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April is Support OCR month

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Tell me about it.

I was supposed to get a copy of Anet Futatabi for the Sega CD one time, and instead, I got a Russian mail order bride named Anetti. Sure, she was a lot more fun to play with, and like it would have been with Anet Futatabi, I couldn't understand what was being said. But I felt a little gypped. At least if the game was giving me a hard time, I could have turned it off.

I wonder where that game wound up...

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Seriously, I want to know. How much money was donated in total? For how long will this rally let DJP to run the site without biting his nails over funding? Did we help at all?

We raised about $2400, which translates to 8 months of hosting. Of course, we've still got the (fading) google ads, and the more people use our Amazon store, Zzounds, and buy shirts, the better.

Bottom line: This was a huge success, I owe Jimmy big time, we should be really solid for 2008, and I'm not biting my nails. Well, I am, but now it's more over site development projects than funding.

That being said, it's not like we raised $10,000 and are set forever; I'm still going to be looking into better, more relevant advertising for the site, we still need folks to use the Amazon store when they can (and Zzounds), we've still got a lot of T-shirts to sell, and so I never really consider anything 100% stable/done. Nevertheless, April was awesome, and puts us in a far, far better position than ever before.

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Well, good! At least you're all set until Christmas, which is when people are supposedly more generous than other times of the year, so that would be a good time to run this thing again. ;-)

Well, last Xmas we asked users to donate to one of 3-4 charities; even if it means losing out on funding we need, I'm a bit more comfortable using the winter holidays to encourage donations to worthwhile charities & causes other than OCR.

If we can do a fundraiser like this every April with the same degree of success, we should be really solid. Nowhere near solid enough for this to be my fulltime job or anything like that - none of the money goes towards my time at all, presently - but enough so that I'm not losing sleep over declining google ads, etc.

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