too, 'cause I have a work thing tentatively scheduled that day. Actually my work thing could possibly slip a week or two, so it's best not to plan around my schedule (if you were, hehe). I'll make it if I can make it.

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Mat 3rd?!? Gotta drive up to Pennsylvania the next morning with djp and Carlson of Mad-Gear LLC pimping the site for TooManyGames.

Why did you do this date I am so sad :'''-( [sic]

what the fuck larry!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay lets plan this around your schedule, what day are you free this YEAR

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Put me down as a maybe. Its the last weekend I get to work on finals and If i haven't killed my self along with the computer lab I'll try coming over.

Will we have a ps2 this time?

O yea is the Gold chain fence still up around the park at the monument?

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